We need to create our children with more security and, for this, we need to join forces in the direction to attract the society to acquire knowledge it of that the violence can destroy families and provoke a great evil for all the population. But, she is necessary to define what it is violence and as manifest it if in the social seio. It is of if knowing that the violence has different aspects and in diverse circumstances. The lack of dialogues between parents and children, inside of house, for example, can provoke violncias that go to leave pra are and to reach those directly that is next; friends and relatives. In the school the violence is transfigurada can be occulted in each face, in each gesture, since most innocent to more the chemical preparation. Some they go to say that the school has commitment with everything this. She is clearly that the school must preserve for the physical and moral integrity of the pupils of the side of inside, but it does not have responsibility with the nature of each one. The school is a sociability environment where all have rights and mutual duties, monitored pedagogically, in order to promote the education as form to search the knowledge. She is necessary to value the life from the family so that the children and the adolescents are prepared for promotion of the peace, in order to in common bring comfort and security for the life. We need, also, to protect the school before it if really transforms into an empire of the violence.