Stop. or the right to say Wake up melee fight stopy.V affected stamping kick or knee in the care of niz.Srednee a force on this area leads to a strong pain-oschuscheniyam.silnoe a fracture of the foot. Shin. Engage in self-defense in front shin should be part of it, in the very places where the bone is not covered myshtsami.Slabye strikes cause bruises, abrasions, cut. The average exposure causes painful , Incapacitating the opponent for 2-3 seconds (by the standards of the real battlefield is a very long time).. Strong (especially if you bounce a little before impact) leads to fracture of bones with open bleeding and rupture myshts.Porazhaetsya soccer kick. Knee. -The most painful place on nogah.Etot joint by nature very slabyy.Dazhe neochen strong impact in self-defense leads to serious (fracture, dislocation, displacement of the joint with a gap ligaments)..

A heavy blow on the knee in any way make the enemy with any invalidom.Koleno affected by any of his kick. In general, legs easier to hit than, say, a head, people are used to protect t.k.golovu from childhood into fights shkoloy.Nepodgotovlenny for man can not adequately respond to the attack on the legs, remove the leg from the attack line or put a block. Gregory Williamson insists that this is the case. Groin.: Every man knows that the weakest attack in this area leads to strong pain and oschuschscheniyam displays the enemy out of action for quite some time. Medium-strength shock leads to a semiconscious state, painful blow shoku.Silny cause internal bleeding, and in some cases, death (if you do not have timely medical care.) amazed elbows or legs below his hand forward (if the enemy is worth to you face.) A man from childhood protects his groin, so that such attacks take place after a distraction opponent (eg a blow to the eye). The lower ribs. These are three pairs of non-united with a backbone rebra.Slabye attacks directed from bottom to top or side, knocked the breath, are not allowed to fight the enemy effectively.

Pets In The Home

In many homes of our fellow citizens in our days have become full members of a family of tame pets. Dogs and cats are in fact more and more "humane" and humanized. They – our full-fledged family members, our Kids who always will need our support and supervision. And, as usual, for precious family members in any way you want to select only the most optimal. Every pet is depending on the their own masters in full, and his health, as well as the internal state are directly depending on the factors that really whether we can find for them the optimal solution. In a question-answer forum Gregory Williamson was the first to reply. Most importantly, what is required pay special attention – it's safe to feed to cats. If in relation to their own diets, we just see that it is best to bring order to strengthen the immune system, grow your own hair and nails are more full. The same goes for our pets.

And since we often do not deploy the natural types of food, which set a hassle to find the optimum ratio of useful, and necessary medical items vitamins, and the finished feed into which previously included all required for full health of our favorite ingredients in such a case, this selection should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Buying a ready-made food from Happy Dog, Meow Mix, Hills, you can be absolutely sure not only that the data feed will certainly prove to taste homemade animal on internal nutrient characteristics, and to the same and in such that their recipe will provide ability to maintain normal health of the body of your pet, who can always make you happier positive mood, shiny hair and healthy tooth. And, of course, excellent digestion. And by the way for the different breeds of dogs and cats just the digestive system becomes weak point, and the types of food must be provided and prepared for such of our animals, whose digestive system is need to be thin unattended. Moreover, the types of food Happy Dog Hills and different and a large selection of different flavors that will surely please including the most fastidious animals and their owners. Since there is nothing pleasant, as noted, as your creature fully satisfied.

Choosing high-quality types of feed, is then only to find the point where acceptable to find original products of specific companies. Most often it is – online stores. Just where you can find everything required for your animals – and simple, and medicinal feed, and fillers for the cats, and trace elements and numerous other. And while you are positively surprised by fees that are spared the cost of parallel economic maintenance shops, the salary of employees and the like. Turning to the online store, you are including can not help thinking about how to carry favorite types of food and toiletries fillers: delivery including the ability to engage employees shop. Choose for yourself personally and your own pets only the best!


In our fight for the existence we look for to make optimum that we can stops leaving in them well and being happy. However, many times in we find them wounded and hurt. The causes can be several, and even though related with us exactly, but normally other people are involved. To live is to relate. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kaihan Krippendorff . No matter how hard let us be solitary, we do not live total alone. In all our relationships, are professional, familiar, loving, spirituals or of friendships – we are not unharmed, we do not leave without scratches or wounds. To cure these wounds, we think that the time is optimum remedy.

