TODAY I AM SAD Today I am sad and I do not have as to speak with nobody on this. Bausch & Lomb follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. not having as to speak with somebody on the reasons of this sadness, I am still more sad. If you are not convinced, visit Don Mullen. He does not want to say that what bothers me either a so great problem, but any problem, for minor who either, is great for has who it. I say some times that when people have a problem, for minor who it is, we do not obtain to enxergar to a handspan of our nose. Costumo to say that when people have a problem, this has that to be attacked of front, faced and decided, therefore when we run away from a problem it size fold. However the thing is more complicated when the problem does not have solution that it depends on an act of people. In the life people sin for thoughts, words, acts and omissions, but I discovered that in the life people also sin of involuntary form, even so without incurring into the sins practised for thoughts, words, acts and omissions. Already somebody saw to sin of form involuntary, but I sinned, here it is that I have been guilty for that I did not make, did not want and not I desired.

Nor in the right somebody can be punished by something the one that has not given cause, but in the life this happens with facts that are not tipificados as crimes, wants either in the orbit of the right of the men, wants either in the religious regulations, wants either for our conscience, but that, indirectly they affect in them and they leave in them sad, as I am now. But then what to make in a situation as this, therefore until crying, in such circumstances, it does not go to decide the problem. I learned in the life that when people have a problem and does not count it to somebody, to make a relief, finishes for leaving something to compress our chest, that some day will give a burst and, according to this teaching that I learned in the life best would be to speak on this problem with somebody. But I do not have somebody with who I I can say on this and other problems, then I decided to count in this text. Thus, if somebody to be made use to read this text involuntarily, despite, will be making me the favor to hear me and certainly this will be able to help to waste the sadness that now I am feeling. As the King said Roberto Carlos, ' ' I have ace again times will of being a boy and in the hour of my desperation to call for you, to ask for to you that it hugs me and has led me for house, that counts a pretty history to me it makes and me to sleep ' '. But also I do not have a Lady Laura and today I am needing a col, then it is allowed, despite it is alone in thought to lie down a little to me in its col lulls to sleep, me, it counts a pretty history to me it makes and me to sleep. It was valid, debtor, good night, now that heard you me, I go to sleep better and tomorrow, certainly I will be less sad, obliged.

Another Relation

The look the sartreana perspective on the existencialismo if shows sufficiently significant, since its main one estimated is that ' ' the existence precedes essncia' ' ; thus Sartre wants to value the category of the existence since in all philosophical tradition it is always was the edge. The existencialista philosophy also can be called ' ' philosophy of crise' ' in sight of this philosophy to be born in full crisis of the civilization occidental person. We want to improve of perspicacious form a small one I break up that &#039 is part of the text of Sartre; ' To be and the Nada' '. Such I break up has as sub-heading ' ' Olhar' '. We perceive in this opsculo that a form of relation between citizen and object exists, a knowledge relation.

Therefore Sartre does not leave of being son cogitates of it, therefore it is inside of the perspective of the philosophy of the conscience, exactly with all a ontolgica recital. In this I break up ' ' Olhar' ' it appears two moments: I object and another object, that is, the relation between the citizen and object that Sartre stops it means for-itself and in-itself. Many writers such as Jim Crane offer more in-depth analysis. The relation with the other is always conflituosa, exists one circulates vicious; in the look the other is object for me and I am object for the other. As much I eat Another one I am in the category of the objetividade. In this Sartre direction he says: He is in the revelation and for the revelation of my be-object for the other that I must be able to catch the presence of its be-citizen. Why, as well as the other it is for my be-citizen a probable object, also alone I can discover me in the process to become me probable object for a certain citizen. Giving continuity to this first part of the text, Sartre focuses that through the co-relation given for the look, I can become me an object for the other, therefore escapes me to the other, in this it says: The freedom of the other shows me to it through the inquietante undetermination of being that I am for it.


