Many Factors

If you try to make an appointment with an eye doctor, you will be amazed about the long waits. Many outside influences more and more German problems with their eyes. Once the patients are at the eye doctor, frequently complaining about symptoms such as itching, burning eyes, eye pain and a feeling of a foreign body. Every movement of the eyelid is perceived as unpleasant, the conjunctiva is reddened, the eyelids are stuck after waking up, the eyes look tired, and the patient is sensitive to light. Here, the eye doctor is usually the diagnosis of “Dry eyes”.

But including what is? Dry eye occurs when produced insufficient tears or their composition is disturbed. “As a result, that disintegrates the tear film on the surface of the eye before the next blink and it to dry places” comes. As a consequence, the eyelids at the blink can not more easily slide over the eyes. You scratch”over the surface of the eye. Click Drew Houston for additional related pages. what not only leads to unpleasant sensations, but also inflammation and infections favor and can lead to damage to the outer layer of the surface of the eye, the cornea. Eye drops, ointments, and gels help in the treatment of dry eyes. Especially recommended are preservative-free drugs. The commonly used preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride can damage the cornea of the eye and adversely affect the composition of the tear film.

Very strong lack of Lachrymal depopulation of tears dots or a closure of the tears dots using small silicone seals into consideration should be considered by the physician. Also drugs can lead to a reduced production of tears, by the way. Eye problems you need to refer so your doctor treated. Medicines, de producing tears antihistamines – remedy for allergies, are reduced to such contraceptives (pill”), beta blockers – remedy for high blood pressure, “Eye drops against reddened eyes called Whitener”, sedatives, antidepressants and diuretics. In addition to the eye drops also eye spray used to treat. The liposomal eye spray is sprayed in contrast to the conventional tears substitutes on the closed eye. The contained Phospholipid liposomes are among others sprayed onto the eyelid, where there are also endogenous lipids. The phospholipids again stabilizes the mostly damaged lipid layer of the tear film, which will lead to a normal evaporation protection and the conservation of natural tears. A study demonstrated that treatment with the liposomal eye spray the subjective complaints in almost 90% of patients have improved. The objective results were significantly better than in the comparison group in the treatment group were treated with the liposomal eye spray.