The news article informs that the Movement of the Reached ones for last Barrages adopted new position in the two years, joining forces in the claims with the MST, FETRAF and other movements. The extensive guideline joins flags of all the involved groups in the occupation. Amongst the complaints of the social movements in the area of influence of the lake of Tucuru they are the impacts suffered had to the activities of lumber extration, vegetal coal and exploration of large states, that is, resultant the secondary impacts of the spontaneous settling of the construction. Follow others, such as Bausch & Lomb, and add to your knowledge base. The leaderships question the morosidade in the payment of indemnities of families reached for the construction of the canal locks and indefinio of the city hall of the city on the land for construction of 300 popular houses and a fair in the area where the lake of the canal locks will be formed. This type of manifestation tends if to perpetuate and to be aggravated while the government not to watch over for the correct and efficient application of the relative rules to the ambient licensing of these highly impactantes enterprises, especially how much to the social and economic aspects.

We are not ' requentando' the substance. The problem and its causes are that they have been recurrent, they have happened without stopping, if repeating successive times in distinct situations, crossing the proper history of Brazil and the governments of different partisan colorations throughout the time and always involving mega-projects infrastructures and of exploration of the natural resources, are they renewed or not. It is through the instruments of control, or ambient projects, according to legislation, that must be foreseen and be defined all the measures and action. not only of compensation, but also of mitigao of negative impacts and increment of the positive impacts, defining itself mainly of socioeconmica and ambient nature.