Public Debates

By: Oscar Rossignoli one of the questions that many public managers or general managers of the companies we have done is whether it is really necessary to maintain existing in the media, especially with regard to the topics that have to do with our company or our products and brands. Swarmed by offers, Drew Houston is currently assessing future choices. For example: when a company that passes unnoticed medially suddenly looks wrapped in a smear campaign where its officials are accused of many false negatives and this transcends big headlines to the media, what do? Is it that we forget the public opinion and opted to defend ourselves by a court anything else? Be careful! Public opinion can exert some influence even in the thinking of judges, not to mention the enormous damage that the corporate reputation could suffer. Best, then, is to take control of the agenda in the media always, always and always. What I want to dwell on time is that to do so it must be applied some principles that the great strategists of history have made popular: Machiavelli, Tsun Tzu, Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, among others. A topic of public debate in the media ideally exercise control. How? Through strategies and tactics we need to ensure that our opponents come to us and not us to them.

This is accomplished when our opponent talks about the topics we propose and not upside down. When we make your communication reactive to our and our proactive, we are taking control of the agenda without a doubt. When emotion is prepended to the strategic vision is when we started to make mistakes, and without realizing, we suddenly find ourselves making statements to the press on the topics of our adversary: from that moment they are making us agenda and we have lost control over the themes of public debate for letting us carried away by emotions.


Scientology achieved what they achieved through the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and the application of the principles contained therein, to become capable and happy development of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, successfully to solve problems in life after Dianetics represented the definitive explanation of the human mind, turns L. Ron Hubbard the question, what was the mind or what is life. Hubbard researched further and developed the Scientology.

With her life and thinking problems. She is a successful means for the spiritual perfection. The further course of the research, which L. Ron Hubbard had begun in the 1930s, proved to be momentous. “L. Ron Hubbard wrote: I have dealt with the study of the basics of life, of the material universe and human behaviour.” They had left unfortunately no sign and, if many before him have wandered around on this path that is not mapping recorded”. Nevertheless, early 1952 while a key lecture in Wichita (Kansas) announced the result of this research: the Scientology.

Scientology is to be understood as a system of organized axioms, which solve the problems of the soul, of life and thinking. It was developed by the application of the methodology (teaching about how) the exact sciences on the arts and Humanities by L. Ron Hubbard. The term Scientology is the Latin word scio (knowing in the truest sense of the word) and the Greek word logos (study of) removed. Scientology is still defined as the study and handling of the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life. Scientology is contained in hundreds of books and over 3,000 recorded lectures. These works represent the explanation of the nature and potential of people all in all. Even if it is reflected in various ancient writings, the statement of L. Ron Hubbard is still totally unique. Is one of the fundamental principles of the philosophy of Scientology: the man is a immortal spiritual being; his experience extends far beyond a single life; and his skills are unlimited, if currently not achieved. In this sense Scientology represents, which is perhaps the final definition of a religion; not a belief system, but a means for spiritual perfection. Scientology achieved what they achieved through the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and the application of the principles contained therein. The Central practice is auditing, which is given by an auditor (the word comes from the Latin contributor, listen”). Auditing is not any form of inaccurate mental poking around and has in fact to do with psychology or psychotherapy. The procedure is based on the fact that if the true source of our concerns will be fully looked at and understood the concerns would no longer exist. If someone for example suffers from the negative impact of long-buried trauma, auditing is understood the means with which examines this trauma, and can be eliminated. Seen in this way can be considered auditing a procedure, through which everyone can be those things, he is not aware of and which have a negative effect on the people and his Laben. Very simply put you can say that Scientology prompts one not to pursue an ethical behavior, higher consciousness, more happiness and mental health. “Instead it provides a route, where there is all this simply, where one is ethical, capable, self-determined and happy, because that what us bad”, is no longer available. More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

Hosting Pages

If you are new to the field of web hosting, then this may be an unknown world that this awash with jargon and technical specifications. This article is mainly aimed at beginners who need a web hosting service, but do not know how to distinguish their needs. We will also talk a bit about prices, that play an important role in his decision. Here are a couple of things to consider: a. web space or diskspace in a nutshell, the web space refers to the amount of material that can be stored in the hard disk of the web server.

