Scientology achieved what they achieved through the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and the application of the principles contained therein, to become capable and happy development of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, successfully to solve problems in life after Dianetics represented the definitive explanation of the human mind, turns L. Ron Hubbard the question, what was the mind or what is life. Hubbard researched further and developed the Scientology.

With her life and thinking problems. She is a successful means for the spiritual perfection. The further course of the research, which L. Ron Hubbard had begun in the 1930s, proved to be momentous. “L. Ron Hubbard wrote: I have dealt with the study of the basics of life, of the material universe and human behaviour.” They had left unfortunately no sign and, if many before him have wandered around on this path that is not mapping recorded”. Nevertheless, early 1952 while a key lecture in Wichita (Kansas) announced the result of this research: the Scientology.

Scientology is to be understood as a system of organized axioms, which solve the problems of the soul, of life and thinking. It was developed by the application of the methodology (teaching about how) the exact sciences on the arts and Humanities by L. Ron Hubbard. The term Scientology is the Latin word scio (knowing in the truest sense of the word) and the Greek word logos (study of) removed. Scientology is still defined as the study and handling of the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life. Scientology is contained in hundreds of books and over 3,000 recorded lectures. These works represent the explanation of the nature and potential of people all in all. Even if it is reflected in various ancient writings, the statement of L. Ron Hubbard is still totally unique. Is one of the fundamental principles of the philosophy of Scientology: the man is a immortal spiritual being; his experience extends far beyond a single life; and his skills are unlimited, if currently not achieved. In this sense Scientology represents, which is perhaps the final definition of a religion; not a belief system, but a means for spiritual perfection. Scientology achieved what they achieved through the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and the application of the principles contained therein. The Central practice is auditing, which is given by an auditor (the word comes from the Latin contributor, listen”). Auditing is not any form of inaccurate mental poking around and has in fact to do with psychology or psychotherapy. The procedure is based on the fact that if the true source of our concerns will be fully looked at and understood the concerns would no longer exist. If someone for example suffers from the negative impact of long-buried trauma, auditing is understood the means with which examines this trauma, and can be eliminated. Seen in this way can be considered auditing a procedure, through which everyone can be those things, he is not aware of and which have a negative effect on the people and his Laben. Very simply put you can say that Scientology prompts one not to pursue an ethical behavior, higher consciousness, more happiness and mental health. “Instead it provides a route, where there is all this simply, where one is ethical, capable, self-determined and happy, because that what us bad”, is no longer available. More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB: