By That The Poor Will Make More Poor Rich And More Rich

Things that the poor and the rich do to maintain their status the problem of the classification of the classes social Las people who are considered poor classes, all the time live it proclaiming, with claims as I am poor, I have no money, the Government I have to give everything, the rich steal from the poor, social injustice, etc living with a self-awareness of that illusion that by law of attractionthey are decreeing and creating his own world. This becomes a constant cycle. We must give to the poor, education for the poor, this and that for the poor, the poor need you to help us see, if we classify people with those qualifiers, we are giving them this way, and worse still, if a person accepts this classification, it means that you agree with the idea, and by the power of acceptance it is attracting more and more of that quality to his own world. Another problem I’ve seen is the hatred between classes, for a long time, certain ideologies both economic and political, have planted this kind of hatred between classes, especially with the old speech the rich steal from the poor. To be rich, have to be dishonest and so see how that gap between these two States is being created.

In modern society, we see many cases where people of humble backgrounds, have managed to build great wealth. It is here when one wondered whether social inequality is the fault of the system or is individual responsibility. A person who accepts this condition is creating its own bars, trapping himself indefinitely. First step is changing the thinking as well, if a person lives by claiming and decreeing that it is poor, therefore cannot wait say something different. You cannot receive education, opportunities, but their State of consciousness always have it tied to that condition.