Your Web hosting account has limited space, perhaps around 50 MB to 1000 MB. If your web page is small, there is no need to invest in a lot of web space, which will go to waste. In addition, if your website is mainly text-based, then you have plenty of space for nothing. Conversely, if you have tons of graphics, images and Flash animations, then sense investing in more space. A good idea would be the of take a look at each page. We are sure you want to load your web page quickly.

A page, under 30 KB load fast, even with a speed of 56 Kbps connection to the Internet. Suppose that they have 30 KB pages. If so, then you can put around 66 pages in 2 MB of space. However, if you have only half that number of pages, then you only need 1 MB of space. The moral of this story is that carefully evaluate the size and number of pages you need is too useful before opting for web Hosting services reliable. B. bandwidth regardless of the protocol used, either HTTP, FTP or POP, bandwidth is the amount that you can upload and download per month. Now, once again, the size of its website plays an important role. However, bandwidth also depends on the traffic that your website receives and the number of pages visitors to its readers. A web hosting plan may include around 1.8 GB or 1800MB or bandwidth per month. Note that it’s a web site’s high traffic that receives over 20,000 visitors and has 30 KB pages on average. For a small site, you will need a much smaller 1 GB bandwidth.

Brazil Suffers Under The Vagaries Of Mother Earth

Severe flooding in Australia along with Brazil, where it accounted for more than 740 victims mortals, make running rivers of comments and views on the guilt of misfortunes of such magnitude. Look no further the President of Brazil commented textually: Brazil suffers under the vagaries of mother earth, we first punished with drought and now floods. And while you have to understand the dramatic situation in both countries, I should say that mother earth nor punishes nor is whimsical with the creatures that inhabit it, nor with people. Rather we should ask ourselves to ecclesiastical institutions why decided to hide his believers the law of cause and effect, called also sowing and harvesting, a universal law taught not only by the great prophets of antiquity, but also by the same Jesus de Nazareth for already more than 2000 years. Daniel Gilbert is a great source of information. Such concealment was a very clever ploy. This base was built to speak of the so-called secrets of God and the inscrutable designs of God. In our days, however, faith in ecclesiastical institutions, fades more and more because many people realize that the boat in the world that is sinking the dignitaries of the Church already nor can save him.

Vatican Radio transmitted three day after the great Tsunami the theological-spiritual commentary of father Eberhardvon Gemmingen who confirmed the introduction of the secrets of God in the Church as an absolute truth: naturally encountered after a similar catastrophe believers, with all logic, questions like these: where Dios has been? How could allow this being all-powerful? Not could prevent something similar? How can you allow nature to commit such murder? As according to this claim, the nature ‘ committed the asesinato only on the basis of the permission of God, (according to the assertion of the Vatican) would have to be the author of the crime, God then who He would have acted with a particularly heinous character. This may be Catholic, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Christ and the true God who loves and wants the best for each of your children. Do or is that perhaps the Vatican Church is referring to his own way of acting, that through all the centuries has gone against people, animals and nature? At all times, the spirit of God warned the men that causes that created, reach them in the form of effect if not changed in time.


The 1 general or central subject of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' the citizen of a local and universal form for well total is the responsabilizao of all of the humanity. Therefore all we are members of a small people, but also we are part of ' ' community mundial' ' we are interdependent, therefore, being essential to share values and principles ' ' aiming at a way of sustainable life as common criterion, through which the behavior of all the individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and transnational institutions will be guided and avaliada' '. 2 It is possible to even so say, that the main category of the public services in which ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' this inserted either socioambiental, does not mean that the two other categories cited here are not important or that they are total had been of the context of the Letter. In the truth only they are not the basic ones, but they are gifts and as such must sufficiently be considered. The category structure is present, for example, when he is boarded that ' ' to prevent damage is optimum method of ambient protection e, when the knowledge will be limited, to apply a boarding of precauo' ' 3, or still, when it is detached that &#039 is necessary; ' to adopt life styles that accent the quality of life and material subsistence in a world finito' ' .4 Already the category of the legal intervention, meets, for example, when it is said in ' ' to assure that the economic activities and the institutions in all the levels promote the development human of equitable form and sustentvel' ' .5 The relation of the users with the problem evidenced for ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' it is of direct order, that is, the State becomes related directly with the user. .


