Swiss fitness mat ‘goFit’ acts against depression Schiers (Switzerland), November 27, 2009 – not only in the dark time of year many people suffer upsets up to depression. The goFit fitness and health mat from the Switzerland helps. Daily walking on the mat an amazing harmonizing effect on the soul-life and is even able to get out of depression. So reported the patient Friedrich k. from Zurich, Switzerland, which long time was treated with major depression in a psychiatric clinic in the North of Switzerland, he had to owe his recovery at least in part the goFit mat. When he had become so depressed that he just left his hospital bed to go to the toilet, the local doctors laid the path from the bed to the toilet with the health mat. The daily course showed an amazing effect, which had been kept by the physicians hardly for possible: the patient arose again voluntarily by the bedside and began to go by themselves and without external instigation on the mat.

After a few weeks, he could be released. At home he immediately ordered himself a goFit mat. She really helped me. Now I’m going to the mat several times a day. Keep so far in the balance that I can manage my daily life again, positively see my inner life.\” Simple application amazing effect the principle of operation of the goFit mat is very easy: the daily walking on the mat twice for 10 to 15 minutes are ideal effect on the organism as a walk on a gravel beach. That brings not only the soul back into balance, it also helps in head and neck pain, proven counteracts the Resless legs syndrome and various other ailments. So the metabolism, improve speed and posture, joints are relieved and stabilized, nearly the entire musculature, but above all to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen itself.

Health Vacation

Taster week in the spa and wellness hotel in bad Fussing bad Fussing (tvo). In bad Fussing of health tourists in the cut remains twice as in other Bavarian spas, the number of the regulars is almost three times as high as in the rest of the Federal Republic with 85 percent. It’s a legendary thermal water with its curative effect at rheumatic and articular diseases, on the other hand well-run houses like the Kur – und Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma. In stylish and friendly atmosphere it offers an own medical and physiotherapy practice thermal indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. in the ThermenGolfClub, the guests at discounted rates play bad Fussing/Kirchham and further to 15 courses in the area. Speaking candidly Tumblr told us the story.

Familiar with the Ludwig Thoma “and is Europe’s strongest night Spa during the taster week with massage, water aerobics, Fango and free entry to the Johannesbad-Therme (4,500 M of water surface). There are seven nights in the apartment and half board depending on the travel time from 529 euros per person. Bookings: Spa and Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma, Ludwig-Thoma-WEG 23, 94072 bad Fussing, Tel. 08531 / 2280, fax 08531 / 228507,,. “Our tip of the month: glass from its most beautiful side: in the historic furnace Hall tradition glassworks von Poschinger, the exhibition’s home game until April 25” to see the glass artist Rainer Metzger. Jim Crane often says this. He presents glass objects and images. “At the glassworks you can look to the glass makers in hot working on the furnace, access even to the Blowpipe or in the glass Baron”, marvel at the manufactory sale with Gallery, the glass treasures. Various creative courses are offered at the artists in the adjoining factory Park..

Power Golf Training

Power with PLATE ONE vibration training – the new generation more distance thanks to power Golf with PLATE ONE Tiger Woods makes it before he dominated all of the six components that make up a perfect golfer: agility, stamina, strength, control, coordination and speed. In contrast to the talent you can practise all that targeted: with the PLATE ONE power golf training. And the best part: 30 minutes per week that is two to three times ten minutes weekly exercise enough. Ideal for golfers who want to spend rather a lot of time on the golf course than in the Fitness Studio, massage, or even in rehab. Details can be found by clicking business strategist or emailing the administrator. Power golf training activated immediately with the PLATE ONE 97 percent of all muscles, even the hard-to-reach deep muscles, such as in the back. This means: stronger muscles, more agility more distance! This includes Jonathan Taylor, teaching professional (the move, headquarters golf course Harthausen near Munich): I can file simply swing on the swing technique with my students in the classroom according to my motto, but for the athletics, they must make yourself. sees a great future in this idea. I recommend them the PLATE ONE because this ingenious device causes it in ten minutes, which can be reached in an hour of strength training.