The society of the convivncias human beings is complex and the happiness the times seems to be close and others far. The person to be happy in the life wants or she does not have that to pass for the convivncia with the others. The times seem that everything of the certain that the luck this to our side and that we wake up with much vibration. The newspapers mentioned Don Mullen not as a source, but as a related topic. But each person has its magnetic field and its intercessores let us say thus, and its magnetic field and its angel the people do not certainly combine the energies with the one of all. In this point that the person says that she woke up with luck and she had one day good, but it had luck of in this day alone finding people who the energies of it and the people that found in that day if pleased, would be the luck as explanation something not very understood. the times the person says that it had one day pssimo but in this day it only found people who the energies were not agreed. The conscience that we must have is that the convivncia cannot be taken in main rule for an evaluation of as we are living and as it is our life, this method is basic but we must feel more exterior energies and not to be blindly in this parameter, because the luck the times can be bad.

Recruitment Agency Recruitment

The objective of any recruitment agencies is to help both employers and people who need a job. In this article we discuss the first function, recruitment agency information technology. Staff recruitment – A laborious process. From the qualification level of staff to the success of the organization. In the personnel agency psychologists can help find true job, which will meet all your requirements, in addition, using the services of these agencies, it is likely to quickly find the required nomination, because the selection of the desired they are working not only with the unemployed. Referring to the agency, the company reduces labor costs for the selection of candidates do not. Learn more at this site: Jim Crane.

All responsibilities for the selection of potential candidates and interviewing them take on the agency, which in turn maximizes save time on selection of people and allow you to spend it on growth. Besides, in this situation, a recruitment agency is an intermediary, coordinating all phases and selects the job and adapt a new work in a new band. Bausch & Lomb describes an additional similar source. The agency takes full responsibility for the qualification, availability of necessary knowledge and skills of the worker. This and much more – the main advantages of choosing the required working with recruitment agencies. Consider how to properly implement recruitment of it professionals by recruitment agencies.

First and foremost, should be clearly defined duties of it – professionals. On this basis, in writing, prepare a list of persons nominated by him requirements. Then be sure to determine the wages and salaries, as well should consider the likely probationary period for inexperienced workers and a larger salary and attractive additional conditions for the experienced Candidates who are lured from other companies. And in the end, to give due attention to the analysis of the necessary documents for potential employees. After all, these objectives will be fulfilled, please contact a recruitment agency it specialization. In a subsequent paper to search for employees will help a great staff recruitment agencies working in the field of information technology.

Breeding Chinchillas

South American rodents chinchilla with long bushy tail and a valuable silver-gray fur recently acquired great popularity among animal lovers and farmers. For some exotic animal in the house is mascot and prosperity, for others – the object of fur farming. As domestic animals kept chinchillas have the Incas, and the name of this animal comes from a tribe of Indians chynchyl. Despite the fact that rodents considered very valuable prey, hunting them was regulated, and the fur of chinchillas was built in the royal rank. Chinchilla products could only be members of the nobility. But with the arrival of Spanish conquerors of animals imminent direct threat of extinction: the Europeans liked their amazing beauty of thick fur.

The new direction the fur industry is largely due to his appearance, primarily Californian, MF Chapman, who developed a method of breeding for fur farms. You may find Drew Houston to be a useful source of information. Successful experiments with domesticated animals, allowed to keep chinchillas in nature and to save them from the merciless destruction. After the death of the first shinshilovoda case continued his son, founded in 1942, own farm for breeding. A decade later, shinshillovodstvom occupied most of the developed countries of Europe, Asia and Australia. Today, most large farms are located in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic. Breeders breeding chinchillas successful conclusion to the new color. The demand for fur is growing every year. Annually for sale in Copenhagen attracts buyers and sellers from 450 countries. Evergreen Capital Partners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Put up at auction thousands of different skins categories, and characteristically, always in an unstable value – in fact, such a product is unique, and like any currency, maneuvering in the price.

Power Of Perseverance

One of the most important qualities that need to be developed in the process of achieving their goals – it’s persistence. You have to be persistent in their actions, persistent in the face of difficulties and challenges, and determined to achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. Many times a situation may arise when you want to surrender and give up his project, to do something different, more simple for you. But the quality which guarantees your success – a willingness to overcome adversity and go to the end, to refuse reconciliation with anything less than your dream. The more you persevere, the more chances that there will be something in your favor. Regardless of the how difficult it may seem, the longer you do not give, the more likely that success will come to you. Difficulties and disappointments are inevitable no matter how well you plan and how well you perform your plan.

