Best Friend Against

About 150,000 formation worry in Germany full-time to an old people within its own four walls, it’s again a similar scenario: widow/widower, living alone and no children. Long time alright still for the elderly. But suddenly a fear arises. The fear to overthrow. All of a sudden to lie on the floor, alone and no longer stand up to. This fear paralyzes. It goes so far that an elderly person hardly dares to stand up from the Chair, each doorstep, each rug is at once a risk of tripping.

The result of this fear is loneliness. Against this loneliness a caregiver can help in many cases. Body: Only very few older people who are still mentally fit, want to go volunteer in a nursing home. The increasing age makes it however impossible, still all alone at home to live. These are probably the main reasons why decided in Germany already 150,000 people from Eastern Europe for a full-time caregiver have. In most cases, it is probably not registered themselves or nurses. Often, courses are occupied by these women, shows how older people are to treat. The respectful dealing with older people is given but just in the Eastern European countries.

Because it not only would the situation that foreign nurses should care. In Poland the children or relatives would care”, says for example Anna, who also works as a nurse in Germany. What do the work of the caregiver the nurses from Eastern Europe for the older people who care for them? People who care are often simple. Help when you get up, wash and wear, which make the food, cleaning, boil go shopping and just society afford. Even at night is often woken on the baby monitor. Since it is the most important for many elderly people, still at home to be able to live, help is gladly accepted by 24-hour nurses.