Expansion of the sales activity and three new subsidiaries Creglingen, 19.12.2012 – WINAICO could assert themselves in the difficult market environment and positively looks back on the year 2012. In addition to the expansion of the European market presence, WINAICO has established offices in the United States, Australia and Japan this year. Succeeded WINAICO within a short time, to build up the necessary distribution structures in these promising markets. are/’>LBS Market. Contact and storage on the ground are the basis for a successful market entry. Quickly and reliably with our high-performance modules to supply our customers has top priority for us. We are proud to have gained a foothold, so Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager in these markets as well. Mark Stevens is the source for more interesting facts. To further strengthen the international presence, WINAICO took part in several important trade fairs of the solar industry on four continents in the past year.

The company could at the Ecobuild, London, Solarexpo in Verona, the Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Intersolar North America in San Francisco, the PV Taiwan in Taipei, as well as the all-energy Australia in Melbourne, winning many new customers and enhance the perception of the brand WINAICO. The focus however, as in the years before, still on the German market. The changes of EEG were triggers for an unstable market and uncertainty. This of course also had an impact on the order situation, however, there was an enormous extension on solar power systems for 2012. Also WINAICO could further expand its distribution network in 2012 and steadily increase the number of employees.

“Just who is set up correctly, has a chance in the future,” Schnapp, be so Andreas WINAICO Germany GmbH. storage systems sales manager in the future an essential role in the construction of solar power plants play. This opens new possibilities, because due to the renewable energy levy for 2013, the consumption for the end customer is slowly but surely interesting.

Gram T-Shirt

What is the quality of an individual T-Shirts note to print on a T-Shirt, a fairly simple thing seems to be, finally, the retail offers even special films. These can then be printed via the printer with the desire motif and on the shirt or other clothing items to be ironed. However, the quality but rather to be desired can be. Already, the quality of the print is typically not always optimal, the iron is more problematic and the foils do not always withstand the washing machine. To achieve optimal results, a professional printing system is the right way. The T-Shirt has the choice of the right shirts is crucial.

Simple and even cheap T-Shirts quickly lose the color and see already not more so handsomely from there also the best and most elaborate pressure won’t a few washes. For assistance, try visiting MSCO. That’s why at the T-Shirt, stress is put on high-quality materials, so long as joy on the T-Shirt is given. An especially high proportion of should are, here of course cotton, as well as a high Gram weight value (mass assignment) of the T-Shirts and the garment. Print critical especially crucial is also the type of pressure. An easy way is the printing with transfer foil. The advantage lies in the diversity. Photo prints are so easily possible with many different and trending colors.

The opportunity to purchase these films in the trade and to produce shirts even was mentioned. What usually not perfectly succeed in the private sector with a simple iron, can succeed perfectly with a transfer press. A transfer press always the same pressure and so also the transfer foil can deliver perfect results. The Flex and flock foil print has the advantage that the colour is a very long time over the printing with transfer foil. Click Dropbox to learn more. The print is made of special plastic film cut and transferred to the fabric. In addition to cotton, such as nylon and viscose fabric can be printed perfectly. The inks are very natural and real even after long time. A slightly velvety shows the Flock print on the T-Shirt or something similar. Here be applied smallest flakes using glue on the fabric, the garment is dried then usually in the oven. This kind of pressure is not as smooth and if necessary shiny as usual with other printing methods. A T-Shirt printed on care of the T-Shirts is not difficult, proper care, however, can be as severe. Remain are the colors not long of course, after a few washes not been real or is even pressure, tears a wrong care of the garment that often is. For example the washing on links is important. Actually nothing new in laundry care, yet is this just in printed garments like ousted. The pressure comes not directly with the drum in touch. Also the tumble dryer can contribute a lot to the piece of clothing is no longer so after some use, as it should be. It must be ensured, if the piece of clothing at all may be dried (see care instructions) and whether it is generally necessary. In the dryer high, which are not always optimal temperatures. If possible, should be dispensed with drying in the dryer or at least choose a care or delicate cycle.

