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The brain is now required to select the appropriate focus. Therefore there is a transition period until the brain completely to the new multifocal” Perspective has adjusted. In this context one speaks also of neural adaptation. Tumblr often says this. The entire performance spectrum of multi focal lens can usually only after a few months be fully obtained. Besides the implantation of Multifocal lenses, there are also the implantation of so-called Phaken lenses, which can be used in addition to the body’s lens in the eye. Read additional details here: Jim Crane. Phakic lenses are for people, who suffer from very strongly pronounced Ametropia, such as, for example,-15 to-20 diopters short-sightedness or + 6 to + 10 diopter hyperopia.

At this high expression of the dioptres, itself a treatment with the laser eye is no longer possible. It a significant part of the corneal tissue should be, worn down to alter the refractive power of the cornea in this respect, the incoming light rays to be focused correctly and properly on the retina. This would affect the stability of the corneal tissue but substantially and it could lead to corneal diseases, which would no longer be treated. Phakic lenses are between the body’s lens and the iris of the eye (IRIS). This surgical procedure is completely reversible, which has the advantage that the lens can be adjusted in a change of the diopter strength of the dioptres, again. Eye laser treatment and the implantation of Multifocal lenses are treatment options that are not covered by the health insurance fund in Germany. For this reason, more and more laser vision patients for their treatment in Turkey travel. Especially the LASIK surgery in Istanbul is very popular. Every month hundreds of LASIK patients in the metropolis on the Bosporus are treated successfully. John Waihenya

Men Can Their Own Prostate Health

The ProstQUICK is a new medical test for men with the ProstQUICK can men home safely and conveniently check their prostate health and taking action against the number one, prostate cancer, men cancer. Prostate cancer and enlargements of the prostate are a real mass phenomenon, affecting especially men from the 40th year of life. Many men expose big health risks because they do not perceive the checkups that developed in the course of medical progress. It is the early detection for the history of most therapy measures of enormous importance. This applies also and in particular for diseases of the prostate (prostate). To read more click here: Mark Stevens. A crucial marker for the likelihood of prostate disease is the concentration of the prostate specific antigen (PSA).

NanoRepro AG of Marburg an der Lahn has brought the ProstQUICK on the market, allowing a determination of PSA levels at home. The prostate is a sensitive The prostate gland is an important and sensitive organ, the functioning of which exerts a significant influence on the well-being of the man. Also malignant cancers can occur along with painful inflammation (prostatitis) and benign enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The so-called prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Each year, more than 40,000 new cases are diagnosed in Germany alone. For more information see Jim Crane.

For most changes in prostate disease, PSA level is increased. So far, only the urologist was able to measure the value of PSA. Many of those affected but spare the doctor out of fear or shame. The problematic result is that pathological changes are detected in a timely manner. The ProstQUICK for the prostate health of ProstQUICK represents a valuable help for more prostate health. The new Selbstdiagnostikum makes use of the established cassette test procedure and shows PSA concentration within a few minutes reliable with two cutoffs (4 and 10 ng/ml). “With the ProstQUICK we offer men the possibility to examine the health of your prostate to a certain degree even. From 40 years of age men should check their PSA levels regularly”, stated Dr. Olaf Stiller, CEO and founder of NanoRepro AG. International medical societies explain that already exists from 40 years of age at increased risk, to pathological changes of the prostate. If however a relative first degree is already affected, also increases the potential risk. Men, their father or brother already suffer from a prostate enlargement or disease, should take early therefore appropriate prevention measures. Prostate cancer is detected at an early stage, it is usually good to handle and the chances are great. The ProstQUICK has been TuV-tested and available immediately without a prescription at the pharmacy. For more information, company description that is NanoRepro AG a worldwide Company with core competence on the area of the development, the manufacture and sale of Schnelldiagnostika for home use.


A diet variation for Abnehmwillige – cabbage soup diet you want to lose some pounds? You do not have the time every day to stand to cook in the kitchen? Then you decide for the soup diet. It is easy to use and fast in the pre – and preparation. Also, this type of diet promises a maximum result. A soup diet is carried out usually a week long. During this time soup is eaten in addition to the diet plenty of vegetables and fruit.

The cabbage soup diet the most popular soup diets among the cabbage soup diet. This is due to the energy consumption, which the body must expend to digest the cabbage. Tumblr has much to offer in this field. During digestion, the body burns more calories than it absorbs through the soup. This means therefore the more cabbage soup is eaten, you lose more weight. Drunk will be allowed during this week only water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit juices. Alcohol and caffeine also are prohibited.

