Analyzing Traffic And Optimization

Use a good statistics program on our website is of vital importance, since we can assist in various aspects such as to see the results of an advertising campaign or learn various customs and preferences of visitors. To do this, not just a simple hit counter, since it does not show us much information about visitors, even shows actual visits, but the times it has shown the page (if the same visitor sees page eight Sometimes, the counter will add eight visits), so are not useful for our purposes. There are many websites devoted has to offer these traffic statistics, most offer a free basic service and a more complete payment. It is also possible that the hosting provider we offer web statistics for free. To better understand these statistics and determining which are really useful to us, we hear and know about its possibilities. Here are some of the information that may offer these statistics.

# Unique Visitors. # Page views. # Origin of the visits. # Visitors for hours. # User Info. # Visits by country.

a Those are real visitors. If the same visitor load eight times a page, only count a visitor. The statistics server controls visits by checking IP addresses for each user. a stas are the number of pages that visitors have seen. For example, if a visitor browsing our website seven pages, the counter will add seven page views. We compare this data with unique visitors to see the interest of the Internet on our website. For example if we have 100 visitors and 700 page views, we will have an average of 7 page views per visitor, but if the two data are almost equal, it would mean that Internet users do not feel concerned with the content of or links to web pages are not well marked. Here we can see from where our visitors come. This fact is very interesting, because we can control the search engines and sites that are reporting more visits, in addition we can also see which keywords have been used to find from search engines. This figure shows the times in which we have more traffic and in the least. We can draw conclusions from visiting us more hours, or from home. Here you can find various data about the visitor’s computer configuration, such as browser version, operating system, monitor resolution, color depth, etc. These data are useful from the point of view of design. I found it interesting that only 4% of visitors had the resolution to 640 x 480 pixels and only 6% had the setting to 256 colors. This data tells us the origin of visitors by country, so if we have many visitors to a particular country, we include some country-specific content.


Madrid-Barajas airport is the largest of Spain with regard to passengers, operations and air cargo traffic. By number of passengers, it is the fourth in importance in Europe and the twelfth globally. It is located in the District of Barajas, in the Northwest of the city of Madrid, about 12 kilometers from the center of the Spanish capital. Also with four terminals as well as two main zones for hangars. It also has four physical parallel runways two to two, one of which is used as a parking lot track. Regarding the parking Barajas airport has seven public parking areas which are precisely located in the buildings of terminals T1, T2-T3 and T4.

Likewise, the parking long term Barajas has a total of 920 seats and allows you to make reservations with a minimum of 48 hours. They are also some parking sites a few kilometers that offers a shuttle service to reach the airport. In addition to offering a service full of parking Madrid, Barajas airport offers a number of services for the traveller as VIP rooms (with personalized information and catering service), rental car through six companies spread in areas of arrival of the T1 and T4 terminals, a meter capable of carrying passengers from Madrid to the T4 terminal, a rail line that connects the city with the T4 terminal and others. Transportation to the airport is not a problem not only for the services described above. There are also several bus lines that arrive to the airport from the Center and the periphery of Madrid. Public taxis which are spread between different terminals are of course also stops pair zones. For travelers who have to wait for long hours before you take your flight, the airport Barajas offers them a series of, to make the time pass more quickly. For example there are shops of all kinds among which it is possible to find department stores, shops of fashion and accessories, florists, perfumery and cosmetics, watches, jewelry and jewelry, stores of gifts and houseware, pharmacies and others.