Centracon AG

Changing work organization in enterprises requires fundamentally new concepts always mobilerer work processes and at the same time growing claims of the company at a high organizational flexibility the classical forms of work organisation have no future with their rigid desktop architectures. But the change not do justice usually also the changed demands of the companies stationary clients for mobile devices according to the assessments of the consulting company Centracon AG. The use of iPads is still a long way, no new sustainable desktop strategy”, explains CEO Robert of Gallant. Rather, the consultant recommends to devote a continuous redesign of the entire client structures. Especially since she produce a variety of benefit effects helps at different levels, with the sole launch of mobile devices not possible it.” The various benefits are however often not sufficiently known in practice. Centracon has therefore the company strategically relevant Analyzes dimensions more flexible and usable mobile IT jobs: 1 corporate culture: as a modern employer position over technically modern and flexible workplaces, especially since individual requests to the devices meet the users and they can communicate according to their private habits through social media platforms.

But also the IT departments benefit, because they are technically adept user and thus an easier exchange of information is possible. 2. Mobility: The business benefit is especially that using a location-independent applications and documents new business models evolve and carry out can be a focussed process design. Also, the collaborative work is supported by virtual teams. From the perspective of the IT operations of the mobility aspect causes also that applications on any devices can be used. 3. Productivity: Employee satisfaction is expressed in their motivation to work and low downtime.

But also positive productivity effects on pages of users create automated and thus faster deployment of applications and other IT services, a range of self-service and reduced waiting times for updates or boot times. 4. Agility: acquisitions can be more easily integrated and new business applications more quickly harnessed for the employees. The necessary IT resources available for flexible, while a dynamic use of hardware potentials in the IT operations. Expression of agility is also the use of additional public cloud resources within a private cloud and the rapid deployment of IT jobs. Read more from David Green to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 5. Innovation: The staff are not only pure consumers of IT, but are their co-creators. New impetus for the business and technical culture arise due to this change of roles. Staff are experiencing a new form of self-employment, the jobs let information technology to customize to a high degree and work processes be flexible. The user can also perform their own service requests select and deploy IT products on their own. 6 Compliance: no data is being transferred more to the site independently usable devices, thus cause no loss of data or can access critical corporate information third parties, if the device fails. Access is via secure public networks, the permissions are managed automatically. The user can access only to such applications, which were released by the company. 7 Cost reduction: positive economic effects are produced solely by self-service and automated deployment of applications. Cost savings arise but also as a result of the central support of devices and because no IT resources are needed at the remote locations. At the same time, cost savings are generated by the application and server virtualization.

English Holiday Profession

Many parents would be pleased if their children were already as early as possible with the English language in contact. Many parents would be pleased if their children were already as early as possible with the English language in contact. However, this is easier said than done, because ultimately there are only a few offers. Usually it goes only in elementary school, what’s exactly taken relatively late. The past comes to a child with the English language in contact, the easier learning him falls. Precisely the English holiday, by Oskar learns English”are offered, also so popular.

The concept of the English holiday is very simple. Children go for a few days at a holiday camp, in which predominantly English is spoken. In this way an intensive contact with the foreign language takes place. Basically, we can compare this with a language course abroad. The children are looked after this from real native speakers, which is ultimately very important. In this way, they learn that an English as it is spoken correctly.

Sharpen listening comprehension and pronunciation is optimal. Due to the fact that the language camps in Germany take place and the managers speak also German, the children feel helpless not lost. It comes not to take an intensive course in English. On the contrary: children should be introduced to the foreign language playfully. Short lessons are used to build of a basic knowledge. Then the learned directly in practice is applied. The focus of such residence is always fun. When Oskar learns English great emphasis is placed on it, that the children spend a great time during the English holiday. Instead of cramming to numerous activities are undertaken. So, for example, excursions in the countryside or on the farm take place. There, the children learn more about nature and animals, which is also handy for other areas of education. Children must by the way does not necessarily reside in the school age. Oskar learns Offers English courses and camps for very young children. This concept has already convinced many parents. More and more children participate in the holiday camps, which take place in the surroundings of Berlin. Despite the growth is emphasis of course, that the groups are always small and an optimal learning effect is guaranteed.

