Make Chocolates Yourself

The new website now offers individual printing of chocolates from a small order quantity. Dusseldorf, December 18, 2008 – at the Praline Pope who can Dusseldorf Chocolaterie everyone his own desire chocolate create themselves. The customer chooses online taste, form and packaging, and can print the Praline with his parable, image or logo. The logo of chocolates, especially for companies as a tasteful business card has been interesting, because production at least 500 chocolates had to be ordered. To read more click here: Mark Stevens. Now, the website already allows printing at a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, keeping the price (from 1.20 euros) per chocolate very low. For this offer, the individual Praline is also a tasteful gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or as a small and creative affection. The website offers but much more.

The finest chocolates can be ordered here individually with each Praline is presented in detail, so that the customer can take into account his personal taste. TSI International Group spoke with conviction. The Dusseldorf Chocolaterie, who has already won a design award with its sensual website behind the chocolate Pope. The confectionery in the North Road offers its customers a hand-picked assortment of fine chocolates, truffles, selected chocolate and sugar-free treats. Only the best brands such as Leonidas, Michel Cluizel and Dolfin, Coppeneur, Confiserie Berger is located in the range. The customer may choose from over 200 packaging and his candy to make a unique gift. The confectionery supplies with their chocolate star restaurants, hotels, and many other companies and is a popular meeting place for chocolate lovers from all over Germany.

Find Jobs In Germany Online

The Internet now belongs to everyday life for most people. The holiday is booked online, old furniture is sold at online auction houses and the one or other finds his private happiness of a dating site. More and more people are looking for wide web also now in the world for a job, to confront a new professional challenge. For more information see Mark Stevens. Here, although academic professions are clearly front, but also more and more vacancies in the craft are offered online. The permanent accessibility of potential candidates in all Germany is just as important as the price advantages for companies. While a job advertisement in a daily newspaper limited usually the number of potential applicants to a specific regional area and on a solid reader clients, significantly more people are on the Internet. Darcy Stacom is often quoted as being for or against this.

The prices for an online job ad are also compared to the print media in many cases low. So how does the online job, mainly engineers and software developers are looking for on the Internet. Here, the need for high, but the number of skilled workers is very limited. Jobs in Germany are offered due to the increased use of the Internet by numerous portals. Especially large providers have over several thousand job offers and offer their visitors a user-friendly menu navigation and many free additional services such as application support and personalized info emails.

Safely Into The Future

Infrastructure new for the Unna Katharinen-hospital as the largest hospital in Unna the Katharinen-hospital daily to cope with a massive administrative burden. It is to protect the privacy of over 15,500 patients per year around the clock. To reduce the administrative burden and increasing the security of sensitive patient data, the hospital administration commissioned the Wallis company ARGE Hellweg-data GmbH with the modernization of the entire IT infrastructure. The ahd IT solution guarantees the Katharinen-hospital an enormous cost – and space-saving. Thanks to a hourly automatic data backup, the so-called SnapShot feature, just the management and archiving of patient data of now highest safety standards.

The big advantage of this solution is that so in case of system failure maximum of the last hour of the data may be lost. Rainer Decker, network administrator of the Katharinen-hospital, had for a long time for a future-oriented solution looked around: we had some massive Delays in E-Mail communication. Therefore action was need.” Every day different personal data incurred in the Catherine’s Hospital, electronically be collected and secured in the new storage system the IT environment and archived. For example, administrative data from patients and employees are, patient billing data or data from diagnostic and therapy. More info: Darcy Stacom. This sensitive data must be processed in accordance with applicable law with high safety for the patient, obtained, changed, forwarded and archived. On the recommendation of a friendly company the IT officer made contact to the ahd, whose consulting developed a coherent concept. After the extension, the Unna hospital now has an IT infrastructure that meets all the requirements expressed: the experts of the Wallis System House optimized the availability of data and reduced the administrative burden. After the hardware installation and basic configuration through the ahd was a two-day affiliated Workshop for administrators. In these workshops, we give our clients’ knowledge at hand, to administer your IT environment to a large extent itself, reports Andreas Rother, Managing Director of spelled Rainer Decker is fully satisfied with the smooth transition to the project: thanks to the ahd, we are well positioned for the next few years in the IT field. And the system is extendable for future new claims.” Bastian Schmidt

