City Yellow Brick Road

Eat at the same time and only in good company, prepare to be happy with all my heart treating those who find themselves in this life time with you. More often in nature, walk, create, play – and let it all brings you joy. Principle 3 – to think positively. How many times asserted the world: the benefits of positive thinking: but all is not in store. Loved the world, starting with himself, with his own soul, and so the mother you body in which you ugorazdilo born into this life. Think about the good, sow seeds of goodness and love, not thinking about what benefits they give, donate them to the world, and move on to his Emerald City Yellow Brick Road. Not dirty at this quagmire of endless routine cases, even a potato can be cleaned with pleasure. Think about the good! Think of it all for granted and then everything will be okay! Principle 4 – All is good in moderation.

In medicine spoon, a cup of poison! Gold middle – almost guarantee a happy life, of course without the extremes in life is unavoidable, but let them be little exception, rather than become the basic rules, shatters your life a ship from one extreme to another. Eat in moderation, sleep in moderation, exercise at 50% of their capacity, be the best of intelligent and serious, hurriedly and carefree. Principle 5 – Pamper yourself! The principle is not to nurture his ego and desire to become a master of this peace)).