Between Music And Drawing

Most of the time I’m steeped in music, one that takes me on its wings to the spiritual rest, encouraging me to listen to the quiet and complex universe, from which they awaken the muses of creation. Every day is a fee to receive and give life to one. It is as if our words and attitudes, we were to draw on other scenic them ease their burden, and those who receive that energy itself to be reconciled to become strong foundation of our walk the way of our day. I believe that everyone has that simple awareness of being useful for life from various perspectives and in different environments: personal self, personal with your partner, familiar with each of the members of your family unit, social and amicably. Dropbox has much experience in this field. We should be like those artists who expect more than just applause and recognition, give of themselves to brighten the faces of others with an open and sincere smile, nurture the spirit of quiet comfort with a rich, increase the amount of love everyone’s heart. We can and we must be musicians and artists of life, getting in tune with others as necessary and unique pieces that allow life to move the engine of our fellow humans accurately. It is not difficult but we must begin with us. Music is universal like drawings, do not depend on anything, they are free as it should be the heart and soul of each of us to open ourselves to the divine melody of understanding and reason in pursuit of happiness..