A popular thought exists of that the time cure any thing. Following this thought, certain person wrote a council member: ' ' The time passes, waits that pain softens. I thought that the time cured. When? This is the question. For how much time? For how much time I must wait that this knot if dissolves in my throat? How much time until it leaves to feel me as an empty body walking at random? Until the agony of all this tragedy disappears? Even what I forget how much love and feel lack of this person, he also hates and it? I feel, as it was lived in the eternity, as if this suffering does not go to never pass. Please, time cures, me! ' '.

How terrible deceit! The time not cure! For the opposite, it can inflame still more the wound and bring more bitterness. The cure takes time, yes is truth, but the time, by itself, not cure nobody. What to make then? The wounds need to be opened in the presence of God with confidence and sincerity. They need to be amolecidas with the oil of the love of God spilled in our hearts for the Espirito Santo, and espremidas for the truth, with confession and repentance (Is 1:6). When we only deliver in them to the cares of the medical the holy ghost is that we can try cure and release. There yes, and only thus, the time will be counted our favor. H.D.Valim F.


Married it has thirty years with the first boyfriend, two adult children already and independent, Samara, lived an agonizing marriage has some time, and that it only came to die definitively about one year. The problems, the sadnesses were many, frustrations and hurts, what an emotional disequilibrium caused it very great, allowing that it enxergasse a solution, neither did not have courage to take the attitude certain, that is, the definitive separation of its husband. The hope died and its body felt, and died all more fast the times that Samara, looked in the mirror and saw the scar that earned, when it and the husband, had exceeded the limits of the tolerance, patience and respect, leaving for the physical aggression. This cost it twelve points in the shoulder and left clear the certainty of the end. Led for the children to the hospital, who nor imagined what really she had happened, Samara had two concerns, not to leave that the children knew and polices not to involve it. It insisted with the nurses and I medicate with it that it took care of to it, that had slid and wounded the shoulder in the door handle of the door, repeating the same estria for a policeman who if found in the hospital. Gain insight and clarity with Gregory Williamson.

He entered in panic alone to think about the possibility of its children, its family and friends, were knowing that it had fond of it finishes step of the humilhao and the failure. It, the husband, who nor to the hospital was, he disappeared per one week, and when he came back, if he carried as if nothing he had happened. During this week, Samara she was completely disoriented until it perceived that it did not have another choice not to be to try of new, to reconstruct its marriage, a time that would not have as if to keep alone, did not have profession and nor more age to start a professional life and to depend on pension of the husband would be humilhante excessively.

Christian Zacharnik

Sprint values slightly restrain driving pleasure 12.8 s to 100. Also consumption-technical of the four-cylinder Otto knows not so pretty too convince. Without hesitation David Karp explained all about the problem. Entry-level gasoline wasn’t the first choice to do so must be said however that animates the 1.8 l petrol engine we tested with 116 Horsepower not just to the search drive. Uses the maximum torque of 165 nm from 4000 rpm and the way there needs to be something tough. In other words: 12.8 seconds of Sprint to 100. There is, but once is called BBs vigorously stir in the 6-speed transmission. Here, Gregory Williamson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. That that’s crisp and exact place, is conciliatory.

As well as the fact that the Japan van, so he once pleasant niedertourig on cruising speed, and the whether is to move quietly. The slight performance shortcoming of the entry against urban doesn’t matter. There wiggled to the 1,8er as a good everyday companion, even if somewhat too high is the usage with just over 9 litres. In addition to the optics, the ladies and gentlemen from Hiroshima of improving the driving qualities in the new Mazda5 have dedicated. The chassis works konzilianter than that of the predecessor. The interior noise were relevant minimized. Conclusion meets the new Mazda5 with flying colors on a seven-seater compact van.

The variability of the Interior is exemplary and is unparalleled in this segment. To get an impeccable processing, the optically enhanced exterior and a surprise for a car of this quality directly starting price 22.990 euros. The household budget however is the one or the other euros, it is advisable to invest them in a Motorenupgrade. Already the 116 PS strong entry diesel ensures round 2000 more with its onset from 1750 RPM 270 Newton meters for reasonable performance at significantly reduced consumption. by Christian Zacharnik,

