Electronic Invoicing

Competence center electronic invoice management Bielefeld is located in the VOI e.V., 01.08.2012 – 17 July 2012 the OXSEED stock company with five other member companies of the VOI has the competence center electronic invoice Management Association for organization and information systems”(CC EIM). Current event is the final amendment of the VAT application decree facilitating the electronic invoicing (BMF letter of July 2, 2012). Against this background, it is the aim of the competence center, professionally prepared questions in the field of the electronic invoice management and to make recommendations for architectures, interfaces and concepts of operation or to develop appropriate definitions. Operational invoice management belongs to the top management processes in companies of all sizes. This can reduce costs in the amount of 1-2% of its turnover if they switch from paper-based to electronic and automated invoice processes. The simplification resulting from the new legislation in the e-invoicing offers an important prerequisite.

In this context, there are still many unresolved issues, as the processing of invoices in the future can look in practice. To give the correct answers, the CC-EIM was designed as Forum and Exchange platform for users, solution providers and consultants who can work together and share experiences. Marcus Hartmann, CEO of OXSEED AG and head of the competence center: Various institutions and initiatives deal in German-speaking countries with partial aspects of the electronic invoice management; so far succeeded but no grouping, this topic comprehensively and across to deal with from the creation of the electronic output invoice in the invoice sender to the archiving of the paid invoice in the invoice recipient.” In future, this expertise is bundled in the CC-EIM. The establishment of the Panel within the VOI is so consistently, that the management of bills in the first place is a discipline of the Document management is. Like any other institution, the VOI offers through its members”currently as much technical know-how on the subject of documents into business processes. At the same time, the CC-EIM will maintain close contact with other initiatives, institutions, and communities of interest in the field of electronic invoice processing, Hartmann announced. Interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the CC-EIM.

Soon the competence center will issue a first white paper on the topic, electronic invoice management is also in the preparation of a comprehensive compendium”the end of 2012. Still, the Panel will contribute to the definition of a standard format for the structured exchange of invoices, especially against the background of the requirements of the BMF letter regarding the readability of electronic invoices. Founding members of the CC-EIM are VOI members Hans Baumeister, Senior Manager of business development of BancTec GmbH, Axel Janhoff, Managing Director of Mentana Claimsoft GmbH, Peter of Obi, Director of partner marketing at i.r.i.s. AG, Jorg Rogalla, head of ECM at the C: 1 Solutions GmbH and Jan Soose, Board member of the FMI e.V.; Marcus Hartmann, Executive Board of OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft in charge, his representative takes Jorg Rogalla.