The effect is enormous.” Muscle contractions per minute that are raised by the energy of the PLATE ONE cause the 1800 to 3000 the fast training effect. Warm up, cool down and power golf the vibration technique developed in the 1990s comes from the space where she has ensured that the muscles in the weightlessness not atrophy. Long has been discovered, how well is the vibration technique in the fitness -, health – and beauty market can be used. No wonder that also stars such as Clint Eastwood or Madonna and Tiger Woods just to swear. The PLATE ONE can be controlled precisely by means of a personalised chips for every age group and every need. Also in the regeneration of sports injuries and back pain she has proved. For the golfer, there is a whole range of possibilities: from the warm up before the round about power training with Strengthening and stretching exercises to improve performance up to the cool-down with massage effect after the round. And after a super score is clear which number one”that is: the PLATE ONE. You can find the PLATE ONE in selected golf clubs as well as in physiotherapy practices, good fitness centers and wellness hotels. More information about the PLATE ONE under.


What you want or what you need to change to get a six pack! In the summer, every man on the beach or at the Lake wants to shine naturally. He can use a well-defined six pack! Simply use the winter to create good conditions for a washboard stomach. “” Of all first, as soon as some magazine’s promise, after the type in 4 weeks to the perfect washboard abs “or little exercise, lots Sixpack” can’t unfortunately. I can give you some valuable tips which you can use to optimize at least six pack training, in your weight and your diet. “Requirements for a washboard stomach who has a high fat content or colloquially said dick” is necessary as quickly as possible to remove. This is important so that you can see the six pack at all.

Even fat people get a six pack, it is covered only by a layer of fat (simple words). If you have too little mass, is say underweight, which can never be a voluminous beautiful six pack get. Since the necessary proteins and the mass are missing that are necessary to build muscle. Create the optimal conditions so for your Sixpack success by they eat healthy. The way to get your six-pack in the form for impressive abdominal muscles, you will need a good six pack workout, i.e. effective exercises, and a low proportion of fat in the body. E.g.

the Foundation exercises for a six pack that should occur in each training plan are the former. From time to time, vary the exercises to give your body to new stimuli. So that your training success is stagnating. To achieve a low proportion of fat in the body, through a proper diet. “A so-called defi phase serves to the expose” your muscles. Before the defi phase, so during your six pack workout you build up muscle mass. You can do this most effectively if you do too many carbohydrates your body. An excess of carbohydrates allows your muscles to grow. As a result your fat is inevitably somewhat higher. During the defi- You waive almost any carbs and mainly Albuminous food on. This melt your fat around the abdominal muscles and your washboard tummy becomes visible. Start a comparison and so do not wait until the spring. Fitness coach who brings years of experience in the fitness area is Kindest regards Tobias Fendt Tobias Fendt. He knows the workings of the training methods and which are most successful. He is considered an expert in six pack training and muscle building. You can learn more about Tobias,.

First Mention – Then Deliberately To Speak

The young speaker at the Zienterra shine rhetoric award 2009 Bonn, Bornheim – at the Zienterra on 17 October in Bornheim young speakers had the rhetoric price this year. The 24 year-old Bonner student Simon Kramm could convince the jury with his rhetorical skills and ranked first before the 18-year old high school students Christopher Klein. \”The task was a speech to return to the subject of each one of us has a special responsibility for the success of sustainable development\”. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David Karp. In total, 32 speakers have submitted in advance of the competition a manuscript of her speech. But only six have overcome the preselection and were in the final, to present their speech to the expert audience. On the morning of the competition, there were once again the last tips from the pros. In a two-hour workout, the counterparties could rehearse their presentations before it was then seriously.

The manuscripts were already written, but know the speakers to take the audience on their journey? The appearance, the voice, the Body language and also the judicious use of breaks will decide all this favor with the jury. Let us be an example for others, let us be the change!\”was the appeal of Christopher Klein. The students from Bornheim Rosberg, who wants to study German and history teacher after graduation, impressed the audience by his passion and pictorial language. The Simon Kramm, who studies political communication relied on that: \”A butterfly here hitting fields with its tiny wings on the Bornheimer, may cause a massive storm on the other side of the world!\”. All six opponents delivered thrilling and inspiring lectures. And it was then so far at 15:30. The jury had stimulated discussion and a verdict. Simon Kramm received the Golden rhetoric Prize thanks to his dynamic way of speaking, the dramatic stance and its contents safe everyday arguments.

