The Soul

how much time made exactly? Perhaps one year, perhaps more, an eternity and stocking the pain was enough to explain all that felt for being far from loved its. To another one she was calm, although to remember loved its at every moment it tried to move away these thoughts, it would come back, felt certainty of this at the moment where to another one it left for the door of the front. But and if it did not come back, the heart cried out, but suffocated it. She took a bath delayed and she thought without wanting in the life that would lead if it had that to be without it, in the empty kisses, the accidental sex, the people jalousie insane people and who they would speak badly of loved its since this now was its former ones. It felt a taste bitter taste in the mouth. Francisco D’Agostino is open to suggestions. It thought again about another one, another one, touching the body of loved its. But this was not worse and it wise person, what it did not want exactly was that another one, another one, touched the soul of loved its. It left the bath and if it dressed in supposedly practical way: jeans, white t-shirt with sleeves in blue dark and black tennis.

But the reality of the involuntary acts was that this age the favourite clothes of the partner of it. It arranged the hair and if it perfumed without surplus. It looked for to move away the feelings from loss. It would come back today toward house. She did not understand as as much suffering in less was possible than twenty and four hours. She saw when it thought about kissing it with violence and taking it captive in return to the home. She saw when it thought about if shooting in its arms and crying until the time to come back.

United Nations

There are several proposals that conform to these broad categories, however, by now the plans are very General on environment and they occupy a marginal place in discussions on climate change. Geoengineering is the handling of solar radiation, response actions as spraying aerosols in the atmosphere, marine cloud whitening, send to space satellites with mirrors and whiten the surface of oceans, among others about the environment. The part that deals with the Elimination of carbon dioxide includes planting forests to use as carbon sinks or burn biomass instead of fossil fuels such as coal. Intend to cultivate large amounts of algae from which they can develop biofuel and controversially sprinkle minerals such as iron or limestone on parts of the ocean. Somewhat controversial for the environment.

The scientists emphasize that you should not think these technical solutions to climate change as substitutes for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Required investigate to determine what adverse consequences can have those solutions and if work on the environment. There are fears about the ecological implications of geoengineering, it will be necessary to resolve political and Legal Affairs for more progress. I am concerned that you can ignore side effects that might have on other phenomena such as weather patterns or the nitrogen cycle. It is necessary to stop thinking about geoengineering as climate change technologies, are only a series of interconnected themes, this potential technology also raises thorny issues for international law and governance. It will be difficult to take measures of geoengineering without the knowledge of the Governments, but is not yet clear who has jurisdiction over this and which Governments or entities should respond in this respect. It is possible that for 2015 geoengineering options can use to negotiate at summits like the 15 Conference of the parties of the Convention of United Nations framework on climate change on the environment, held last year in Copenhagen, and which will take place this year in Cancun, is necessary to investigate more in geoengineering technologies in controversial issues that raises. A planetary scale geoengineering have big risks, but also know that you can reach a moment in which outweigh them the risk of climate change-induced emergencies.

The Administration

This means that you are welcome a bread advances to have an adequate format and the flavor to be decurrent bitter taste of an extreme fermentativo process. To fix some norms is essential to have quality breads and with certainty it will keep the satisfaction and fidelizao of the consumer. The bread (good) is the jewel of the cycle wheat? flour – consuming, where this last one must be presenteado as ' ' rei' ' with what it has of better. One concludes is that the bread made with cares and art, adequate raw materials and correct process will guarantee that if they prevent serious distortions in the great differential that has the French bread that they are flavor and aroma. The standardized process is a method effective and organized to produce without losses.

The standardization, training and the qualification of hand of direct workmanship long for the maximum performance of the collaborators in its activities or operations through the repetition of the movements and the operations. The inconstncia of the operations or lack of standardization hides the imperfections and leads to wastefulness. This article presents the conclusion of the carried through study, with contextual boarding, as well as the theoretical and practical contributions, limitations of the study and suggestions for improvements in the production process. It was verified during the study that the training is the process to develop qualities in the human resources to qualify them it to be more productive and to contribute more for the reach of the objectives of the company. Thus abilities of Hand of direct and qualified workmanship are developed in order to improve the dexterity in the operation of tasks and in the handling of you scheme and equipment, developing positive, flexible and responsible attitudes. The starting point for execution of the study was to the necessity of improvements in the Process of standardization in the manufacture of products, specifically in the process of the generated French bread in some existing productive processes in the white company of the study.

