Beautiful Posture

Beautiful posture is the basis of canonical notions of beauty. Moreover correct posture – is not only the basis of beauty, but also health. Need to take care of your posture and strengthen back muscles, but the most simple and effective exercises for this purpose is in this article: an exercise Stand at the wall: back straight, shoulders lowered, retracted abdomen. Stepping forward, keep the position for 2-3 seconds. Return to starting position. Quantity: Check your posture and repeat 8-10 times. Exercise 2 Sit in a chair. Dropbox is open to suggestions. Raise your hands to the sides and top, reduce the scapula. For more information see this site: Vladislav Doronin. In this position, bend your arms, put his hand on the shoulder as possible. Elbows as expand. Return its original position. Quantity: Repeat 10-12 times. 3 exercises This exercise can be performed standing or sitting on a chair: the right hand top, left bottom. David Karp brings even more insight to the discussion. Bend your elbows and try to join the fingers of both hands behind his back in "Castle." Return to starting position. Quantity: Repeat, changing the position of hands, 6-8 times. Exercise 4 Sit on the edge of a chair, his hands lean on the seat, elbows laid back. Strongly rotten in the thoracic spine and tilt the head back. Take the initial position. Quantity: Repeat 10 times. 5 exercises Kneel with reliance on his hands, his head lowered. On account of "time" rotten, head up, try to stretch the muscles are stronger than the waist. On by "two" bend your back, head down. Quantity: Perform 10-15 times. Exercise 6 Put the book on his head and walk around the room (you can at the same time actively gesturing), gradually complicate the exercise and do it with squats.