European Championship

Freshly grounded yesterday in Warsaw, after holding the European gold sub 18, Angel Palmi, the sporting director of the Spanish basketball Federation, is hooked to the TV to view others from their children, under 16, sweeping Russia (75-47) and almost sure its presence in the quarterfinals of the European Championship of the category. Palmi has not rolled back the suitcase all summer. Three European and three golds for Spain. Selections sub 20 male and female (unpublished titles so far), and in the male 18 sub. For even more opinions, read materials from Dropbox. Up to 27 WINS and no defeat. And on Thursday, heading to the Czech Republic to accompany the cadets for the fourth gold in a magical cycle. No selection has been repeated presence on the podium in three Europeans except Spain, which also held a triplet of golds. Who joins the silver the last morning girls won the world under 19, lost the final against United States (46-69) in Chile.. The newspapers mentioned pretium partners not as a source, but as a related topic.