Turkish Airlines

The airline expanded its online presence to numerous additional services around the comfort in flight the new SunExpress website is online on board. In time for the start of the summer season she presents itself in fresh design, with many enhanced features and new content. Convenient additional services such as the booking of seats, excess packages or special menus are new features, providing more comfort on board and an all round pleasant flight experience for passengers. The joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa is thus based on the rapidly growing demand of booking through their own Web. Currently, almost every fifth booking in Germany about is carried out at the Turkey specialist of SunExpress. Passengers, who during the flight much legroom value and occupy one of the X-leg seats in the front row or the emergency exits, sitting at the window or disembarking would be preferred, can a seat of their choice online up to two hours prior to departure via reserve. Travelers, whom the free baggage allowance is included in the ticket price is not enough given the opportunity advance to log extra baggage in the form of low-cost excess baggage packages at their flight booking via the new website.

Who wants to be pampered on a SunExpress flight culinary, can place his order from a selection of fresh, partly vegetarian and warm meals online up to 72 hours prior to departure. Domestic flights also established an online check-in. The booking of hotels and rental car completes the versatile on the new SunExpress Web site. SunExpress offers the most non-stop flights to Turkey among all airlines in the growing Turkey-traffic connections between 21 of German airports and a dozen Turkish targets. All destinations, the SunExpress in Turkey, Egypt, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, flies to, will be on the new site in a handy travel guides with additional Presented information on destinations and attractions online.

Yoga cruise under Turkish Sun over the online travel guides on holds for Turkey also special recommendations and offers passengers. An exclusive holiday highlight is, for example, the one-week Yoga holidays with the Dutch Organizer partner Yoga cruise along the Lycian Coast aboard the Atlantis”a comfortable motor sailor. Overnight in one of the 10 twin cabins, visit small, picturesque villages, as well as yoga classes on board and the nature speak for a varied program. Starting point of the 8 day journey is Finike in the province of Antalya. SunExpress flies from 20 cities in Germany some day to the holiday Centre on the Turkish Riviera.

Chicken Recipes Crispy Bake Drink

4 dishes with chicken: easy chicken FRY Recipe – chicken earlier the housewives have had some chickens in the yard. If then a holiday approached, they slaughtered a chicken and prepared a delicious chicken roast. It smells hearty about the whole neighborhood houses, there was the aromatic smell associated with a public holiday. These days, life is much easier and simpler. You need more not to go into the yard and to slaughter a chicken. eply. Who would like to prepare a chicken FRY, get everything you need from the business. There are many delicious dishes with the chicken. It is often cooked in the oven.

You need 1 – chicken breast with lemon recipe”for the recipe: vegetable – oil – 2 Tablespoons – chicken breast – Rosemary 4 piece – pepper – 1 tsp – salt – 1/2 tsp – (or other dried green) – taste – lemon juice – 2 TBSP – lemon (pieces for decorating) – after taste. Prepare chicken breast, pepper, salt, sprinkle with Rosemary and bake, until it is crispy. “Recipe 2 chicken with potatoes” ingredients: – chicken – 1 piece – mayonnaise – 200 g, – garlic – salt 12 pieces, vegetable – oil – 6 cloves, – potatoes – and – pepper – green preparation wash the chicken rub inside and outside with salt and pepper. Mix the mayonnaise with the crushed garlic and rub the chicken and thus outside and inside. About 1 hour 20 minutes at the temperature 180 c.

