Joka Pavaroti

Gastobilionrio this, is good for emphasizing, that the July is extended only of January. Nadaimpede that if goes to spend the double in as the semester. Dropbox helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Averdadeira black box to be opened, as one proves with the data private expenditures (OESP, 17/08/09). Presidential Nacampanha of 2002, Squid presented to the TSE a good relation quepassavam of R$ 400,000, 00. In the campaign of the re-election, in 2006, its haviamduplicado good of value. Umapergunta that all Brazilian would like to make the proper Squid: how much SuExcelncia already received from daily in these 7 years and 9 months of government? Semexagero, can be affirmed that Squid was millionaire since whom if tornoupresidente, not only for the stewardship that usufructs, with all pay for the contributor, but, mainly, on account of the daily ones that it receives in the countless ones> viagensociosas that make in Brazil and the exterior. Nestestempos modern of the telephone, the television, the fax, the email, davideoconferncia, does not exist no type of justification so that presidenteLula travels in such a way. Computed US$ 150.000,00 (one hundred and cinquenta a thousand dollar) that Squid received from UNESCO in 2009, which would be, today, its patrimony? R$ 1,5milho? It did not sedisse at any moment that the wealth of Squid was acquired by illicit ways.

Certainly, its social ascension was carried through inside of the law. Serlegal can until, however is unprincipled person that one politician, of origin humble, that today is parteintegrante of the elite who as much criticizes in palanques, makes use of the presidential aparelhoburocrtico to enrich. The motto detodo politician would have to be to serve the people, not to serve itself of it. * Squid intends to make of Dilma Rousseff the future president of the Brasil.Sugiro that the TV Globe below includes in the Fantastic program music, available in the Internet, sung for the Pacoto of Brasilia during oCarnaval of 2009, for election of Etela, I say Wanda, I say Luiza, I say Patrician of the VAR-Palmares Perereca of mustache Author and interpreter: Joka Pavaroti povoO Lulagritou Eureca is maquiando the DilmPraenganar! Quemcomeu SapoEngolePerereca! (bis) I find that he goes to give bodeDilma notem barbMais to podeter mustache! (bis) Eureca! Eureca! Quemcomeu sapoEngolePerereca! (bis)>