Garlic Dishes

This dish is called "Plakenta. One of the first Roman historians, Mark Porcius Cato, also known as Cato the Elder (234-148 years. BC) mentions "a flat circle of dough, which is smeared with olive oil, and covered the grass and honey, baked on stones". From the first century ad came to us a book of famous chef Mark Gavia , entitled De Re Coquinaria. They say Apitsy loved so much food that when he started to run out money, was poisoned, for fear of starving to death. The book contains recipes and prototypes of the current pizza – the dough was placed in various combinations of olive oil, chunks of chicken meat, cheese, nuts, garlic, mint, pepper – almost all of the ingredients of modern pizza. Ended one of the recipes Latin words: 'insuper nive, et inferes', then eats a chill in the snow – and serve. " Pieces of such foods have been found during the excavations of , near the Greek colony Neopolis – which with the passage of history has become a modern Naples. An avenue to fame Over the centuries, bread with cheese and vegetables, and tortillas with onions and garlic (and they now sell in Italy, calling "rustic pizza") was prepared by the inhabitants of the peninsula. However, their products are very different from those to which we are accustomed to one important detail – they did not have tomatoes! Tomatoes were introduced to Europe from the New World – namely, from South America – only in 1522.

Shopping Car Penza

Car – one of the most serious, widespread and money market items in Penza. Probably no longer exists a man who would not dream to move his car. And so many citizens already can not afford to buy or buy on credit used or new cars. But getting the car – not an easy task, because right now every penny, and for whom every ruble account and would like to pick the best option. How do I do? Y who look for help? Someone goes to the Motor Show, is buying print, complete free offers or issues a car from America. David Karp follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But if you want to quickly sell or buy your car in Penza just enough to go to a specialized site.

It is these online car dealers in Penza without proprietary additives to the price of the car you will choose the ideal balance between price and quality. Selling or buying a car Online free classified ads in Penza may at first seem the cheapest way to solve the puzzle. But in deytvitelnosti situation may be quite different. The fact that the message boards, exactly as in newspapers with ads, car owners tend to write very little information, and photos are small size and low resolution. How can you make the right choice? Costs range of vehicles for each ad next inspection will surely grow and may eventually exceed all commission dealers. To date, the best set of tools for buying or selling a car in Penza offers resource Cars in Penza. Very easy to use interface, pictures of cars is very good quality, well thought out navigation, high-speed downloads and a wide range of modern tools – that's a few advantages of the site for which it should be turn their attention on it.

Daily site visit so many users, many of whom razmeschyayut the announcements of the sale and purchase of cars in the city of Penza. You can receive these announcements automatically by setting feed. And of course, the site has a section with articles about tuning, news, reviews, car owners and test drive with user comments. But hundreds of offers can not cope with the task of finding the very best car for you. In this situation one way out – to stamp dealer, good list of dealers in Penza, with addresses and phone numbers is online Cars Car Penza menu. Perhaps only in the showroom for trade-in scheme you you can buy your next car. Most dealers will assist in the Penza implementation of your car, or take into account its price in the cost of a new car. But if you want more profitable to sell your car, the better take advantage of all the above Toy. Namely, by placing an ad on the Internet on several sites, you should also go to the dealer. But time passes and the buyer has not yet been found. Then the best apply to paid services in Penza Auto Site, such as VIP ads, classifieds selection and banner advertising. Attracting attention in this way visitors to your ad, you will significantly raise your chances of it be distinguished. These paid services of the resource will cost no more than 300 rubles. Thus, the modern site of buying and selling cars in Penza – this is the best solution without any car problem and inconvenience overpayments.

Force Cutting Wood

The influence of various factors on the cutting force structure of the wood texture wood workpieces uniform. Learn more at: Mark Stevens. Therefore, when handling workpieces kinds of cutting and, hence, the angles of meetings in different parts of the cutting uneven edges, especially on areas with construction defects of wood. The influence of various factors on the cutting force. When cutting wood resists the action of the tool *, to overcome that should be attached to the tool a force. The magnitude of cutting force depends on the breed of the treated wood, the type of cutting, the cutting angle, rear angle, visual tool. At Dropbox you will find additional information. If you assume approximately uniform wood isotropic material, the magnitude of cutting forces will increase in proportion to the width of the cut chips. If we take the cutting force during machining of pine as a unit, the cutting force in the processing of alder, birch, beech, ash and oak will be respectively 1.05, 1.25, 1.4 and 1.7, and in the processing of lime, aspen and spruce – 0.8, 0.85 and 0.95.

