Black Yellow Disorientation For Germany

The first intermediate for the Federal Government falls disastrously from round 100 days is the new Federal Government of CDU/CSU and FDP. The parties promised the yellow of the egg of their voters and voters, but so far only bare disillusionment prevails. Instead seize the political parties and associations of the State and the taxpayers. Piece by piece they gnaw on the welfare of the population. A protest by Lars-Henrik WACKER we are the people and the State at the same time. Politicians should lead him to us through the crisis. But after the first 100 days, the Government parties have laid down a perfect false start. The avoidable desire coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP has lost confidence among the voters.

Touch we briefly together, what did the Federal Government until now: after nearly three weeks the first crisis meeting was held. The first cabinet reshuffle took place after four weeks. “Also be > FDP and CSU after 100 days as Movenpick parties” decried. 5,590 still the continuous quarrels in the topics health policy, Energy policy, Afghanistan and refugee Foundation, around the person Erika Steinbach (CDU). A great intermediate for the Federal Government. FDP and CSU have carried the lower value added tax on hotel stays over all objections. That they received huge donations from a hotelier, they didn’t tell the public.

Both parties deny any connection, insisting on the legality. This may be legal, it is not correct. It is just plain rude. The Federal Government wasted our money by gifts to their voters and donors clientele. Not to mention that the governing parties have promised tax simplification and reduction of subsidies, but do the opposite. That does not seem to take care of them. Take another example: Hesse Minister-President Roland Koch dismissed the editor in Chief of the station with his CDU followers in the ZDF Board of Directors. It may be legal, it is not true. It is just plain rude. So Parties influence in public broadcasting. You fill media, the to provide for a free discussion in the democracy. Thus, trust not creating the Government. Quite the contrary. You at risk so that democracy and our Federal Republic. Just before elections, as of May 9, 2010, in North Rhine-Westphalia, they get it with the fear to do. They know that voters and voters go on them and that they need to respond. Then data from the Switzerland be purchased too quickly, to get tax evaders to the bottom. So, the Government believes that it can win back the hearts of voters. Actually we need access to your own nose. Our involvement in politics leaves to desires, expectations are too selfish and there is a general lack of interest in politics. The lobbyists mercilessly exploit the opportunity and get this more influence and power. You can see quite clearly, that our State under the wheels comes, if suitable government parties and associations the State creeping. The general welfare of the population is completely beside the point here. We must not forget: the Government is of the people, but the people that do too little. And what do our parties? You can help yourself to our common State: piece by piece.