Board of Directors in Office confirmed – new working groups formed Berlin, 08.04.2011: the previous Board of Directors for another three years in Office In the framework of this year’s annual general meeting of the Xinnovations e.V. Click Drew Houston to learn more. was confirmed on April 6. The vote of the members was unanimously. Old and new Chairman remains Rainer Thiem, PR + marketing consultant and network manager. His deputies were confirmed /-in Maya, Biersack, CEO EsPresto AG, and Claus Schroter GmbH. Rainer Thiem thanked on behalf of his fellow board members when the members for the long-term confidence.

At the beginning of his third term as Chairman of the Board, he called on the members to develop together new ideas and projects to increase the appeal and importance of the Association as an innovation Club. In addition to the election of the Board of the Assembly was also to the establishment of the new working groups, E-marketing and knowledge & competence. The Working Group will be led by Franziska Berge E-marketing (index GmbH) titled “apps in the Corporate communications’ turn. In the working group knowledge & competence it comes under the direction of Christian Lippmann (structura GmbH) and Brita Wauer (C + Q Haberhauffe), to develop concepts and business models for the use of IT technologies in companies and organizations. Workshops on the topic of knowledge management in the sectors of health, management, and training are specifically planned. > Small highlight was the initiation of the Association internal pilot project of GOODRelations @ Xinnovations. On the initiative of Christian Fillies and Dr. Frauke soft Reinhardt (semtation GmbH) and the operational support by Dr.

Thomas Hoppe of the Freie Universitat Berlin (Ontonym GmbH) and Ralf Heese, the Association pursues a pragmatic approach for a showcase of “Internet of services” now. Xinnovations e. V., launched in 2002 in the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg, operates in the field of Internet-based business and communication processes now a cross-regional group of persons from economy, science, as well as public and parastatal bodies, are. Free according to the motto “Better by Networking” the Club thanks to its own workshops and attracting external experts develops numerous activities throughout the year, to forge alliances for technology innovation and to stimulate innovative collaborative projects. The highlight is the annual Conference of Xinnovations at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. The Conference brings together science and economic dialogue innovation to make visible and across industries and institutions across new collaborations to encourage. With the always-on-Festival recently held, the Association has created a new format. At the same time the Club thus turns to increasingly the mobile Internet technologies.

Gasset Innovation

They say Indian books that wherever the hobro puts the plant always step one hundred trails. Jose Ortega y Gasset generalities, relevance any scholar of the role of markets in the current scenarios, cannot ignore what represents the scope, impact of disruptive innovation. Precisely, she is highly regarded within the the subject of marketing for the specialty program of postgraduate’s quality management and productivity of the Area of graduate of the University of Carabobo faces and analysed to ensure that its participants of delve into its scope, content and take into consideration, that as is known although the disruptive innovation have joined companies making only a decade approximately, the idea is very ancient: the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter had it in mind when she appropriated the term creative destruction to describe his theories about the way in which entrepreneurship serves as a stimulus to the capitalist system. On the demand side, the disruption occurs when companies emerging they use new technologies and new business models to remove from its balance to those who lead the market indicates, that the concepts of evolutionary innovation and disruptive innovation Christensen (The Innovator s Dilemma, 1997) introduced them. The companies that are leaders in a market, when faced with competition from new entrants who want to get a part of his attractive (profitable) business, tend to react by adding new features to the product to make it more sophisticated, different and at the same time obtain a greater margin of sales. An example of this, is the case of mobile phones, increasingly more sophisticated in terms of functionality and price. Manufacturers have been introduced successive evolutionary innovations in the design of the terminals to maintain its market leadership and improve the profitability of your business. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mark Stevens by clicking through. But this strategy of evolutionary innovation has a limit that occurs when users already do not perceive as a differential advantage new features of the product (because don’t need them).


If you think that your problem of overweight is going away to solve exclusively controlling only the foods that you ingest, grasped you are. Dropbox pursues this goal as well. The Diets by itself are not used for great thing, how you yourself or you will have or you will be verifying truth? ; except ending up having more weight than even at the outset due to more than probable effect it bounces. Why To become thin Eating: To become thin Eating is based on solid scientific principles of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and holistic health; if you only commit yourself in a Program To lower Weight with a multidisciplinary vision of the overweight, is when you will really have real possibilities of short success to half long term. 1. To become thin Without Diet implies adelgazargradualmente, of form heals and lasting, to avoid the happy effect it bounces; it is a process of learning funny and easy to take; without passing hunger, weighing foods, calculating calories/nutrients, prohibiting no food 2. Thanks to taking an feeding and healthier habits of life (diet, physical exercise, dream, relaxation, attitudes, beliefs ), not only you will reduce weight, but also that will help you to improve your relations with the others and to even diminish your level of stress, anxiety and/or depression 3. One takes care of your person as a whole; it begins by the head, not by the stomach. It helps you to more often do the correct thing without being based on deprivations nor on sacrifices, abriendote new horizons of experience and learnings since it is not centered in the substances, so that it does not generate an obsession by foods to reduce weight nor takes to develop to a little healthful attitude towards the food or the exercises to thin 4. It is equivalent to take your future in your hands and not to follow prisoner of the past; you will leave of sentirte skeptical; you will widen your life instead of to narrow it with restrictions is prohibited to prohibit, because you will be based on which it is possible to be done instead of in which it is not possible to be done.