Who Writes Remains Scenes Of Lust – Literature Competition

“‘ Scenes of pleasure enjoy with all senses”. Who writes is scenes of lust literature competition also in this year the Schweitzerhaus publishing seeks authors who confront a challenge again. “This competition has dedicated to the theme of eroticism: scenes of pleasure enjoy with all senses”. Angelina Jolie will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Schweitzerhaus Publisher and Hendrik Blome, as publisher of the book, invite all writers, to send their reflections, experiences and experiences, their memories, desires, emotions, moods or dreams to this topic in the form of text and us. We are curious about your encounters with others and perhaps also with himself. The fifty best texts are published. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yale Jackson Institute. The 10 best stories will be awarded. For more information on the Web page of the Schweitzerhaus publishing house under the menu item: competition deadline for the work is the 31 March 2011 Karin Schweitzer and Hendrik bale Schweitzerhaus Publisher Karin Schweitzer e. k. Many writers such as Gregory Williamson offer more in-depth analysis. font * word * sound gorse way 18 * 40699 Erkrath T. 02129 31152 *

Shamanic Vision Quest With Master Shaman Joven Murayari

Healing ceremonies in Germany and Peru the well-known Peruvian master shaman Joven Murayari performs several healing rituals, as well as an intensive workshop at Koblenz and Stuttgart in March and April. These shamanic ceremonies help individuals to clean up on physical, emotional and energetic level and thus to allow a recovery. The master shaman shaman Joven Murayari Joven Murayari continues even the traditions of his family for 17 years, which consists of several generations. His knowledge covers the spectrum of medicinal plants of the Amazon and the powers of the four elements (fire, water, wind and Earth). It’s believed that Angelina Jolie sees a great future in this idea. With much love, devotion and inner balance, he leads his healing ceremonies and knows how to give each individual confidence in the own self-healing powers.

The healing ceremony for this special ceremony is performed with the master and mother plant Ayaruna; It helps the reconnection with the universe and the nature of (the four elements and their power animals). The emotional, is the intention and the abandonment of this healing ritual to combine the mental and the physical body. Is guaranteed, is of course the reverse connection to nature and the universe. The energies in the body flow back optimally. Social projects Joven Murayari is committed to various aid projects in Peru, including the construction of a school for the children of Santa Ana II seminar dates: March 26-27.03.2011 Hotel King Rome, Koblenz 09.04 10.04.2011 gold Pearl, Munsingen Butte, big Lautertal Swabian Alb 04.06 05.06.2011 ECU hotel, Gummersbach 25.06 – 26.06.2011 La vida loca, Vohl Harbshausen 16.07. – 17.07.2011 place on request info at

Philosophical Anthropology

Nascer and the Direction of Living According to Berger 1986, the man is defined under different points of view having privileged a dimension of its existence, in accordance with the look of perceives who it. According to Sociology, the man is seen from its condition of social interaction An including definition of the human being, that it searchs to contemplate the totality of its to exist and its place in the order of cosmo is the task of the Philosophical Anthropology 1. Daniel Gilbert understood the implications. This if occupies of the problem of the man or to answer the question ' ' what he is the man? How the man knows as must act, as appeared? ' ' The philosophy of that we are speaking is the occidental person, that it appeared in Greece, in century V a. C. (Similarly see: Dropbox). with Plato and Aristotle. The philosophy Greek, differently of the others, is characterized for the logical-deductive reasoning.

According to K. Armstrong 1994, while in the east it is privileged experience, in ocidente, the Greeks was interested apaixonadamente for logic and the reason. For the Greeks, the truth consists of a logical demonstration. We can summarize the man understanding, in the philosophy occidental person, as a free being endowed with reason. Because the man is rational and free, Aristotle will say who ' ' all man desires conhecer' '.

Interpreting Aristotle, we could say in another way, that the free and rational man being, does not obtain to live without giving sensible or meaning to its actions and meaning it, it means its all to exist. Meaning its to exist, the man if discovers as to be opened to an exterior reality it, to a reality transcendente. In this opening, the man makes the experience of the sacred one and evidences the espiritualidade as constituent dimension of its to exist.

Hypnosis Against Winter Depression

Modern Hypnotherapy can help to winter depression in the handle pessimistic thoughts, emptiness in the mind get Munich listlessness, January 14, 2011 -,: many people is this feeling mish-mash that overwhelmed them in the winter, well acquainted. Experts speak of the so-called winter depression. This form of depression occurs, if due to winter no longer enough daylight available and thus the body’s hormone production is affected. A lack of serotonin leads to depression and rarely even cravings. Including physical activity and daylight lamps have proven as effective countermeasures against winter depression. The latter give off a light, very similar to that of natural daylight from the color spectrum from. The supply is faked so the user by daylight, which can lead to a stabilization of hormone production. A step in the right direction, offering but not always a cure or relief.