The used methodology was based on the qualitative and bibliographical research and procedures for collection and analysis of data. The theoretical recital contemplated the Administration of the Production, application of the standardization in the execution of the production processes, training and qualification of hand of qualified direct workmanship, the proposal presented was based on the process in use, having kept ' ' spine dorsal' ' , with the available use of qualification of Hand of direct workmanship and too much resources. This work, in the form as it was lead and elaborated, establishes the necessities and lines of direction for development of the production system as essential tool in the management of a system of the quality. With regard to the main objective considered of the creation of a set of action aiming at an agreement of the market that the company is inserted, an organization and control of the processes had been intended to analyze the process of standardization of the offered products

Public Administration

To stop acting only like workers to the service of the Government to become workers to the service of the Society more, is deep the qualitative change of a reform of this type. This new conception of the public service, implies a revaluation of the bureaucracy to promote its dignification, putting special attention to those who toils in directive positions and of confidence. There there are many cases to that only by the change of governmental authorities, they are dismissed of its uses even though they are people with ample proven professional competitions; and instead of them, it is placed people who for being of free designation, not always they are most able for the required performance and this repels soon against the holders who decided their incorporations, plus the unfavorable impact in the society. Against this background the requirements fundamental are located to assure the exact implantation the professional service of race in the Public Administration of the State of Sonant. Immediately some of them are exposed: Garantizar the transparency and fairness in the processes of incorporation of personnel to directive positions and confidence, combined to the requirement of which the professional competitions for the good performance of the responsibilities are had necessary that correspond. Institucionalizar reliable organs and partial people in charge of the entrance contests, evaluation of the performance and qualification; task that he is not smaller in this dynamics, mainly if part of the little credibility which they enjoy the institutions not only to the eyes of the citizens but also of the own servants public. Of equal way, is the construction of the suitable normative instruments (catalogue of positions, public registry of servants public, manuals of operation policies), of their correct application as well as the permanent evaluation of the operation and the results of the system as a whole. Capacitar to those who will be in charge of the coordination of the system of the professional service of race, in the scope of the Secretariat of the General Contralora of the State and in the one of the other dependencies of the Executive authority of the State.

State Public Administration

This is so that the necessary competitions in each position need clearly. Finally, to undertake focused actions to foment a new culture of public management in which it corresponds to the designations of personnel in directive positions, who leaves the old woman associated paradigms back to behaviors that do not help to the dignification of the public service in view of the citizens and of the same servants public. – Notes: (1) Alberto Haaz Diaz, in the State Public Administration of Sonant carried out the positions of Chief of a main directorate of Budget, Computer science and Systems, Regional and Municipal Development, Finances of Arranged Public Works, Educative Planning and Innovation and Quality, in periods from 1979 to 2009. At the moment he is Consulting in Competitiveness. (2) On the basis of the arranged thing by the Law of Planning of the State of Sonant, the State Plan of Development to its execution has the slopes Obligatory (for the state public administration), of Coordination (between governments state, federal and municipal), of Agreement (state government with social individuals and groups), and of Induction (by means of legal and administrative instruments). (3) the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the Public Administration of the State of Sonant, will have to be promulgated for the implementation of the System that in this matter is described in the Program of Professionalisation and Competitiveness indicated above.

Bibliography The civil service of race in Mexico: An imperative of the modernization, in Management and public policy, Bowl N., Nm. 2, Mexico, 20. Semester of 1995. Haaz Diaz, Alberto (2009), Program of professionalisation and competitiveness for the State Public Administration of Sonant, (Document) September 7, Secretariat of the General Contralora of the Government of the State of Sonant. Thorny colored person, Robert (2003) " The professional service of race in the centralized Federal Public Administration in Mexico Real conditions for its implantation? " Prospective magazine no.