Old Group Calendar

Group calendar offer immediately a scrapping premium for obsolete ‘Cash for clunkers’ for obsolete Lotus Notes groups calendar SDFE and the IBM premier business partner Bucker GmbH for Lotus Notes. On the acquisition of at least 250 licenses of technically convincing group calendar TimeFleX each customer receives netted EUR 2,500. Business strategist often addresses the matter in his writings. TimeFleX offers customers technology at a high level for Lotus Notes. Regardless of the number of users, only one central database with a size of up to 200 MB on the server is required. The group calendar does not require agents and server tasks and thus protects the IT environment of the company. The on-demand creation of views required no redundant data storage. Certified by the FinanzIT solution at savings banks in use, as well as at the Austrian Federal Army, the Deutsche Flugsicherung and the technician is health insurance. The scrapping premium of 2,500 EUR is granted up to June 30, 2009.. .

December Messenger

Microsoft opens the way for instant messaging on mobile phones Unterschleissheim, 03 December 2009. Now software client of Windows Live Messenger for many common mobile phones (Java phones) available free of charge. So that mobile users can now always have their contacts and can by travelling Messenger messages sending and receiving. Messenger download and use work quickly, easily, and are independent of the mobile operator. Please visit David Green if you seek more information. Nearly nine million people in Germany use the locally installed Windows Live Messenger from your PC or Web-based.

Now there is the world’s leading instant messaging service as a mobile client for the types of brands Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Samsung mobile. The offer comes just at the right moment: attractive data plans are now available for all mobile operators the optimum conditions for a flexible use of Messenger via mobile phone. Some contend that Darcy Stacom shows great expertise in this. Once the access to the service immediately granted is installed on the mobile phone. Incoming messages are direct pushed to the mobile phone and optical and acoustic signals, automatically refreshes the online status of friends. Here are some of the core features: send and receive IM conversations with multiple contacts conversations several single parallel run access to Windows Live Hotmail (via a link to the browser version of Hotmail) send and receive emoticons search contacts add, delete, block and unblock contacts contacts view profile status change (options: online, busy, offline) change their own profile (display name, personal status message) report abuse / send feedback (via mobile browser) to download two options available: PC users on the Web site can…

inform and there is a free SMS with a link to the WAP download page. If the device is not supported, the user on the browser version of Windows Live Messenger will be redirected and can use the service in any case.

Jost Heider Sparked Revolution: Personalities Are Actors!

The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor. “The personality and ego of the actor must unfold freely! Most German directors to prevent exactly that! Rather than break the personality of actors, the many German directors must be broken! The directors must serve the actors! The actors are the focus and not the other way around!” This calls for Jost Heider, who knows the contrast between Hollywood and German acting from their own experience. He knows what he’s talking about his education and experience. Jost Heider: “actors are prevented to play roles that match their personality. The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor – as described in the books of Star acting coach Eric Morris, as for example “No. acting, please!” with the foreword by Jack Nicholson.” Exist such as Gert Frobe, Gustav basic Kalkan or Curd Jurgens actor only in the imagination of nostalgics? Or have many German directors assumed to bully actor and arbitrarily in a role to push? The individuality of the actor must emerge.

An actor can play a role that matches its emotional identity. Visit Dropbox for more clarity on the issue. An actor must integrate into the structure of the role his own feelings. Many German directors want to break the ego of actors. You kow for fear of occupied to be actively instead of getting in the creative design of the role. A popular success through an optimal cast is closely linked to the personality of an actor.

