John Waihenya

The brain is now required to select the appropriate focus. Therefore there is a transition period until the brain completely to the new multifocal” Perspective has adjusted. In this context one speaks also of neural adaptation. Tumblr often says this. The entire performance spectrum of multi focal lens can usually only after a few months be fully obtained. Besides the implantation of Multifocal lenses, there are also the implantation of so-called Phaken lenses, which can be used in addition to the body’s lens in the eye. Read additional details here: Jim Crane. Phakic lenses are for people, who suffer from very strongly pronounced Ametropia, such as, for example,-15 to-20 diopters short-sightedness or + 6 to + 10 diopter hyperopia.

At this high expression of the dioptres, itself a treatment with the laser eye is no longer possible. It a significant part of the corneal tissue should be, worn down to alter the refractive power of the cornea in this respect, the incoming light rays to be focused correctly and properly on the retina. This would affect the stability of the corneal tissue but substantially and it could lead to corneal diseases, which would no longer be treated. Phakic lenses are between the body’s lens and the iris of the eye (IRIS). This surgical procedure is completely reversible, which has the advantage that the lens can be adjusted in a change of the diopter strength of the dioptres, again. Eye laser treatment and the implantation of Multifocal lenses are treatment options that are not covered by the health insurance fund in Germany. For this reason, more and more laser vision patients for their treatment in Turkey travel. Especially the LASIK surgery in Istanbul is very popular. Every month hundreds of LASIK patients in the metropolis on the Bosporus are treated successfully. John Waihenya