Creating Picture

Photos – an integral and enjoyable part of our lives. It is clear that the classical picture will always be in demand and relevant. Each of us seeks to forever capture the moment in which he is fine, so then again and again return to this point … But now there is a trend of increasing popularity of such things as photo montage, inset faces in a particular template. If you are not convinced, visit Drew Houston. For example, a great gift for friends and acquaintances will montage with celebrities. And what emotions will cause children a picture of a favorite cartoon characters, or in period costume! It was to create this kind of photo and there are various masks.

On site studio "Collage" () have a wide selection of frames for photoshop, here everyone can choose himself something to taste. This is childish, and historical, and with the star, and for two other types of templates. The most popular are the masks for group and wedding pictures. With the help of interesting stills and frames, we will arrange any of your colorful image. Masks can give, apparently, quite a model pictures new mood, a new character.

At the same time The picture becomes unusual, intriguing … In addition, at your service: – combining multiple photos. We are easily able to "settle" you amidst beautiful scenery, put on a few pictures of the people different images (eg, you and your favorite actor), to remove unwanted people from photos, and in their place to move other items from any other shot. For even more analysis, hear from David Karp. – Creating interesting and informative collage for the child. For example, Collage 'My favorite kindergarten' and students enjoy certain photos 'My issue' … In short, there is no limit to our imagination … Have you tired face? Give the age of wrinkles? Not a problem! Do not despair, all this can be removed with using the photo correction. A little Virtual makeup – and the picture you as if by magic'll be fine! Imagine, even the eye color can change you without any problems? All my life were a brown-eyed or blue-eyed? Please contact us, do not deny yourself the pleasure to embody a particular fantasy in the photo. With prices for all types of services you can find in the "price". Believe me, our prices will pleasantly surprise you! So See examples of work, pick the most interesting and please. All contacts are listed on the site. Welcome! Our craftsmen are at your service!