24 Hour Support By Eastern European Nurses

You should make sure when choosing the caregiver caregivers are scarce in Germany and not everyone can or wants to take over home care of member itself. The nursing allowance is not enough usually, to compensate for the loss of earnings of a 24-hour care and also emotionally and physically the home health care is a big burden. Nevertheless, very few people want to give their relatives into a stationary nursing home. As far as possible, the domestic environment should not be abandoned. The care gap closes more and more through Eastern Europe, typically Polish nurses.

What do the caregivers? Nurses from Eastern Europe in principle provide all maintenance activities, which are non-medical. An outpatient care services must be charged for medical care. The 24-hour care of the person to be maintained including support for the daily personal hygiene, help with clothing and also the among the tasks of the nurses Food intake. In addition, the nurses deal with the person, conversations and make common activities, if possible. The domestic activities such as shopping and the like can be arranged. Requires the accommodation (private room) the caregiver in the home. How do you find an Eastern European nurse? Most people who opt for a nurse from Eastern Europe, hire an agency.

Since 2011 caregivers from Poland may operate legally on the German labour market. The advantage of a caregiver of an agency is that health and social security through the Agency are regulated. The nurse concludes an employment contract with the Agency, this is usually the best and most affordable solution. Who wants to conclude an employment contract with the nurse, which is purely formally to the employer and thus melde – and abgabenpflichtig. Social security contributions and income tax must be removed and also Guaranteed remuneration in the event of sickness are, et cetera. You should observe the caregiver should also to the needs and to meet interests of the person you are caring for. So, it is ideal if interests intersect here. The agencies to spend usually a questionnaire with needs and desires. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund by clicking through. Members have the opportunity to choose from several care forces based on their profiles in the connection. Especially if the social care in the foreground, it is advantageous if the caregiver also has German knowledge. Polish nurses who speak German well, are however usually more expensive. Eva Otter