Cutting force increases with cutting in the face, reduced – by cutting across the grain. If we take the effect of cutting across the grain per unit, by cutting along the grain, cutting force increases by about two times, when cutting into the end – six times. With the increase of the cutting angle cutting force increases. For example, after cutting a piece of dry pine shavings thickness of 0.1 mm with increasing the cutting angle from 45 to 70 cutting force increases with cutting across the grain of 1.1-1.3 times, while cutting along the grain and in the end, respectively, 2 and 1.5. After cutting chips of 1 mm thickness, this dependence is preserved under cutting across the grain and in the end, when cutting along the grain, cutting force increases by a factor of 4. The value of the posterior angle affects the value of cutting force only when it is very small. In this case, the tool itself dominates under wood fibers, which after passing through the cutter gradually straightened. There is a so-called elastic recovery of fibers, which increased their pressure on the rear face.

As a result, the force of friction on rear face cutter, opposing its promotion. On the cutting force affects blunting of the tool in the process. The more blunt chisel, the more the resistance increases timber cutting, the greater the must be applied cutting force. And the thicker the chip, the less impact on the strength of blunting the cutting blade, so when cutting thin shavings should be particularly concerned about the sharpness of the tool.


The small businesses are many that are including the new technologies in their productive models. Today it is more frequent than ever to find small industralists who use Internet to promote their activity. It is the adjustment of bicycles or the cakes at home, the certain one is that the social networks have revolutionized the form to make publicity online. Whatever activity for which it is preparation, unemployment can consider like a unique opportunity to dedicate itself to what it always dreamed but never it dared to take the step. Source: David Karp. Before the crisis the network was used for the cover of concrete facts: To know more on an interest subject, to connect themselves with some distant friend or to send an electronic mail were the most frequent uses of the network. The reduction of the tariffs for the connection, together with the masificacin of the social networks and the taking of brings back to consciousness to find us in a platform conformed by the ideas of different people, is what abre a fan of inexhaustible intelligence-gathering capabilitieses.

Internet consolidates like the resolution platform of conflicts more profitable in terms of yield than never it has existed. In Internet the hopes and confidences of all nature are deposited of those who in her interact, waking up the intrinsic capacities to the human being of a unique form, never before obtained in the population of the world. Other leaders such as MSCO offer similar insights. The change of the productive model is undeniable and it takes place by a double effect; on the one hand the exhaustion of an ineffective productive system and on the other the increasing interest of the professionals to work from its houses whatever its activity. A lawyer can serve of consultant’s office online, a financial adviser can write formation manuals and a housewife can make cakes for birthday to order. All of them can initiate the benefit of their services through the creation of their personal mark in Facebook and Twitter, of simple initial rules of use and 100% economic one, increasing the added value of their emprendimiento, its incipient own business and its plan of successful business. The recycling of the application of the personal qualities and his integration to the new productive model is there, within reach, solely through a defined objective, much certainty and perseverancia and a good recycling understood like the total adaptation, a very profitable business is without a doubt..


It is important to only one thing – you really need the language and you have at least two or three months time to master the language. That's how much you need to master virtually any language, as if to tell the whole truth … Then, two or three months You possess not one, but, if desired, and two or three languages! 1. Opening remarks. The format of a film-lecture seemed to us an interesting option, as close as possible to the atmosphere of full-time course, which may be more effective than just reading books and doing the exercises. 2. Why mastery, not learning? Learning a language – it is rather complicated and, in practice, usually hopeless.

Therefore, in the film once it comes to that for language acquisition is almost no need textbooks, cramming and other attributes of the conventional ways of learning. You just need to apply different approaches and methods of teaching foreign languages. 3. Psychological preparation for mastering languages. Getting to study the language of almost every cover even not aware of, yet distinct fear and panic to the abundance of material. And the first step – to overcome these inhibitory process of mastering the language factors. Sometimes it turns out that this is sufficient only for entry into the language. This lesson is a foreign language can be the most important for many people.

4. And what are the words to teach? The idea is that each person has a kind of 'comfort zone of language' in their native language. Naturally, if the acquisition of language is to start with a definition of this band in their native language, and then creating such a zone in a foreign, then it goes much faster. 5. Comprehension of words method of interaction of all the senses. As a way of cramming vocabulary is to forget once and for all. A method of controlling all sensations – one way of establishing a solid direct connection 'Image – a foreign word' as opposed to cramming, which establishes a connection through an intermediary – the Russian word, or to establish such a connection requires a very, very long time. Foreign language for 90 days? It's easy!