Hanseatic League Dental

Growing need for dental insurance according to financial test Stiftung Warentest tests vacuum cleaners, camcorders, refrigerators and even insurance. Every year again and dental insurance. Correctly determined that the demand more and more increasing for dental insurance, because the statutory funds assume less and less. It is also true that the insurance must necessarily be completed before a treatment is applied. In the new test in the may issue of financial test distinction is made between insurance like life insurance it age provisions are made, the contribution is incremented only for premium adjustments, and depending on the insurance contribution varies also with the age. Of this year’s test clearly shows that it’s always, what the emphasis when you only sent enough chooses the criteria, can rates first appear, rub the eyes where experts. The market of dental insurance is just because the demand is in motion. So it may of course happen that new tariffs not yet compared occur as the new fare of Continentale (CEZP) or Alliance (740).

Missing criteria, such as z.B bone reconstruction with implants, which is necessary for many implant restorations, are serious and if it is not, the equity rises. Stiftung Warentest sets the tariff of the Hanseatic League mercury in the first place, but at the dental implant treatments do not, that the bone structure is not insured. It is even more serious that the Hanseatic League a thing cost list has integrated mercury in their insurance conditions, which benefits may reach not the promised 90% including statutory fund, there are ceilings for certain treatments. This was not taken into account. The tariff is EZ + HTS + EZP by Hanse Merkur sure no poor fare, but from this point of view on the first place to put it, is not comprehensible. Next is to take into account that this tariff has a fairly low sum limit in the first 4 years if there are in the first years to Dentures cost comes, are here quickly reached the limits. This is even more extreme at the other winners, the ERGO direkt.

This can be settled in the first 4 years maximum of 1000. Possibly you need within the first 4 years an implant that is then the time at which one no longer understands the recommendation by Stiftung Warentest. Tests and comparisons are important, especially in the area of dental insurance, because it is almost impossible for the uninitiated to compare the subtleties. There are however some portals on the Internet, that make this responsible, as a financial test.

Dental Prophylaxis

Keep in old age pension healthy teeth dental prophylaxis is so easy! Twice a year take the professional tooth cleaning and regular checkups at the dentist to complete, perform daily, careful oral hygiene at home, ensure a healthy tooth-friendly diet, seek to a healthy immune system and all-round serving dental prophylaxis is already completed. What might first listen to after much effort, is easily done in everyday life, and above all it’s worth: in dentistry, we know that it is possible today to keep his natural teeth in old age. Provided to invest a little effort for a great result. Almost no one likes going to the dentist. Most patients fear the diagnoses tooth decay or gum disease. Many are afraid of foreign technology, the unusual smell and many feel “included” the practitioner on the dentist’s Chair.

Even the professional tooth cleaning is not by Any perceived love. Even if it does not hurts, it is considered nevertheless sometimes uncomfortable. For all these worries and fears dentists we understand! Dentists on a common together with their patients are trained in advanced practices. Is entered on its fears, it is treated in addition explains instead exclusively. The painless treatment can be performed thanks to new methods and gentle medicines and for people with anxiety or even phobia, we help in the first step with the treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia and in subsequent steps in the professional fear reduction.

Today’s dentistry is not a pure treatment medicine, it is a treatment in which the dentist achieved the best healthy and aesthetically beautiful with his patients together. Even if many damages can be treated today gently and thanks to restorations replaced by caries or periodontal disease, goes the way of thinking of modern dentistry in prevention and possible long tooth preservation. A good dental prophylaxis can the teeth and gums protect so extensively, that complex tooth replacement is not necessary! We remove tartar and enjoyment – and food stains what we can offer you as dentists with professional tooth cleaning (twice yearly recommended).