Home Teeth Whitening Tips

HOME Whitening Aesthetics is today one of the recurring themes in the life of any person, because we belong to a civilization driven by the culture of the image, reason for this, keep a nice image and make us feel comfortable in social environment is critical to stability in many ways, from emotional to economic. The face is the letter of a person and his smile the distinction that elevates him above the rest, so he is now the most requested cosmetic dental treatment and frequent in recent years. The home whitening treatments are very practical and simple for anyone who does not want to go to a dental school do not feel frustrated with this and have tools with which to achieve the desire for a radiant smile and spotless. Before starting with recipes for home teeth whitening start from the basic principles of the teeth to take the necessary precautions in our habits and customs so as to hygiene as well as eating foods that are harmful to tooth enamel. Basics tooth color: There are more teeth that we make as well as teeth whitening in dental offices, failed to achieve a shade of white or ivory hard you try it, naturally have a yellowish tone. This is because the dentin of the tooth itself has this tone, the thicker the dentin tooth will be more yellowish. The tooth enamel lacks intense hue, but it is almost colorless in some cases. It is therefore essential to first recognize what type of teeth we are, that is if the color has a mild dentin or severe in nature or due to ingestion of food stains or chemical that caused it.