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Because if it not to exist, you will have lost much time in this useless wait. To be alone is optimum of the worlds? With certainty it is not. If you could choose, you would like to have somebody to its side, only that people cannot control everything. This does not belong in them. It makes its part and it leaves that the remaining portion, the there from above staff makes. They deliver to this. Unhappyly or happily we are not who we decide our future. In its age, I never would find that I would have the life that today I have.


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Latin Americans Teachers

Us comnta portal.educ.ar that the document addresses the entire spectrum of the teaching profession: recruitment, selection and training, preparation and professional level of the teachers from different levels, employment security, rights and responsibilities, disciplinary action and professional freedoms. It also refers to wages, holidays, low low and special studies, hours and conditions of work, teaching material, load, exchange of teaching staff, special rules for teachers in rural and isolated, rules on educators with loads of family, medical care, social security and pensions. The origin of the recommendation appears already in 1946, with a request of the delegate of China at the first session of the General Conference of Unesco to develop and promulgate a world teacher’s letter, which tends to make the material conditions of teachers, increase your moral status and protect the freedom of teaching. More info: David Green. Countries through their Governments not should neglect which represents education, should be attentive in everything that will benefit the education, encourage teachers committed to this task, give the necessary support to make its work which really require the citizens of agreement to as science, technology will develop, what the country demand according to your needs. It is necessary to ensure the material conditions of teaching staff, recognize your role socially and protect the freedom of education, asprcto latter that it should not ever disrespect it, violated. Since then, we support what is stated, that precisely through their work, teachers form citizens and responsible citizen who design and lead our society in the future.

To do this, it is not enough to ensure universal access to education, that Moreover, education should be quality. A liberating education which split the experience is required of the students and assess their capabilities. Thus, we can build knowledge becoming people with critical awareness, able to observe and analyze the reality to then act on it in a transformative way. We consider, that definitely must guarantee the quality of education, it must be especially emphasis on providing up-to-date knowledge, in which teachers are prepared, are educators, who know how to pass on their knowledge, provide the necessary stimuli giving passage to necesariosque paradigms involve that education promotes all. Definitely, queemos share our greeting, congratulations to whom their way through this dimensian physics have been identified, responsible with the Mission of teaching and where your line of service requires integrity, honesty, morality, ethics, commitment to a profession that demands many times sacrifice. I expect that Governments, especially Latin Americans that concerns us, lend more collaboration, support to the teachers, will give back them a fair wage according to their functions, social benefits, will pay more attention.