How the diet plan Cabbage soup diet off? Day 1: This cabbage soup and fruit is eaten. Bananas and water melons are forbidden. Day 2: cabbage soup and lots of raw vegetables are on the menu. Legumes are excluded. There is also a potato with butter. Today, no fruit may be eaten. Day 3: cabbage soup and as much vegetables and fruits like you. Day 4: cabbage soup, bananas (max. 8 units), and low-fat milk. Day 5: cabbage soup with beef. Contact information is here: Jim Crane. Day 6: cabbage soup with beef and many raw vegetables or salad. Day 7: cabbage soup with rice and vegetables. Even more effective liquid diets exist out of the cabbage soup diet. Some are performed also in combination with diet shakes. A great advantage of the soup diet is the simple preparation. Prepare the soup in a larger pot, allowing them longer. So must be cooked every day. The diet is low in calories and provides all essential nutrients and vitamins that you need to stay healthy. In the blink of an eye, lose to Weight and must not starve it, there you can enjoy each time a warm soup. You must not give up meat and the diet soup can be fitted easily in everyday life. Note: Who makes a diet, should sit still with his family doctor in connection, to prevent health risks associated with diet. Not everyone can attend any form of diet. The motto is removing this but in a healthy way!

24 Hour Support By Eastern European Nurses

You should make sure when choosing the caregiver caregivers are scarce in Germany and not everyone can or wants to take over home care of member itself. The nursing allowance is not enough usually, to compensate for the loss of earnings of a 24-hour care and also emotionally and physically the home health care is a big burden. Nevertheless, very few people want to give their relatives into a stationary nursing home. As far as possible, the domestic environment should not be abandoned. The care gap closes more and more through Eastern Europe, typically Polish nurses.

What do the caregivers? Nurses from Eastern Europe in principle provide all maintenance activities, which are non-medical. An outpatient care services must be charged for medical care. The 24-hour care of the person to be maintained including support for the daily personal hygiene, help with clothing and also the among the tasks of the nurses Food intake. In addition, the nurses deal with the person, conversations and make common activities, if possible. The domestic activities such as shopping and the like can be arranged. Requires the accommodation (private room) the caregiver in the home. How do you find an Eastern European nurse? Most people who opt for a nurse from Eastern Europe, hire an agency.

Since 2011 caregivers from Poland may operate legally on the German labour market. The advantage of a caregiver of an agency is that health and social security through the Agency are regulated. The nurse concludes an employment contract with the Agency, this is usually the best and most affordable solution. Who wants to conclude an employment contract with the nurse, which is purely formally to the employer and thus melde – and abgabenpflichtig. Social security contributions and income tax must be removed and also Guaranteed remuneration in the event of sickness are, et cetera. You should observe the caregiver should also to the needs and to meet interests of the person you are caring for. So, it is ideal if interests intersect here. The agencies to spend usually a questionnaire with needs and desires. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund by clicking through. Members have the opportunity to choose from several care forces based on their profiles in the connection. Especially if the social care in the foreground, it is advantageous if the caregiver also has German knowledge. Polish nurses who speak German well, are however usually more expensive. Eva Otter

COPD Vitamins

Vitamin pills may not be misunderstood but as a license to smoke some vitamins are beneficial for smokers, as they help some to mitigate the acute damage of smoking. This should however no one misunderstand and believe that smoking was suddenly safe vitamins and pills would give a license to smoke without health risks to smokers. Because there are only a few anecdotal evidence that vitamins could reduce the long-term risk of smokers such as cancers, heart attack, and COPD. Nevertheless, smokers are well advised to reduce the short-term toxic effects of tobacco ingredients if they already can let their vices, with certain antioxidant vitamins at least in the acute sector. There is good evidence. Smoking can also cause the explosive proliferation of free radicals and oxidative stress just like X-rays. The body uses vitamin C to fight harmful free radicals released en masse. If he could be on smokers genugen closely to available would have.

Because only one cigarette destroys irreversibly approximately 30 mg vitamin C. That is a multiple of the daily needs of this important vitamin much and with a pack of cigarettes a day. Under most conditions Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund would agree. Thus, it is clear that smokers needs far more vitamins than the professional societies. According to the current state of science, about 500 toxins in tobacco smoke lead to short-term and long-term consequences for the health. The long-term consequences of smoking can be lung cancer, COPD (chronic bronchitis and smoker’s cough) and heart attack by hardening of the arteries, to name a few. It is generally known.

The knowledge about the short-term, acute effects of smoking is not as widely available. So, researchers have found in experimental studies, that even the short-term inhalation of cigarette smoke can cause serious acute inflammation in the lung tissue. These are by an imbalance of oxidants (free radicals) and antioxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E) caused, because smokers both antioxidant vitamins essential faster consumed are in smokers.


