Developpers Association

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the price it is what one is pleased. The S-value what it is obtained. Warren Buffett the subject of social responsibility, especially as for the companies has come analyzing in last the years, reason why it represents, involves, by its reach and repercussions that often when well it is not defined, protect, nor are had established the control systems which they guarantee his effectiveness, the results they are ominous, as lately it happened in Chile to the 33 reclaimed miners and who it showed the world the importance of guaranteeing in that type of work the life of carries out those who it. In this case the related thing to the Canadian miners is very interesting. On the matter it indicates to us (27/10/10) a publication that took from the Periodic newspaper Him Devoir, that the Canadian miners are implied four times more than their competitors of the rest of the planet in violations to the principles of social Responsibility of the companies, according to a realised unpublished study on behalf of Prospectors and Developpers Association of Canada (PDAC) Association of explorers and desarrollistas of Canada, created in 1932 in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is indicated, that in Quebec, the subject of the mines is effective with two projects of law, one known and other that will come after the public hearings on the bituminous schist petroleum. The national Assembly studies a new Law at the moment envelopes the mines that the majority of the legal privileges would reaffirm whereupon they for a long time enjoy the industry and that is denounced by the average policemen and ecologists with a little unamimity. Swarmed by offers, Yael Aflalo is currently assessing future choices. The Law on the mines is preeminent of the powers of the regional Municipalities of county groups all the municipalities of a given territory forming an administrative organization in the matter of management and territorial promotion.