bake the chicken with potatoes. Sprinkle the finished plate with green. Recipe of 3 – chicken with vegetables”ingredients: – 1 chicken 1 kg, – 2 pieces – small aubergines, – 2 piece – Bulgarian peppers – 3 piece – potatoes – 3 piece – garlic cloves, – 250 g – sour cream, – 4 EL – soy sauce – cut into 1.5 cm thick pieces of pepper preparation that peel potatoes, and cook in salted water for 5 minutes. Pour off the water. Cut the aubergines into small pieces. The chicken also decompose and add salt. From the Bulgarian peppers fruit stems and cut out the seeds. They are cut into slices. In the form of placing layers now: the half-cooked potatoes, aubergines, the pepper, the pieces of chicken. Mix the sour cream, the soy sauce, the chopped garlic and the pepper. Evenly pour the mixture of sour cream on the pieces of chicken on it. You must make sure that the sauce under the chicken, the vegetables. At the temperature of 220? Bake to the brownish color. Usually, it takes about 40 minutes. Recipe of 4 – chicken with cheese”ingredients: – 1 kg – chicken – 80 g – cheese – 250 g – sour cream, garlic – 15 g -, – 20 g – green, – salt to taste. The preparation Cook the prepared chicken, cut into small strips, place in a small saucepan, add salt. Then you pour the sauce of sour cream over it (heat the sour cream with the crushed garlic), sprinkled the whole thing with the grated cheese. Then baked the chicken in the oven. Is it Court ready, so you can decorate it with green.

Intetration School

Dance for young social weak people in the Mavement! Dance school Cham.-students to dance. Students will learn: concentration, elegance and social behavior. Therefore promotes the MAVEMENT! Dance school”in the Swiss Cham to the kids: we move with the times and promote values!”, announced Managing Director Maurice Velo. The economic aspects were not the focus. That cost only credibility. Only in September the internationally known dancer of Mevo started cycling to impart his knowledge. Although an initiative for the young is not new.

Even big Opera stars give singing lessons, because they felt obliged the young. “Mave Velo, 34, take but in all modesty” in mind an encouraging example: it goes to a good cause. ” The cost for socially disadvantaged young people in the MAVEMENT! Dance school”were very low. That doesn’t mean that that’s why coaches from the second row demand and promote!” Quality is the basis of the dance. Do here “Mave bike no cuts”, he said in Cham. In personal letters, Pym has turned bicycle at many schools in the metropolitan area of Cham.

Dance promotes physical performance and movement, he writes in it. Also, self-confidence and confidence in dealing with other people would be strengthened. Mave see here the chance to connect the generations. In cooperation with schools we want to assume social responsibility and break through the so-called vicious circles of stillness and exclusion”, explains Maurice. Experienced dance instructors and choreographers offer however in the dance school MAVEMENT”variety: classical ballet, hip hop, street dance and breakdance. The lesson can be done in the classroom and in small groups. Themed workshops or training camps in line with the interests of not only of young people. The publication is free of charge. We may ask for a copy. For inquiries and interview requests contact bike directly Mave: MAVEMENT! Dance school Mave Bike old Steinhauser road 21 CH-6330 Cham phone: 076 398 31 41 the Mavement! His September 2009 in the Swiss Cham exists dance school. Operator Mave is bicycle known dancer-international and sought particularly to socially disadvantaged young people. Behind it is a pedagogic impetus: the promotion of social Intetration and the concentration for the school and professional life. Mave Velo is 34 years old and employs a number of qualified trainers who fulfil this task for at least eight years. In addition, he provides training in classical dance for all other age groups. Author of the press release: Karl-Heinz Smuda Bernard Street 2 10715 Berlin

Zillertaler Hohenstrasse

The cult-Porsche 911 of the 80s years self-drive and enjoy with Passo Tourismo the Passo run for the border route with many extras. Munich, June 08, 2010. The June stands at Passo Tourismo dominated by fire and hot engines. The Munich-based specialist for adventure and pleasure trips in the classic and air-cooled Porsche 911 has therefore compiled a very special highlight and given attractive extras. The “mountain of fire” in the Alpine region are traditionally lit on the occasion of the solstices in mid-June.