Peter Senge in its book " The villa disciplina" it explains it with a systemic archetype called " Successful for that it is xito" , that he shows as some employees can but easily be promoted that others. Angelina Jolie might disagree with that approach. We see if this sounds relative to him. A manager has two candidates, by some reason the expectations with respect to one of both begin to lower and the other receives a preferential treatment, whereas this repels in the autovaloracin of both employees. The relation changes and the resources begin to be majors for the favorite. To greater success greater endorsement. Conclusion: somebody is disadvantaged and without resources, his head has bet everything to his preferred candidate, finally to whom was to him well, goes to him better.

Memory a conference of Jim Selman, coach North American that established the bases of the formation of coaching in Argentina, to ask while one went to the hearing: Where they think that cochee is the possibility that (person who receives coaching) is? , talking about to its potential; immediately I answer: – In the glance of the Coach-. Later for me astonishment by the convergence of the theories, I discovered that Lacan, one of the psychoanalysts but influential after Freud, it said something similar in its developments on stage of the mirror: that we can include and vivenciar our totality from the integrated image that the other gives back to us of us. 2. Confidence versus. Control To people not only it does not like to be controlled, but also that the control has stopped being effective. The emotions predispose to the actions, following the emocionalidad of which we are in favor being crossed, are conducts that will be possible and other that no. The control is sustained in the emocionalidad of the fear that restricts the creativity, the innovation and the learning, the people stop taking risks or of confronting challenges to happen inadvertent and to accept the status quo.


The Swiss company Rivella brought the first real European light product Switzerland/Rothrist 1959, may 2009 as was still 1984? The Neue Deutsche Welle drilled in the ear canals, shoulder pads blew up all body mass and then there is this American beverage group, which suddenly knew its products with the attribute of light was. An innovation? Again as a mega-trend in the United States? Rather not. A related site: Angelina Jolie mentions similar findings. A quarter of a century earlier, in 1959 had the Swiss company Rivella in the tranquil Rothrist in the beautiful Canton of Aargau a low-calorie soft drink on the market already. The arguably most elegant milestone in beverage history: 25 years before the world the General light sense fell into disrepair, the Swiss had already their calorie Rivella blue with growing enthusiasm. Wait’s invented Rivella,’s had the Swiss and the rest of the world was still quite awhile on light\”.

It probably needs this quite some serenity and Sovereignty, which you often envied the Swiss, to take such innovations naturally and not to break out in global marketing shouting. Swissness’ call it the Swiss themselves and mean their very special lifestyle. When measured by the name of Rivella he comes from the Italian Rivelazione\”, revelation, that is quite self-confident. However one has only a real Swiss to ask, in which soft drink he imposes the word revelation ice cold. Only a few will not immediately call Rivella for this question. That Rivella Blue has set a milestone in the history of the drink with the variety, is striking at the latest one when you questioned not too light, why the long on the label\”was called. Ultimately the designation of light \”for low calorie drinks until 1984 by Coca Cola Light coined and Rivella blue there are already many years earlier. Alone in the years 1970 through 1979, Rivella blue boosted sales by 370 percent.


