Mother Nature

' the tragedy continues ' ' As this mundo of God is interesting. Beyond the loss of life that the tragedies bring obtain, still it is important to think about the consequncias, in other spheres, that complement the social service in order to make with that the indispensable services, do not run the risk of emperrar. With chuvarada the chaos it goes beyond floods. The roads are affected, the bridges fall and the dependents of them to drain its products are to the wait, waiting the improvement of the time, the waters to lower, the bridges to be remade and meanwhile, the carry of the indispensable products as the hortigranjeiros ones go being spoiled and the countless damages. The tragedies happen and form a teia that goes reaching the social sphere each more difficult time to improve! Our producers are not being remembered at this moment where the attentions alone if come back toward deceased and homelesses of floods, but are necessary to remember them with urgency if daqui little will not be Real millions that these unfortunate persons they will lose and of where will leave the return this damage? Of course of the pocket of the consumer where each Brazilian will receive a slice stops with this they, the producers, to come back to produce not to lack the essential in the table of the people. There it comes the question: How these creatures will come back to the period of training of production continued without aid, on account proper? The great producers have ways, bank reserves, but the medium and the small producer? Therefore it is! What a disordered rain, without the regulated millimeters can bring of social disarrangement! The injured one reaches, kills and destroys without d nor mercy! Who is saved will be able! For where it passes goes taking the destruction and leaving indelveis marks in as many hearts! But she is necessary to rethink and to hear, to understand alert of our Mother Nature! When we observe the images of the destruction, observe, also, the negligence of the people making with the places where it is for draining the water of rain. These are overcrowded of others as many objects hindering the free ticket them waters. With this the Nature goes if avenging and acol here and the people does not understand or he does not want to understand that it, people, are the responsible one for the majority of the tragedies. Still that the Brazilian is solidary and if it pledges well in collaborating when a disaster happens in any one of the cantos of the Native land. But it is necessary awareness already, if we cannot wait more drastic revenge of our Mother Nature espezinhada for the men of all the social classrooms, since the deforestation for the great ones, to the sluggish one that the garbage in inadequate places plays! We go to save the Nature before it is late!