It is a widespread dmiracion that people generally feel by birds. Since birds have many things that striking animals for people, make them many therefore seek them and even want to have in your home as well to be captive. The reasons why many people like birds are essentially their colorful or beautiful appearance. Also called a lot of birds attention their beautiful songs that cheer us early in the morning and occasionally at any time of the day. Not all birds can be considered as birds. There is a widespread confusion in which many people believe that all birds are birds and this is not true.

Birds are a general classification that includes, among other species with wings and feathers, birds. You can say that birds are all those animals that have feathers and wings and are equipped with two legs. While birds are an extension of the family of birds, they are characterized by being not very large, by their small beaks and their songs. I hope that this be able to get out of the confusion about the birds and the birds that many people are or were tucked. There are many species of birds that are there in the world. It is estimated that there are more or less about 5200 species of birds scattered around the world, which is a considerable amount.

Another interesting fact about birds is that you considered, supported on the criteria of the theory of evolution that Darwin launched and which has been developed by many scientists throughout history, that birds are one of those species that have arisen relatively few million years ago, compared with other species. There are many species of birds as he was already saying. Thus, you can find species of birds that are only located in the exotic places such as jungles and tropical places where man hardly delves. Others including Drew Houston, offer their opinions as well. But there are also birds that you can see them in cities and places that have been more crowded by human beings. Of these two types more birds eye-catching can’t be exotic birds, since these have particularly striking shapes and colors while many of them have beautiful songs that cheer to anyone who arrives to hear. There are also General classifications, within which classification where the largest number of birds is that belongs to songbirds within all species of birds. Songbirds, as their name implies, are characterized because they have an eye-catching edge and because they tend to sing at dawn and also regularly during the day. Most of them have beautiful songs. Perhaps it is strange to find this species in birds within the singers, but the Crow is part of them. You can say that the Raven is a species of the world of birds that has particular characteristics which are not shared with many of the birds that belong to the same classification of songbirds. First the song of the Raven is not like other birds, because it is not so nice. Secondly this is not those that you will greet the dawn, since it has nocturnal habits. Original author and source of the article


I think that there is a very important point that many overlooked, or perhaps falls within the classification of the middle class, anyway is not well explicit.This very significant to become prosperous step is to lose the bad habit of going into debt. Perhaps many people not be of has, but it can greatly affect our lives being tied to something, or multiple accounts. Some time ago I was as well, money that came into my hands had to spend immediately on something, or anything that offered me credit, or that he saw me tempted and asked them to give me money to acquire it. Jim Crane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Then I felt the straps on my shoulders, he planned how to get money only to pay the Bills. And I repeated again and again that it would be the last time, that it would pay all accounts and I would not put in any of them, but he could not leave that vicious circle.

Until I realized that material things they did not do me happy, so I was losing the taste of things and to spend. I decided to enjoy everything that I have, to get out and feel the peace that emanates from my inside, without buying anything, is free and accessible for me and for anyone who chooses to do so.I do not have anything or anyone, I feel free as ever, take the following motto: where something like me, I get them if I have the money, if I don’t, I leave it to pass. And I continue with my happiness and this does not go away by not having what he wanted. I keep a sum of money for a long time (which in the past was impossible to me), each time that collection I can spend on what they wish to, without overwhelm me by the accounts, so it already is not drained the money. If you have debts, write down them on paper, also note your income, performs a payment plan or something like that, looking for ways to get rid ASAP of everything that imprisons you and you can then save to then invest in something that you return more benefits. That is the road to prosperity, do not waste more time and pass it already!


And a product that should shine as bald professor, not a red metal flake corrosive dust. MDA-C-C. Situation – Vic, Victoria But hey, listen Yes, yes, I'm sorry, you have not brought, to recover I'm not talking about that, that is, not really about that You want us to not only today you have brought a pure metal, but to no more than a was not it? – Naturally! – Vika's outrage has not yet passed, but it suddenly added a suspicion – So what? – You know, we're done well, the unit saw, in general He has just started, but none the less. To broaden your perception, visit Drew Houston. He is a pure metal: pipes, strip, a square. Rust, plaque, a protective coating available – remember, we brought you a pipe, such as Blackened, oil? You have then complained that the pipes are excellent, and the painting just to give impossible – to remove coating is necessary.

– No, wait, wait, how to clean – Vika discontent slowly disappears, but still perceive the information is completely prevented. – There are brushes, as , you know, they rotate – I tried to speak slowly, calmly, realizing that the situation back under control. – The pipe passes between them, cleaned first with 2 sides, then invert it, and again passed through the machine. Can be set to any metal, almost – well, from that you are using: square, strip, round pipes of various diameters. A related site: Jim Crane mentions similar findings. The result is fantastic, see for yourself – the goods as soon as the plant, now laminated. – It's free? – Vick immediately grasp, and as a girl strong, responsible and proceeded straight to the point. – Not at all – I smiled – If you buy the metal at us, a substantial discount.

