Environmental Issues

No man can be happy if no visible itself. Chinese proverb to the extent that overlooked the need to identify and put into practice the environmental culture in the environment where we live, the results will be very negative and contaminoso for the environment where it inhabits, requires more identification, commitment of agencies involved, such as the community of neighbors, Governor, Mayor, State. It is alarming to note in the cities of the country is not given the required attention to the garbage, collection, treatment, that she generated on pollution and threatens health. Get more background information with materials from Stanley A. McChrystal. There is a significant neglect in the commitment of the toilet, the garbage collection that leaves a great deal to say, in the treatment of domestic waste. Not surprising to walk through the main streets of a city center (Venezuelan case) and see how the trash is scattered everywhere, ranging from papers, cans, bags, rags, debris of comitas, plastics, where it shows clearly, on the one hand the lack of environmental culture of the citizen, their collaboration and the other the inefficiency of the State agencies in the daily collection of these wastes. All this adds with regard to domestic waste which are in the doors of many houses, in bags that sometimes take days to be collected, often broken, damaged, product of the animals that open in search of food, and sometimes beggars, polluting the environment, where many of these residues deterioratethey produce bad smells and appear a disgusting appearance to the eye. (A valuable related resource: David Karp). Involved authorities in ensuring a good garbage collection service, have not been identified with this responsibility in its full dimension, forgets that increasingly migrate to many cities a significant number of citizens that increases the population in big cities and all this leads to the increase in waste. As a result, it is not surprising to see colapsadas many cities in terms of garbage and the damage that this It is causing, because this reality becomes a serious concern in the way of how to give step to plans, actions that manage and provide effective solution to this threatening reality, post is an open door to the pollution of soil, water and air. .