Evaluating Social Performance

Joaozinho presents fear of being evaluated and not to get approval of its social behavior, it takes what to prevent it definitive social situations. SYMPTOMS Criteria DSMIV Accented and persistent fear of one or more social situations or performance, where the individual is displayed the people strange. The individual tends to act in a way (or to show anxiety symptoms) that it he is humilhante and embarrassing. FORMER: Joaozinho, when buying something is blushing, with shame and speaks very low, preventing visual contact. Feared the social situations or of performance are prevented or supported with extreme anxiety or suffering.

FORMER:Joaozinho does not count notes that it considers decreases for its father; soccer in the front of its father plays badly The esquiva, anxious anticipation or suffering in the social situation or of feared performance intervene significantly with the routine of, functioning occupational (pertaining to school), social activities or relationships of the individuals. FORMER: For being anxious, Joaozinho prevents to talk with its father on some subjects, what it makes it difficult the relation of both. In individuals with less than 18 years, the duration is of at least 6 meses.EX: The symptoms of Joaozinho already last 1 year. The fear or esquiva not if must to the effect of one substantiates or of a condition it medicates generality nor is explained by another mental upheaval. AGREEMENT OF the CASE Through a functional evaluation of the behaviors, thoughts and feelings is possible more at great length to have access to the agreement of the case. It is observed that Joaozinho possesss high relative standards its evaluation of social performance, beyond presenting extremely perfeccionistas characteristics and auto exaggerated collection, as for example to demand the perfection of its performance in the soccer games, not admitting imperfections under hypothesis algumae to only be satisfied to take off notes above of 8,0. Joaozinho also it presents a negative evaluation of its social performance, when finding that all the people will go to perceive that it is nervous, saying very low looking at for low.