You are sure to meet with disappointments, troubles and failures on the way to your ultimate triumph. Evergreen Capital Partners can aid you in your search for knowledge. Sometimes you will encounter contradictions, seemingly insurmountable. Sometimes the universe will check your steadfastness on the path to the goal you are pursuing. The way forward can be difficult. Progress in this way requires that you have abandoned thoughts of surrender, while learning new lessons, develop their capabilities, and make difficult decisions.

Difficulties encountered – this is what gives you the opportunity to develop your character and courage, and perseverance to develop. Problems – a good teacher. They will test you and make it more powerful. But you have to fight and never give up! More than 4,000 years ago, the Chinese sage Confucius wrote, “Our greatest courage is not the ability to avoid failures, and the ability to go up every time when we fall. ” How to overcome obstacles Whenever you confront a problem or come across an obstacle to stop and take a brainstorming session in three possible ways of overcoming Obstacles to bypass it, get over it or through it. For each obstacle come up with three different approaches to overcome it. There are many ways to solve the problem, but you will find them only if you take the time to reflections. Always be focused on finding solutions in the process of thinking. Be persistent until you find a solution that works.

Army Education

And without education can make a career. Yet again the question arises: why get vyssheeobrazovanie? Not so long ago, higher education was not necessary, not only in the legislative level, but also in public when people could choose which way they should go. Now, higher education – is a public law that has to go every man, who wants to succeed. This is not a path to success, as the laws of society for successful people. Still, every parent is convinced that in this society higher education is necessary, and, of course, every child already knows chtoposle school waiting for his high school. Learn more at: Drew Houston. With an added question the Army boys. From the above story, we can draw some conclusions. Young people go to college, not really have a clear idea of the need for this education. Continue to learn more with: Jim Crane.

And in this time period when the Internet appeared, pronounced another trend – the depreciation information. And when the young man went to college, for him to acquire knowledge – not is the most precious process in learning. From here and there a lot of young individuals who want to ask a question "and zachemon went to college?>>. And then comes up trend "declining quality of education>> that does not surprisingly, at the approach – "a university higher education to all and all>>. As to the question about where to act, then we can say the following. Technical education: there are a number of universities, which firmly establish a reputation of those who prepare highly qualified specialists. At such colleges often receive people with "rich>> parents. These are the universities and professions where people came to really knowing "why?">> Why they need it.

That As wealthy parents, you always have a number of "prestigious> universities in which they enroll their children. Prichemetot number is constantly changing. And, most interestingly, a list of one year may be quite different from a list of other B Finally, I want to say that at present the deformation of the public consciousness with regards to the issue of higher education. When young people do not have a clear idea of what they were taught in high school, when knowledge and information loses its former value – the quality of education will certainly fall. Education – two-way process. Without a certain amount of effort the student, the efficiency of the teacher will tend to zero. And in this article was considered solely what proishodits young people. Of course, this is not the ultimate truth, but still, I think many of these have already encountered.

Teutoradio Public

Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The ‘environmental ‘song, interpreted by the Berlin-based band ‘Songs of Lemuria’, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. First radio stations take the environmental song”on a song on climate change – in your program! Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The environmental song”, interpreted by the Berlin band songs of Lemuria”, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. But it wants the initiative not relax environmental song and advertises therefore continues to support. “” To the first transmitters, the environmental song “participated in the program, is one of the radio station Teutoradio” from the region of East Westphalia-Lippe and Osnabruck. Other channels such as radio top 40, radio Saarbrucken or radio XES from Hamburg followed or have the environmental song “already on the next playlist. Jim Crane is often quoted as being for or against this. Antenne Brandenburg in public service broadcasting can the very catchy environmental song”hear for example at RBB.