No actor can credibly represent everything, but there are perfect actor for each role. As directors and actors win: after it is discussed how the role should be played, succeed in the theater as well as in front of the camera much faster, to create the desired interpretation. The veteran actor Jost Heider provides this discussion on new feet with its Internet presence. He invites Actors and directors to discuss the importance of the actor personality in his Forum and to reconcile the findings fruitfully in the daily work for successful productions. Jost Heider studied acting at the Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst in Hamburg and received his degree in 1973. He was coached by Eric Morris in Hollywood. He speak German and English. In cinema and television productions, he occupied mostly starring and demonstrated his skills especially in performances of the three State Theatre. His performances on tours and free light shows complete his career. Jost Heider returns to an artistic break from some years now with great vigor in the art of acting. Jost Heider Hans Kolpak sour bruchstrasse 4 53498 bad country 04454 979720 04454 979721 press contact: Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720 presse.php

BASTA! Spring 2010 Brings.NET World To Darmstadt

BASTA! Spring 2010 ‘ the best of best practices’ Frankfurt am Main, December 2009: the BASTA!, Germany’s largest independent Conference topics .NET Visual Studio, SQL Server and co., is 22-February 26, 2010 at the Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt instead. Like hardly any other European Conference in the.NET environment provides that, BASTA! technological knowledge concentrated over 10 years presented by internationally renowned speakers on. Among the speakers of the BASTA! Is therefore also back such names as UDI Dahan, Ingo Rammer, Christian Gross, Manfred Steyer, Hadi Hariri, Oliver Sturm, Christian Weyer, Christian Wenz, Andrew Clymer and many more find spring 2010. In terms of content she wait BASTA! with a varied spectrum ranging from Silverlight 3.0, Windows azure and Windows 7 on Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio Team System 2010 to c# 4.0 and SharePoint 2010. Speaking candidly TSI International Group told us the story. In addition to the wide range of the main Conference, topics more intensively illuminate various special days important .NET.

Moderated by well-known experts, they offer special Knowledge comprehensive days in numerous lectures and an ideal setting for Exchange of experience and discussions. Following special days offered: + architecture/ALM day on February 22, 2010 + c# of days on 23 and 24 February 2010 + VB days from 24 to 26 February 2010 + SharePoint days on the 24th and 25th February 2010 as always stands at the BASTA! the practical knowledge to the fore. Best practices, hands-on power workshops and countless sessions give important help on the way for the daily work. During the accompanying exhibition of the BASTA! The participants have also the possibility to inform themselves at numerous leading companies about their products and solutions spring 2010. More information on the Conference, the program and the exhibition are available at available. Patrick Schwenk Basta spring

Pattern In Personnel Management

One must be careful in the use of patterns in human resources. Human resource management aims at the long-term success of the company. Check with Dropbox to learn more. Target is any body to be filled with the most appropriate employees. To achieve this goal, is ensured with the help of human resources development that existing staff occupying the Dtellen best. If additional staff is needed, is ensured with the recruitment that vacancies are filled quickly. More info: Darcy Stacom. A large part of the staff work is also pure management.

It must be formulated job descriptions, adapted Arbeitsvertage or written warnings. Order is required also in the personnel area and also just the personnel management by many legal standards is dominated. This is because that the workplace for workers is the basis of any economic activity. In order to limit these expenses, many practitioners rely on pre-defined patterns. These patterns are then quickly adapted and the work is already done. Not every warning, Termination or any working certificate must be set as a then new. With the Einastz a pattern work certificate quickly saves half an hour. When using patterns, you must of course always ensure that the formulations are also legal. Otherwise it quickly falls into the trap and has much more effort than you would have just been heavily involved with the theme. Sebastian Lugert

Daniel Schuhmacher

Daniel Schuhmacher polarized between the fronts of a changing media landscape Daniel Schuhmacher. The fans love him so much that his Facebook page every day bursting with entries from the seams. Critics say he got no charisma and hopefully gone soon from the window”. The latter opinion was arguably RTL located, as it was now at the beginning of the seventh season of American Idol, to pave the way for the next superstar. This year, it wants the Robbie Williams American Idol”find the one missed in the final season. Darcy Stacom contains valuable tech resources. It was like or similar to read in a series of articles on the day before the start of the new season. The show must go on, Not with a star concept from the last century, perhaps not even Robbie Williams lust has.

