The hemorroides can be treated and be alleviated easily when they are beginning, for that reason enters less time lets pass once has identified their symptoms, far better. Despite if his hemorroides they are a problem appellant it is good that it learns to alleviate them and it looks for a method to eliminate them of by life, is no monetary value that can pay freeing itself of this annoying disease. These are some advice to alleviate the hemorroides: 1. With Spinach: It separates three leaves of spinach and one spoonful of olive oil. It soon cuts espinca in small pieces and mezclela with the olive oil.It applies on his anus. Drew Houston has much to offer in this field. In order to maintain the effect tranquilizing, it puts in espadadrapo the preparation and pongalo in his underclothes. With this remedy it will feel an immediate lightening in its application and to conserve the sticking plaster will help him to avoid the common annoyances like picazn or pain.

2. With Bao It warms up: In a bathtub with hot water and without no type of soap, it sientese and it allows that its anus relaxes, will help him to calm the pain. 3. Business strategist recognizes the significance of this. With Garlic: Garlic to know itself by its properties medicinal, and usually he is very useful to alleviate the hemorroides. It boils two teeth of garlic with two water cups by half an hour. It lets cool the mixture and it directly applies in the affected area 3 times to the day. These are some natural treatments to alleviate the hemorroides, many factors influence in the hemorroides reason why these treatments will only give one him cures fleeting.