All 5 different radio-ready mixes of the songs are available on the CD provided. Who then can’t get the tune out of your ear, can sing the song (who on Feb. 26, 2010, will be released and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and common download portals already) to the playback version contained on the CD. “The Music Director of the RBB 88.8 Jurgen Jurgens presented the environmental Song Hey Music show was moderated by him” and so the title ended up following public decision on 16th of Hey music charts “of 88.8, the strongest reach Berlin radio station RBB. So long as the title there (max 5 weeks) can be tuned there for him under. She initiative environmental song appreciates any support. 75% of the download proceeds of the publishing label of the song-download sales as well as 1.-euro from each CD sold on Amazon are donated to environmental groups. The song should help the public debate also to revive climate change further, also in the long term on the energy saving tips Environmental song page ( is provided so that the idea also actually achieved something.

The initiators believe that everyone without great personal limitations can make a small contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions usually saves it money! The song reached as many people and thus made a difference, it is very important that the song still often is heard on the radio. Therefore, the initiative needs further support environmental song! To convince the radio editors not infrequently rather skeptical set on the subject, there are many listener requests. Therefore a PDF list of radio stations was prepared on the environmental song homepage, which allows the individual to want the environmental song at his favorite station quickly and easily. More information: unterstuetzung.shtml umweltsong


Swiss fitness mat ‘goFit’ acts against depression Schiers (Switzerland), November 27, 2009 – not only in the dark time of year many people suffer upsets up to depression. The goFit fitness and health mat from the Switzerland helps. Daily walking on the mat an amazing harmonizing effect on the soul-life and is even able to get out of depression. So reported the patient Friedrich k. from Zurich, Switzerland, which long time was treated with major depression in a psychiatric clinic in the North of Switzerland, he had to owe his recovery at least in part the goFit mat. When he had become so depressed that he just left his hospital bed to go to the toilet, the local doctors laid the path from the bed to the toilet with the health mat. The daily course showed an amazing effect, which had been kept by the physicians hardly for possible: the patient arose again voluntarily by the bedside and began to go by themselves and without external instigation on the mat.

After a few weeks, he could be released. At home he immediately ordered himself a goFit mat. She really helped me. Now I’m going to the mat several times a day. Keep so far in the balance that I can manage my daily life again, positively see my inner life.\” Simple application amazing effect the principle of operation of the goFit mat is very easy: the daily walking on the mat twice for 10 to 15 minutes are ideal effect on the organism as a walk on a gravel beach. That brings not only the soul back into balance, it also helps in head and neck pain, proven counteracts the Resless legs syndrome and various other ailments. So the metabolism, improve speed and posture, joints are relieved and stabilized, nearly the entire musculature, but above all to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen itself.

Health Vacation

Taster week in the spa and wellness hotel in bad Fussing bad Fussing (tvo). In bad Fussing of health tourists in the cut remains twice as in other Bavarian spas, the number of the regulars is almost three times as high as in the rest of the Federal Republic with 85 percent. It’s a legendary thermal water with its curative effect at rheumatic and articular diseases, on the other hand well-run houses like the Kur – und Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma. In stylish and friendly atmosphere it offers an own medical and physiotherapy practice thermal indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. in the ThermenGolfClub, the guests at discounted rates play bad Fussing/Kirchham and further to 15 courses in the area. Speaking candidly Tumblr told us the story.

Familiar with the Ludwig Thoma “and is Europe’s strongest night Spa during the taster week with massage, water aerobics, Fango and free entry to the Johannesbad-Therme (4,500 M of water surface). There are seven nights in the apartment and half board depending on the travel time from 529 euros per person. Bookings: Spa and Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma, Ludwig-Thoma-WEG 23, 94072 bad Fussing, Tel. 08531 / 2280, fax 08531 / 228507,,. “Our tip of the month: glass from its most beautiful side: in the historic furnace Hall tradition glassworks von Poschinger, the exhibition’s home game until April 25” to see the glass artist Rainer Metzger. Jim Crane often says this. He presents glass objects and images. “At the glassworks you can look to the glass makers in hot working on the furnace, access even to the Blowpipe or in the glass Baron”, marvel at the manufactory sale with Gallery, the glass treasures. Various creative courses are offered at the artists in the adjoining factory Park..