Today April 15, when all chapacos and chapacas celebrate your day, we are pleased to have a new malapalabrera. It is an honor for LaMalaPalabra that a person as a journalist and Janeth Miranda decent writing and be part of this adventure. Thanks Janis! Soon we will be for the land of good food and drink and even better while enjoying the photos you send us Janeth and also a story about how urgent is pulled state money in Tarija. These photos belong to famous Comadre of Thursday, the biggest reunion of women on the planet. As in other towns in the region, the dominant crop is the vine. It is also the olive farm. In the summer harvest the melon and some vegetables such as pepper, tomato, cucumber and eggplant.

By That The Poor Will Make More Poor Rich And More Rich

Things that the poor and the rich do to maintain their status the problem of the classification of the classes social Las people who are considered poor classes, all the time live it proclaiming, with claims as I am poor, I have no money, the Government I have to give everything, the rich steal from the poor, social injustice, etc living with a self-awareness of that illusion that by law of attractionthey are decreeing and creating his own world. This becomes a constant cycle. We must give to the poor, education for the poor, this and that for the poor, the poor need you to help us see, if we classify people with those qualifiers, we are giving them this way, and worse still, if a person accepts this classification, it means that you agree with the idea, and by the power of acceptance it is attracting more and more of that quality to his own world. Another problem I’ve seen is the hatred between classes, for a long time, certain ideologies both economic and political, have planted this kind of hatred between classes, especially with the old speech the rich steal from the poor. To be rich, have to be dishonest and so see how that gap between these two States is being created.

In modern society, we see many cases where people of humble backgrounds, have managed to build great wealth. It is here when one wondered whether social inequality is the fault of the system or is individual responsibility. A person who accepts this condition is creating its own bars, trapping himself indefinitely. First step is changing the thinking as well, if a person lives by claiming and decreeing that it is poor, therefore cannot wait say something different. You cannot receive education, opportunities, but their State of consciousness always have it tied to that condition.

Sports Success and Schools

At school, Auburndale High, McGrady immediately became a star in two sports. First of all, he loved baseball and wanted to play in the major leagues. Some coaches even predicted his career star. In parallel, Tracy played in the school and team basketball. In his first season at Auburndale he scored 23.1 points on 12.2 and he did rebounds per game.

But despite the excellent statistics, McGrady has not received adequate attention from the outside. The only schools that showed him interest, have been Miami and Florida.Dzho Hopkis, coach Mount Zion Christian Academy in North Carolina, learned about McGrady from Elvin Jones – the school basketball coach Kathleen High, located next to the Auburndale. Being in these parts, Joe met with Tracy and his family and offered him last year, finish my studies at Mount Zion.Tam Timakov and spent his final basketball season at the school. He was a great experience, and the Joe played a huge role in his life: "He's my support. Without Joe, I would not have happened ' – Said he was Treysi.Tak in this basketball season shkole.Sam McGrady spent at altitude. He helped the team win 20 wins, just for one defeat.

It was a record for Mount Zion. Tracy himself, as leader of the team, scored in average of 27.5 points, 8.7 rebounds, made by, 7.7 gears, 2.8 steals per game, with the percentage of hits: 56.4% – two-point, 38.9% – because of the three-point arc and 79.1% – from the foul line. He was named player of the year in North Carolina, according to 'USA Today'. By this time Tracy has already begun to receive attention from all the major schools of America, which previously did not notice. Himself after McGrady Mount Zion decided to go to college Kentucky, but they are already interested in several teams from the National Basketball Association. Before Tracy was not an easy choice, but ultimately he decided to play in the NBA.

Farmville Versus

Of the virtual games that lately are observed in social means the best ones are those than they allow to participate you in real time, and of these, it is necessary to consider one with which you will feel an authentic benefit and Farmville relaxation, in this application the participant will have the opportunity to be in a completely natural atmosphere like is it a farm, in which she will be able to carry out activities several, all related to the own works that are due to carry out when it lives in zones dedicated to activides on sowing on plantations and young on animal. While the player becomes jumbled in the game will understand that he needs to secure points by experience (XP) and to make money to be able to buy seeds, machineries, power to do the works of plow his earth, and to be able to fulfill all the goals possible, this necessity to make money will be very important in the growth of its farm since you very will be motivated to realise many activities to achieve that aim. You will be able to harvest and to sell its products without problems, will learn to handle its costs without difficulty because the sales left gains him that used to go of purchases in the market of Farmville, with the purchase of articles it would gain points by experience (XP) these points are important to happen to other levels. In the measurement that advances more and more in the game it includes/understands the importance of making money and the players must strive to obtain it of different forms and thus not to stagnate in the levels initiates to them. As to increase to its productivity in hours the flow of income in its farm it is only what it will allow to a fast advance by all the levels and the possibilities him of winning many currencies will depend on how you handle his you harvest will explain to him with an example: the strawberries are sold by 35 coins by reaped earth parcel and 4 hours are taken to grow.

On the other hand, the pumpkins to take 8 hours to grow and are sold by 68 currencies by parcel when it is harvested. With the strawberries you would gain 8.75 currencies per hour, she only must divide 35 between 4 that is the time in which the strawberries in growing take and that will give approximate one him of the referred amount above, whereas with the Pumpkins you will obtain 8,5 currencies per hour, this seems little but in the measurement that works but earth with these plants the gains increased easily without problems and. The other very important factor is the handling of the time, reason why the people who play must be very pending of their harvests to gather them as soon as they are ready and to return to seed a new plantation immediately.