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Public Administration

The licitation has as one of its main objectives to show the importance of the processes licitatrio in the act of contract of public services as form to fight the frauds and with this it is necessary to attempt against the importance of the advantages of the licitatrios processes, the form as she is described the characteristics of a proclamation and to identify the types of more constant frauds in the process of licitation of public institutions. The public agents assigned consider themselves responsible for the licitation by authority of ability by means of proper administrative act to integrate licitation commission, to be proclamer or to carry through the licitation in the modality invitation. The licitation commission is created by the administration with the function to receive, to examine and to judge all the relative documents and procedures to the cadastre of bidders and the licitations in the competition modalities, taking of price and invitation. One knows that, to be able to alienate, to acquire or to lease good, to carry through workmanships or services, to make concessions, permissions of workmanship, service or of exclusive use of public good, the Administration must obey a procedure constitutionally guaranteed, that is the licitation. Through such administrative procedure, the Public Administration convokes the interested parties to the presentation of proposals, with the target to select that one that if to show more convenient in function of parameters previously divulged. In reason of these parameters, the object appears of the study carried through, the licitation modalities. The modalities represent the most different species of certame so that, after all, the contract with the Public Administration is established.

The law n 8,666/93, that it makes use on licitations and public contracts, prescribes the existing modalities in our order, that are the competition, the taking of price, the invitation, the competition and the auction. The legal ditames suggest predetermined requirements so that if it defines which the modality or type to be applied in the licitatrio certame, obeying the analysis of factors as quality, income, price, technique to be employee, foreseen stated period, among others, that conjugated or separately, will determine the qualified or apt companies to contract with the Public Administration. Provisional remedy n 2,026/00 created still new modality, proclamation, that brought sufficient innovations that they had caused, of a side, good received, but also much controversy and concern. It brings as great newness inversion of the qualification phases and judgment, causing a bigger rapidity and efficiency to the certame. On the other hand, it denotes much concern, therefore it confronts the normative hierarchy, as well as opposes, in some aspects, the principles of the legality, due process of law and of legal defense. For everything this, understands that it must have, that on the part of the Executive, as well as of the legislative, bigger attention and reflection how much to this new bred modality. In fact, it urged that the procedure was dinamizasse, but the innovations must be implemented of gradual and enlightening form, obeying the guarantees constitutional, as well as being guided for the principles that guide and consecrate the Administrative law.

Administrative Formation

The Administrative Formation of District created with the denomination of Santana of the Bag, for the provincial law n 773, of 06-06-1867, subordinated to the city of Cabrob. For the provincial law n 924, of 25-05-1870, the district of Santana of the Bag passed> to call Leopoldina. Raised to the category of village with the denomination of Leopoldina, by the provincial law n 1464, of 16-06-1879, was desmembrada of Cabrob having been its Headquarters installed in 19-04-1880. The municipal law n 3, of 13-03-1896, creates the New Land district which is annexed to the Leopoldina that was raised to the condition of city with the same denomination for the state law n 991, of 01-07-1909. (Documents of the City).

Some printed matters and clippings of periodicals of this period show that Cabrob, Willow, Bodoc, Granito and Serrinha disputed the area of the city of Leopoldina and counted on influences politics of Recife. She was necessary to create new cities with the feio of the first government of Getlio Vargas, through the governors, at this time, the mayor of Leopoldina was Antonio de S Snows, intendant indicated for the governor of the state. For the state Decree n 314, of 27-06-1934, the city of Leopoldina was extinct, being its territory distributed for the cities of Granite, Salgueiro and Serrinha. In dated territorial divisions of 1936 and 1937, Leopoldina still appeared a small part of what it was, with this name, but as district, in the Granite city – Foot. For the state decree n 92, of 31-03-1938, the Granite city started to call Bodoc and the district of Leopoldina started to appear in the Bodoc city. Raised again to the category of city with the denomination of Leopoldina, for the decree state law n 235, of 09-12-1938, desmembrado of the cities Bodoc and Serrinha, came back to be Headquarters in the old city of Leopoldina, constituted of this time of 4 districts: Leopoldina, Venice, Icaiara and New Terra. .