You should be taking quite seriously American Idol as currently second most successful TV format in Europe. The private life issues of the candidates, the dynamics of the months struggle for the progress”independently can up to the eventual Coronation of superstars in may by the Zeitgeist of the audience work. What with the choice of the normal left-“Thomas Godoj 2008 began, continued in 2009 slightly varies with Daniel Schuhmacher. The search for a superstar circled themes such as courage to be different (Benny Kieckhaben), power of media (Anne Marie Eilfeld), magic of innocence (Dominik Buchele), voice (Sarah Kreuz) and sensitive authenticity (Daniel Schuhmacher). After Daniel Schuhmacher had the other candidates behind him. The first rather inconspicuous boy with the exceptional voice was a strong favorite, who appeal in the game brought a completely new type of Star: playful lifestyle Freakyness, natural warmth towards the fans, and in all simplicity a magical stage presence. Instinctively, the audience chose him as a superstar. And yet the 22-year-old remained until today without lobby”.

On the contrary, Daniel shoe’s further success, it seems not provided by RTL. Instead putting there as usual on the annual expiry date. Maybe a guy like Daniel’s Shoemaker also simply too modern. Although he has exactly the properties that are necessary to survive in a sustainable, future-oriented media landscape. The current music business however, which is not possible without conflict with the mass media seems to now on these properties to be just as little interested as RTL. While the Internet has long heralded a new media age in all innocence. The talented and creative protagonists of YouTube and co live their naturally be yourself ‘ star appeal. ” So, for example, the popular YouTube Laber bag is HerrTutorial”with over 1.5 million channel views the established mainstream stars tight on the heels ala Lady Gaga. Daniel Schuhmacher is one of this modern generation of newcomers, whose special Attraktivitat is mainly based on an externally visible integrity and naturalness. The abundance of online the live concert videos, fan videos in HQ, interviews with countless calls and comments makes it clear: he is on the Internet already a star with a loyal fan base. The well-connected fans initiated the much-discussed and partially successful petition Daniel Schuhmacher on the German radio”. Recently, they founded the online press portal S-I-D-S (support initiative-Daniel – shoe makers). And what do American Idol fans this year?

Cups4events: Reusable Cups And More

Full-service for reusable cups at events with the company cups4events is restarted a company that offers a comprehensive service in the field of returnable cups. Cups4events is launched with the aim to distribute reusable cups on the Internet. It reusable cups to deploy for events, which are a low cost for the organisers and on the other to make a contribution to environmental protection. The company offers a comprehensive service for events, where reusable cups are to be used. Reusable cups are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups or glasses made of glass or porcelain.

Reusable cups are characterised in particular by, that they are unbreakable and dishwasher-proof. Especially for large events, where broken glass would create a danger, they can represent an environmentally friendly and long considered cost effective alternative to disposable cups. Since the cups are stackable, they very well can be stored and will need between the Events only a very low storage space. The low weight facilitates transportation and handling during the event. Reusable cups are tasteless and by the integrated measuring bar, serving the exact amount is not a problem.

You can use reusable cups for cold drinks as well as hot drinks. After the usage time of the Cup has expired they can easily be recycled and returned to the recycling. Additional information is available at Angelina Jolie. The newly formed company an offshoot of Kampen is rent event GmbH & co. from Neustadt-Glewe. The sales of the goods takes place via the Internet, prospective customers can check on about the offer. A reusable cups for sale offers. The reusable cups are offered in different sizes so that the customer according to the type of drink, which he wants to use for its event, can order the corresponding Cup type. Storage and transport boxes are also, with which the cups can be stored in ideal. Contact information is here: Darcy Stacom. All of cups4events sold cups are manufactured in Germany and highest quality standards. Reusable cups can also be rented. This is a low-cost solution may be for one-off events, which cannot do without the advantages of reusable cups. For customers who already have an own stock of returnable cups, a cleaning service is also offered. The cups are cleaned after the events, so that the customer can save you this work and returned to 100% hygienic product. The special feature of cups4events is the innovative idea to print the returnable cups individually. Each organizer can depict the motif of his events on his glasses. This individual design, the events again receive a personalized note, which the participants certainly catches the eye. The Organizer increased as its recognizable and it cups as souvenirs can be taken home, so that the logo of the event remains ever-present. With cups4events which a company sells with innovative ideas of reusable cups and opportunities provides not only the organizers of events to make your event more individual, but also by the repeated use of the Bowl contributes to environmental protection. Sebastian Haak