Private Dental Insurance

Court obliges insurance undertakings of private dental insurance obligation OLG Karlsruhe forcing the Swiss insurance company with German approval for the reimbursement of dental prostheses (OLG Karlsruhe, 27.06.2013, 12 U 127/12). The Versicehrungsunternehen of private dental insurance did not pay out its obligation due to the subordinate “pre-contractual duty of disclosure violation”. Each legally insured knows that a dentist is no longer paid special prevention. This provision is useful in the future to get as long as possible maintained his own teeth. Of course, you will be asked firmly in dentures to cashier. For this reason, many members of the statutory health insurance (GKV) complete a private dental insurance. These aims after the latency or the generally existing Dental Squadron, the secured services and costs in the future.

Facts dental insurance insurers denied its obligation: A member of the statutory health insurance August 2008 had let visited his dentist, make an X-ray and perform a PA treatment. Due to this treatment was a tooth replacement (15 17) has been established, which was not ideal bite State. However, the Fund member was asymptomatic. The dentist saw no current need for action here. The legally insured.

graduated from a private dental insurance in November 2008. 2010, the patient went to his dentist because of severe toothache in the above-mentioned posterior region (cyst). 2011, the Member received (15-17) implants, the statutory health insurance (GKV) at the listed teeth. His private tooth insurance should take over 80% (MB/KK => 5.534,67 incl. interest) the cost of the dental Bill.

Magic Circus

The Clown and the magic of the Circus Prof. Rullyend Saints Already imagined a beautiful circus, all colored of great structure, composition for excellent artists, and without the gentile figure of the clown, without those ill-tempered outbursts of laughter and tricks, that always make in them to die to laugh, or better, already he thought to enter in a picadeiro and alone if to surprise at the nimbleness of the trapezista, and to sweat cold seeing the jumps surprising of the tumbler, or to twist for the malabarista so that its material of juggling does not fall in instant some; Until it is good thing, without the figure of the clown it seems that all this plot, loses the favour. The clown always was to the main part of the circus picadeiro, the maximum representation, imagines a beautiful spectacle, majestical, estupendo, and back in the way of everything sincere and gentile ' ' palhao' ' , fascinating the fancies for its distinct public, this because the figure of it serves in them of complement, therefore in the reality the clown frightens the fear and the unreliability, and, inside of the spectacle makes this everything seriously, it is incarnation of the tragic one, is the proper man, assuming its humanity and weakness, becoming circumstances of the spectacle a being extraordinary comic actor. Who never was admired with a beautiful personage of face spotted and wearing clothes ridicule, that exterioriza ridicule of itself, making to the times remembering in them, or who knows the least to think about the naivety human being, many times attributed the figure of a child, and, however, exaggerated times in our daily one we assimilate something funny, carried through for us, or others, and knowing the scene as one esquete and in remitting the figure it clown. To be circus clown is to usufruct of a profession cream, and, it is without a doubt to be inside of the picadeiro the highest hero, that one that has super to be able, that one that does not have fear you are welcome, the same that it tranquilizes and at the same time cheers to all the auditorium, is that being that plays with the freedom of being what it is, and to make the others to laugh at this, we have that always remembering in them, that ' ' While to exist the joy, he will be one there circus and where to exist child, palhao&#039 will exist one; '.