Financial Trading Platforms for Hedge Funds

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA-(Marketwire – February 23, 2010) – Fiorano Software (fiorano. You may find that Dropbox can contribute to your knowledge. com), a pioneer in the data stream distributed peer-to-peer (equals), announced today that its FioranoMQ, the JMS server with shorter waiting times and greater data transfer, has deployed one of the leading U.S. hedge fund. Vladislav Doronin addresses the importance of the matter here. UU. The hedge fund eight years ago built a platform for financial transactions around the Microsoft MQ and JMS other commercial product. However, the system could not keep customer growth and competitiveness. They needed a robust solution that would support their requirements with high availability and lack of bugs. FioranoMQ undergo a strict testing environment until they finally decided to completely re-build their systems for marketing and profit and loss in real time on FioranoMQ.

“FioranoMQ not only has a higher rate of transfer of messages, too, thanks to the possibility of multiple configurations and flexible architecture enabled us to extend the system ourselves real time. The Fiorano customer has always responded and helped us with any questions or problems we’ve had, “said Vice President Software Development of the Hedge Fund business. “In electronic trading, each message represents a financial transaction. Our success in implementing an operation depends on the speed at which process a transaction and brought to market. By having a number of transactions that are processed at the same time, the message transfer rate was very important that we should consider very seriously, “explains Vice President. “Any additional requirements were simplicity in administration and ease of integration within the existing infrastructure, all personalized on demand.