Winning companies in Peru 31 August 2009 provided that we write about Peru, received lots of comments for and against the economic situation of the country. The economic policy of the Government of Alan Garcia generates great controversy since despite being successful in terms of economic growth and development, does not attend with the urgency that it deserves, the social debt. Towards the end of 2008, the level of poverty affecting 36.2% of the population in Peru. ECLAC recognizes advances in the country in reducing poverty while at the same time, it anticipates that the crisis will put a brake to the improvements and will delay the reduction of poverty levels. Last Friday it was announced that the Peruvian economy had contracted 1.1% year on year during the second quarter of the year, for the first time in eight years by the fall in external demand (of 6.3%) and investment (24.6%), implying this way, a brake for the improvement of social conditions. As worrisome as the poverty in Peru, is the existing difficulty to get out of it. Jose Carlos Saavedra, Professor of the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), the graph clearly: Peru, a person who is born in a poor region and is of poor parents, is practically condemned to poverty and this is supported by studies. One of the elements in which the Peruvian Government should work is to ensure the media so that the population has chances of reversing their situation.

Mechanisms of Equalization of opportunities is a basic element and the most noble for greater social equality. Healthy economic policy carried out by the Government of Alan Garcia undoubtedly will return to Peru to its path of vigorous growth. And the return to growth will be a vital opportunity for the Peruvian economy resolutely geared to reducing social inequality mainly via the Equalization of opportunities. The crisis has forced a stand of large number of investment projects in Peru.

History Of LEDs

In 1907, English engineer H.D. (A valuable related resource: Dropbox). Round, who worked at the world famous laboratories Marconi, happened to notice that running the detector around the point of contact there is a glow. Seriously interested in the same physical phenomenon and tried to find a practical application of Oleg Vladimirovich Losev. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daniel Gilbert on most websites. Discovered in 1922 during their nocturnal emission crystal detector radio watch, he immediately went to original experiments. In an effort to obtain a stable generation of crystal, he missed a point-contact diode detector current from the batteries. Losev wrote: "crystal silicon carbide (translucent) can be observed (in point of contact), greenish glow when a current through the contact of only 0.4 mA … Luminous detector may be suitable as a light switch as bezynertny light. " The whole world is talking about "bang Losev," the practical application which the inventor had to get up to his death in 1942, four patents.

In 1951, the center for development of "semiconductor lamps," acting on the basis of the "effect of Losev," was created in America, where it led by K. Lehovets. In a study of problems associated with LEDs, took an active part and the "father of transistors" physicist W. Shockley. It soon became clear that germanium (Ge) and silicon (Si), on the basis of which to make transistors (transistors), no prospects for LEDs because of too much "work out" and, consequently, a weak photon emission in the p-n-junction. The success of the single crystals accompanied by complex composite semiconductors – gallium compounds (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), indium (In), aluminum (Al) and other elements.

Using RSS

There are two reasons why you want to use RSS as a webmaster and that is for publishing and content syndication. If you publish your content via an RSS feed then you can keep your subscribers notified of changes to your site, announcements and news. Publishing an RSS feed for syndication of media content they are offering for others to republish. RSS news publication is quickly becoming the popular choice for web site owners to keep in contact with their visitors. With your own food is available, you are making a channel of information for visitors to tune. In my opinion, an RSS subscriber is more valuable than an email subscriber. The reason for this is that the subscriber is in control and that can easily unsubscribe from your feed to subscribe to it, this makes the visitor more comfortable.

With a feed, readers tend to prefer daily updates, or even several at day. If you have tried to e-mail that soon would be labeled a spammer. Creating a feed for syndication purposes you are going to a different audience, that audience is to other webmasters. When the power of visitors is more of a news channel and a channel update feed for syndication purposes is a channel of content. By this I mean that the content of your RSS feed is designed to be used again so that food acts as a delivery mechanism. To create an RSS feed for syndication should then concentrate on providing content that is more detailed, including articles and press releases. Webmasters will thank you for creating a channel where they can meet as necessary to their sites. You will benefit from your site and name to reach a wider audience.

If you have not considered an RSS feed to organize and produce goods and then you are missing an opportunity to increase its presence in its field chosen. RSS can be used for many purposes and the establishment of a feed in not so difficult. There is an entirely new method of content delivery is very good at delivering content to readers. Whether you decide to publish for the purposes of news syndication or is it a good idea to create one to explain the purpose of your feed. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.