The great fire on the Alpine meadows and mountain peaks are widely bright to see. Hardly anyone can resist the fascination of this grandiose spectacle. This unique spectacle can be excellently enjoy by the exposed hillside of the Passo Tourismo partner hotels in joining and the panoramic rooms reserved for this purpose. At the sight of many fires, whom will not warm, can heat up may on hot engines. So, the “Abarth days” in Ried take place from June 19-20. These small cars tuned by Carlo Abarth with the Scorpion in the coat of arms, often stichelten on the tracks against the supposedly great and imports some victory.

Historical vehicles of this Italian brand must be an exceptional optical and acoustic enjoyment of a special kind. Not only the small hot boxes provide fun – of course this is also much larger. So the “US car meeting” in Aschau will be held June 26-27. Engine capacity and tired, that let vehicle formats in the format of the cars Earth Quake and bring to light up the eyes. These two events are just a few kilometres from the Passo Tourismo partner hotel in Fugen, already almost necessarily results in a visit. And who also want to spout his own Porsche horsepower with so much enthusiasm, can drive even the Zillertaler Hohenstrasse icing. More information and details about this exclusive offer Internet site can be found on the Passo Tourismo

System Provider Retraining

Dual retraining provides re-training and way entrants a professional future of growing renewable energy industry. Now work throughout Germany 367,000 people in the areas of solar, wind and bio-energy trend is steadily rising. But today, companies are looking for qualified employees, including the ever energy group based in Berlin. With dual retraining and further training in the field of renewable energies, the company responds to the shortage. They provide a way to restart work as career changers especially older job seekers. Retraining: Dual training educates companies energy consultants, consultant for renewable energies and ProjektantInnen for photovoltaic systems in Berlin from 6 February 2012. The practical training lasts seven months. In particular, job seekers will be addressed.

The ever energy group is looking for qualified employees and guaranteed a takeover for all participants who successfully complete. The federal employment agency promotes the retraining in Berlin with the education voucher. Application by E-Mail to: see also here: blog/retraining in berlin / professions for the energy jobs energy advisors: your core area is energy efficiency. You advise clients about opportunities for energy savings and use of renewable energy. Usage area: Economic, industry, manufacturers, heating installers, Projektierer consultant for renewable energies: as a consultant, they are versatile. Their fields of activity are distribution and services of energy products, energy-efficient building and living.

Usage area: system manufacturer, Solateure, operators, suppliers, Projektierer ProjektantInnen for PV systems: specialists plan, calculate and size photovoltaic systems. Also, advises and supports the customers he / she to installation. Usage area: System Provider, Solateure, Planner, in the retraining is knowledge updates under realistic conditions. Therefore, all content is selling, advice-oriented. See also: blog/dual training in-berlin / who can apply? This training is aimed at people who already were at work and want to start a fresh start professionally. The workers are in their profession in the close customer contact. For this reason, all participants should be open, reliable and communicative.

True Religion Jeans – One End Of The Trend In Sight?

No, because it is still true is one religion to the hottest Premium Denim Jeans True religion the trend jeans from the United States has conquered Germany and an end of the boom is not in sight. But what really makes true religion so special? For one, there are of course the striking Horseshoe and the thick seams. Drew Houston has many thoughts on the issue. No brand can reach even if more and more cheaper Jeasn copy brands the thick seams, on the original. The fit and finish of true religion is top notch and who has once been a true religion jeans, is so quickly no longer switch to another brand. … – With the variety of models of amateur Bobby, Billy, Ricky, Johnny, Jack, Stella grade ever lose track. Especially if then still the countless washings and seam colors are added as well as the “thickness” of the seam.

The simplest subdivision are probably in models with the popular fold-out pocket and without them. Big T? Super T? Super QT? -Only three of the model designations. Relatively easily explained, are these terms for the thickness of the seam. You will find some further details regularly in the following blog: true religion but also the prices of which hold true religion jeans high image and the rarity of naturally high. Many Super T models have a MSRP of the manufacturer of 398 euro and can be found only rarely even reduced originals. Up-to-date Este collection? Top models? A price advantage of up to 150 euros? This possibility is there in Moda24: true religion online shop Moda25 – Jens Waltemathe