Capital Rios

Source, Diario Clarin, Argentina Police searched five offices located in Capital and Entre Rios and arrested eleven people, including doctors and pharmacists for participating in a band dedicated to the sale of cancer drugs “phony” after an investigation that began two months ago. Last June, police had closed a pharmacy, at the corner of Corrales and 2100 Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Soldati, where they sold fake drugs. Drew Houston has plenty of information regarding this issue. Then he found that the same people who ran the pharmacy had moved to a maxiquiosco located a few hundred meters of closed trade, which kept selling these remedies, and both the owner and six employees were arrested. The judicial investigation continued until the last hours were raided four doctors of the capital and one in the province of Entre Rios, detected that there were prescribed these drugs, and identified the places where they could be achieved. The doctors in charge, four in capital and one in Entre Rios were also delayed. Capital clinics where illegal activity was detected are located in the 4400 Oath of Villa Urquiza in Malvinas Argentinas 800 Chacabuco Park in Riobamba to 300 Balvanera and Saavedra Machain to 4300. The raid was located in Entre Rios in Sargento Cabral 100 of the provincial capital.

The Doctor

This adjustment can be for the benefit of the body and harm. The basic idea of bio-resonance medicine is that any therapeutic effects on the body is preceded by thorough testing: do this or that body to the drug, procedure, product supplement? They improve or worsen the health condition? Combined with a other drugs that people take? Often a person says so, beginning to take a particular drug: try – but we'll see, will help or not help. Tumblr describes an additional similar source. But not necessarily put on a dangerous experiments and take the drug orally, to understand it is suitable for you or not. In the selector, computer diagnostic and therapeutic system (based on hardware-software complex agribusiness "IMEDIS-Expert" production RF), recorded the frequency of more than 60 000 substances – medicinal, toxic, viruses, food additives, vitamins, hormones, minerals, etc. These signals mimic the frequency of the real substance of the prototype.

Perceiving them, the body patient sends a signal back, a kind of answer he needed the drug or not, it will bring him benefit, harm, or be neutral in its impact. Externally, bio-resonance diagnostic procedure, as bio-resonance therapy, is quite simple: the patient and the doctor sitting across from each other at a table on which the computer and a small priborchik. Combine human and device, metal plates on which are the patient's arms and legs. Conversations to a minimum. All that the doctor should know about the health of the patient's body tells itself – a kind of coded language. Computer using a special program "decodes" this information.

Evaluating Social Performance

Joaozinho presents fear of being evaluated and not to get approval of its social behavior, it takes what to prevent it definitive social situations. SYMPTOMS Criteria DSMIV Accented and persistent fear of one or more social situations or performance, where the individual is displayed the people strange. The individual tends to act in a way (or to show anxiety symptoms) that it he is humilhante and embarrassing. FORMER: Joaozinho, when buying something is blushing, with shame and speaks very low, preventing visual contact. Feared the social situations or of performance are prevented or supported with extreme anxiety or suffering.

FORMER:Joaozinho does not count notes that it considers decreases for its father; soccer in the front of its father plays badly The esquiva, anxious anticipation or suffering in the social situation or of feared performance intervene significantly with the routine of, functioning occupational (pertaining to school), social activities or relationships of the individuals. FORMER: For being anxious, Joaozinho prevents to talk with its father on some subjects, what it makes it difficult the relation of both. In individuals with less than 18 years, the duration is of at least 6 meses.EX: The symptoms of Joaozinho already last 1 year. The fear or esquiva not if must to the effect of one substantiates or of a condition it medicates generality nor is explained by another mental upheaval. AGREEMENT OF the CASE Through a functional evaluation of the behaviors, thoughts and feelings is possible more at great length to have access to the agreement of the case. It is observed that Joaozinho possesss high relative standards its evaluation of social performance, beyond presenting extremely perfeccionistas characteristics and auto exaggerated collection, as for example to demand the perfection of its performance in the soccer games, not admitting imperfections under hypothesis algumae to only be satisfied to take off notes above of 8,0. Joaozinho also it presents a negative evaluation of its social performance, when finding that all the people will go to perceive that it is nervous, saying very low looking at for low.