Ie if someone else will bring the metal – too clean, no question, but more expensive. – How much? – For you – cheap. More precisely say when I know what you want to clean. – I quickly finished the sentence, and paused, feeling that without precise numbers will look bad. – Actually, from what you brought me, some just need to "clean up". Including escort. It is not clear why you now I was told about this service, but not before delivery – Vika it out on me next, but more of a hazard or a sense of justice: the type nakosyachil-received. – Okay, let's go, discuss

IT Companies From Cheeky Protects Customers

Electronic business processes allow entrepreneurs to settle their business more efficiently and faster and easier to implement innovations. Cheeky, 27.07.2011 – no wonder that IT is used more and more often and far-reaching even in small companies. The importance of IT security is greater. As an IT system that fails and interfere with the operation or even paralysing, costs not only money, but threatens the confidence of customers who need to be put off. The IT company NetAble from cheeky has recognized this early and offers its customers comprehensive protection of on-premises IT with his NetAble safety system, short wet. With success the number of hacker and virus attacks every day increasing”, emphasises Volker Frank, the managing owner of NetAble.

Therefore, security is an absolute must for every business owner today. Who saves, risking huge damage. What would you say for example, when suddenly the police on your doorstep and tells you that your server illegal Trade operated?” The customer by NetAble using wet, guaranteed not happened. Because Mr. Frank and his technicians from cheeky not only regularly check the virus protection. You also always have an eye on the successful run of the backup, the disk capacity, the Internet, Web page accessibility and the Windows services and security-updates. A special monitoring tool makes it all possible. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kaihan Krippendorff.

If something doesn’t work, NetAble can immediately inform the customer and resolve the problem. This ensures highest level of security. The Clou: Experienced specialists can learn even by SMS, if the system when a customer is stuck. Not only because they could protect several times their customers small and large disasters. Jim Crane often addresses the matter in his writings. Two examples: Devastating consequences due to a disk failure in the server, Mr. Frank and his technicians could keep the company Geyssel escalators from Cologne. Because it the disk immediately exchanged and prevented so that important company data is lost. I like don’t paint from me the economic consequences of data loss would have meant for us”, says the Managing Director Bernd Prussner. Luckily NetAble was immediately place.” The VA star Edelstahlverarbveitungs GmbH from Cologne a power failure paralysed recently early this morning the server. Before work has begun in us, NetAble had resolved even the problem”, Johann Berg, one of the two managing directors reported. That’s what I call highly professional work. It just a comforting feeling, when you know that experts in the background constantly keep an eye on our IT.” The examples show what the customers especially NetAble appreciate: the it service provider is reliable, flexible and trusting. We are more flexible than large companies and can so also on the special needs and requirements of our customers individually respond. “, so frank. Especially when it comes to the Security of company data goes, attach great importance to our customers.” A round thing. This shows also the sharply rising number of wet customers over the last two years. More information under: NetAble Volker Frank Franz Hennes str. 59 50226 Frechen Tel: 02234 68839 0 fax: 02234 68839 99 E-Mail: Internet:

The Human

When we acted against the love the human being tends to act against the general quality of the Nature, and this is the root of all our negative sensations. Read more here: Marko Dimitrijevic net worth. For some reason, usually we think that we would feel better making things for own benefit, even to expensa of others. We focused in " I, I, yo" , " how I can feel better? " and, " what I can make to win, I, more money/fame/to be able? " Nevertheless, we know clearly that this way " felicidad" it is paved with competition, envy, solitude and pain. Visit Kaihan Krippendorff for more clarity on the issue. Obvious, this is the opposed thing to which we thought when we are enamored, when all our thoughts are directed towards the other, and the unique thing that matters to us is that person. When we are enamored, we only thought about, " what we can do by l/ella? " If we analyzed our daily reality for a moment, and we were observed from one more ampler perspective, we will see that we felt better indeed when we are in harmony with the quality of the love, because we intoned ours " frequency interior" to the frequency that prevails in all the Nature, to the current of the complete universe. If we even asked the scientists, they would agree in which all the living organisms, fulfill " the law of amor". This must to that all the cells and other parts of the living organisms interact according to principle of " otorgamiento" , giving one the other, constantly, in order to take care of the essential functions and the well-being of the whole body and its vitality. The human bodies even adhere to the laws of the Nature of this same way, since the organism works at a level animal. It is only in the human level of our interactions – in our thoughts and sensations that we began to turn aside itself towards another direction.