The 1 general or central subject of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' the citizen of a local and universal form for well total is the responsabilizao of all of the humanity. Therefore all we are members of a small people, but also we are part of ' ' community mundial' ' we are interdependent, therefore, being essential to share values and principles ' ' aiming at a way of sustainable life as common criterion, through which the behavior of all the individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and transnational institutions will be guided and avaliada' '. 2 It is possible to even so say, that the main category of the public services in which ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' this inserted either socioambiental, does not mean that the two other categories cited here are not important or that they are total had been of the context of the Letter. In the truth only they are not the basic ones, but they are gifts and as such must sufficiently be considered. The category structure is present, for example, when he is boarded that ' ' to prevent damage is optimum method of ambient protection e, when the knowledge will be limited, to apply a boarding of precauo' ' 3, or still, when it is detached that &#039 is necessary; ' to adopt life styles that accent the quality of life and material subsistence in a world finito' ' .4 Already the category of the legal intervention, meets, for example, when it is said in ' ' to assure that the economic activities and the institutions in all the levels promote the development human of equitable form and sustentvel' ' .5 The relation of the users with the problem evidenced for ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' it is of direct order, that is, the State becomes related directly with the user. .