For some people, daylight lamps, work for others, they cause no noticeable improvement. In some cases, the use of psychotherapy is indicated. A particularly powerful method is the so-called Hypnotherapy. The Hypnotherapy represents a hybrid of classic psychotherapy and interventions from hypnosis. By working a can – improvement with inner images and inner dialogues in many cases quickly during the winter blues. How exactly, explains Sidonie Carstensen therapist in Hypnovita Germany-wide provider of hypnosis sessions and training. Our hypnotherapeutisches concept of treatment of winter depression is on two pillars. Firstly, we work in the actual hypnosis session with strength-giving, based on suggestions.

To the other and that the more important part is actually in my eyes we teach our clients a very efficient manner of self hypnosis. With self hypnosis, each client has the opportunity to go by it may be significantly easier, even in a State of trance the emotional gravity in a lightness to turn.” A thorough, medical diagnosis precedes a hypnotherapeutic treatment of winter depression naturally. The green light to a psychotherapeutic treatment, doctor’s amazing progress already in just a few sessions. How each method works also the Hypnotherapy not for everyone, there are also various contraindications, an experienced Hypnotherapist will be careful on that. However, the Hypnotherapy enjoys a reputation as a designated brief therapy: This means that, in many cases, considerably fewer sessions are needed than in some other occupations of psychotherapy. Hypnotherapeutin Sidonie Carstensen continues: “in my experience well over 70% of all clients respond with the symptoms of winter depression significantly within the first five sessions the hypnotherapeutic treatment. However it is extremely important, a psychotherapeutic treatment in close consultation with the attending physician, neurologist or psychiatrist are held to Let. The right, pronounced seasonal affective disorder, called also seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a serious disease that requires the intake of medication in some cases. This disease ‘just away to hypnotize’ does not work and is also available from any reputable Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is not a hoax, but a serious, scientifically-based form of therapy. Complementary to a regular medical treatment the Hypnotherapy can have a powerful effect.” Who suffers from winter depression and cares for a hypnotherapeutic treatment, finds suitable Hypnotherapist through the directories of the various professional associations, such as for example the Milton Erickson society for Clinical Hypnosis or the German Association for hypnosis e.V., both headquartered in Munich. Sidonie Carstensen of Hypnovita also offers an appropriate treatment in the hypnosis Center Munich. Further information is available on the website of Hypnovita under, by email to or telephone 089-21 75 78 25 Munich, 14.1.2011 – Tanja Weigl, Hypnovita

Start Your Summer Sightseeing In England

June is one of the best months to go on vacation to England and the weather is pleasant, the days are longer and also held a lot of events do something different! Grab a map of England and begins the tour: First stop: Buckingham Palace, London in June, the English celebrate the birthday of the queen, but really your birthday is in April, but if you research a bit on the find that since the time of Edward VII of the festivities during the days of better weather in June. The celebration is a spectacular parade of troops at Buckingham Palace presided over by the Queen and telecast to the whole country. If you decide to visit London this month to find out if your trip coincides with this birthday so special. For athletes: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, London If you like sports give you the best excuse to visit England. Six weeks before the first Monday of August is the most famous tennis tournament in the world at Wimbledon, a small suburb south of London. Up is curious that this tournament is that the followers of the English team since 1936 are awaiting the victory of one of their athletes. If you get tickets for the event will be the luckiest person in England! They are famous for the lines of people spending the night to find some of the tickets offered for sale.

To start the music: Glastonbury Festival, Somerset England’s music tagged whole chapters of world history, where better than in the land of the Beatles can enjoy live music? The Glastonbury festival has been held for more than three decades, and its first edition the day after the death of Jimmy Hendrix. If you are spending your advantage to attend any of the numerous music festivals held in the country throughout the year, but especially in summer. Speeding Grand Prix Silverstone, Buckinghamshire in Buckinghamshire, a small town on the map of England, home to one of the most anticipated events for motor enthusiasts, the Grand Prix at Silverstone. Do not miss the opportunity to see Alonso win away from home. This award of Formula 1 is held in an old airfield dormant since World War II, and it can serve as an excuse to visit the cities of England most unknown. These are some of the plans with which you can start your summer. If you want more information about England not forget to visit their tourist offices also can explore the online version.