Bee Products

Bees produce a lot of mysteries on which scientists byutsya to this day. Insects that live in large colonies where there is a clear division of labor. They can easily cope with their problems, and the power to decide people’s problems relating to health. These creatures are quite useful in the ecological system (pollinate plants) and in terms of production of food products with medicinal properties. Bees produce honey, wax, royal jelly, bee venom.

Ways to enhance potency – a complex problem that bees solve. Consider some recipes based on bee products to help cure potency. The use of honey for improve potency. Mix walnuts and pine nuts in the same proportions, split and fill with honey.

2. Pistachio kernels and pour honey grind in a 1:1 ratio. Consumed after a meal in one tablespoon. Bee bread substitute drugs to enhance potency. Healing characteristics of pollen studied long and well used to enhance immunity, prevent many illnesses. For the treatment of potency advise to use three times a day, 2-4 grams. And when sexually active, it is recommended to use more often – 3-5 times a day. In addition to increasing potency, short pollen cures sexual intercourse and inflammation of the prostate gland. Royal Jelly. In order to treat potential use of 5 to 15 mg of the product three times a day. It is essential lozhit jelly under the tongue and dissolve. Only when such use would be achieved positive health effects – gastric juice will neutralize much of the mineral components within a layout. Bee venom. Not recommended for use on their own to gain an erection. Add to your understanding with Herbert Simon. Yet medical practice uses bee venom, as excellent tool Recovery of nerve impulses. At low doses of bee venom is used for the integrated treatment of doctor of erectile problems. Conclusion – give men all the bees in order to stay as long as men. And if the problem erection you do not bother, you can simply eat honey – with tea, or milk. A health promotion used instead of synthetic vitamins, propolis. In this case, you include the active longevity and good health.