Christopher Nolan Steel

He will wear an ajustadisimo a blue monkey darker which wore Reeve. The Superman of The Man of Steel leaves red only for boots and coat. In other leaked photos been Clark Kent without their glasses features. Blue and blue only. The new Superman’s costume will take the Smurfs to their dominant color and will say goodbye to the mythical red underpants of the superhero leaving red only for the coat and boots. A few new non-official images of the shooting of The Man of Steel in Illinois reveal in more detail will be like the dress that will look the protagonist, portrayed by Henry Cavill. An ajustadisimo monkey in a blue darker than that Christopher Reeve wore in the movies of the 1970s and 1980s and in which more purist fans of the superhero of DC cast less red underpants. The new Superman devised for The Man of Steel leaves red only for boots and the layer, not to mention the enormous S which is still looking at his muscled chest.

Gone was the fashion of the Superman therefore so super wearing his underpants above his pants. But the absence of the mythical red breeches won’t be the only change that the protagonist might suffer. In other photos hunted during the filming has been back to Cavill but this time playing Clark Kent. The novelty in this case is that the character was going without glasses features that serve as camouflage to the alter ego of Superman. Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) and produced by Christopher Nolan, The Man of Steel will also have the participation of Amy Adams, that will give life to Lois Lane; of Laurence Fishburne who return to Perry White, the despotic j Clark Kent; and Michael Shannon as the evil General Zod. The distribution of luxury complete Kevin Costner, who construed Jonathan Kent, Superman’s adoptive father; Diane Lane as the mother, Martha Kent; Russell Crowe, who is Jor – El, the biological father of the superhero; and Julia Ormond who return to Lara Lor-Van, the biological mother of the Kryptonian. His release is not scheduled until June of 2013 Source of the news: the new Superman won’t take their typical red underpants

Valle Trees

It has an initiated workmanship, as it was the wall to contain the caused estragos, to put, this paralyzed has months. Asked on the presence of the mayor or another local authority, it was repassed in them that the mayor already was in the place, went down of the car, looked at and only was even so. height=’ ‘ 320’ ‘ src=’ ‘ ‘ ‘ width=’ ‘ 274’ ‘ /> Unfinished workmanship decrees next it, about one 03 (three) meters of distance. Photo: Gerson of the Valle Canind, to the side of Juazeiro of the North, is the main polar region of the religious tourism in the state of the Cear. The devotion to the padroeiro saint of the city annually takes thousand of worshippers and tourist to the city, where the biggest franciscana pilgrimage of the world happens. In the headquarters of the city, it is the Basilica of San Francisco of the Chagas, constructed at the beginning of century 20; also very visited.

It decrees it of San Francisco, already it arrived to be white of quarrel, data to its size, to have idea, the image of the Christ Redentor in the city of Rio De Janeiro, has accurate the 30 meters of height, according to Riotur (Company of Tourism of the City of Rio De Janeiro), being this, one of the seven wonders of the world. Our intention as journalist and formador of opinion, is to awake the local authorities, so that the same one if certifys of the today there existing problem, the same time where we call the attention the secretariat health of the city, for the question of the combat the affection in our state, deflagrada campaign the national level in the last year and that much has worried to Cid governor Gomes and the authorities of health of our state, a time that: as we can evidence in I lease, the probability of the larva of the transmitting mosquito of the affection to be if developing in the accumulated water decrees at one’s feet it, is very great, however a professional of the area of the health will only be able to affirm with bigger precision if she exists or it presence of the larva of the mosquito in that water and still not to place a plate of warning to the romeiros so that they do not use the same one before exactly analyzes or after to be initiate an adequate treatment for the conservation of the same one. Other Photos: a general vision of Estatua for the lateral, very well next great erosion, the romeiros fears that the same one can to fall down.

Constitution Unexpected

MY HUMBLE RECOGNITION OF THE VALUE OF A BRAVE WOMAN, MOTHER AND WIDOW BY THE FORCE OF UNREASON, WEAPONS AND THE BARBARISM OF THE HISTORICAL REVOLUTION BASQUE IN UNIQUE ADDRESS: NO RESPONSE FROM FIGHT OR DIGNITY IN COMBAT. Once again I agree with human pain, before and after listening to an esposa-desposada and an outraged mother;because I only perceive injustice and suffering in the intricacies of some autonomies that are framed in the regions of my beloved Spain, and who fail three. The dialectical courage of a lady, in the worst moments of suffering and suffer the exterminating totalitarianism in the flesh of any human individual society, has been organised in the rest of humanity. So with his example he can fight in dignity and democracy eliminate the pitfalls of unreason and intolerant, and brute force before the helplessness of society who lives and works for the creation of life and peace. A beautiful speech, emotional and brave;that addition is born of a young woman and in mourning: by widow’s unexpected and desperate, although powerful in argument, and pain and sacrifice, to the cruelty of the ETA cowardice;with the misfortune of inner solitude that barbarism has left at his home. Unreason and the behavior in human subservience leaves in it, their children, and their parents, but in second also in the whole of society, a tear and a cry of anguish of basta! already: the dictator Franco, the repressor of the masses and bloodthirsty in ideal end he died and we got the Constitution, freedom and democracy once moreHowever, also reaches the fascism the family individually, to Spain in general, Spaniards and, aside from his seventeen autonomies, in pain and death, unjustified and futile. But above all, the pain and desolation has come to that wife brave, helpless and innocent; She and her children who lose the father and will now cost them catch and redirect the course of their own lives in unexpected orphan: explosive art of it unjustified, as barbaric, savagery and the bloodthirsty.