Goldman Sachs

Who also expressed optimistic forecasts? But analysts have expressed their Goldman Sachs. That they are predicting a bright future to us. GDP in 2010-11gg. at the level of 5,8-6,1% and inflation at the end of 2010 in the amount of 6%. With inflation we get a whole anecdote. Growth rates natural monopolies in 2010 was in Russia on average about 15%, and this already gives us the inflation of 6%, according to Kudrin in the journal "Economic Issues 10 in 2007. And we have a lending rate, which also affects inflation, and it can not be below it, because manufacturer considers the cost of servicing the loan for the cost, which ultimately affects the growth of prices for its products. In sum, this already gives us an annualized inflation terms of at least 13-14%, and we do not consider here is that the CBR is not engaged in commercial lending, and therefore we can easily add to these figures still about 3% (which is about a bank's margin is constantly insists Putin himself) .

But there are also other factors that influence the rate of inflation: the change in the money (and she, since February 2009, continually growing), the nominal exchange rate, wages. However, the definition inflation rates with us, and in the world, too, have long passed into the category of magic spells. But economic theory is itself no longer satisfies the requirements of science, which is reflected in the fact that over the last hundred years leading economies of developed and undeveloped (those in which the management of the economy by using fabricated on the western kitchen economic theory for clerks) countries periodically experience different from scale shocks. .