Office Chairs

Office Chair is one of the more important the Office furniture furniture, since in it we are going to remain seated most of the workday, so it has a decisive influence on our health and our professional performance. Choose correctamentre Office Chair will help to increase productivity and prevent health problems related to bad posture or repetitive gestures inadequate, therefore, that the functional design and ergonomics have wide application in the field of office furniture. Features see key features to consider in an Office Chair intended for heavy use at the computer: support: should be adjustable in height and inclination, conform to the back, lumbar support and have sufficient length to cover the back. Seat: it must be width, height-adjustable, its depth should not hinder the use of backrest and with rounded front edge to not hinder the movement of the legs. Support base: have five legs with wheels for one correct stability.

Lining: the upholstery should be breathable, durable and flexible, with at least 20 mm thick padding. Armrest: they must be adjustable, sturdy, allow a comfortable posture, serve as support of elbows and forearms, facilitate the incorporation and not prevent approach the Chair to the table. Types there are numerous types of Office Chair, let’s look at some of them: working chairs: also called operational, is the most common Office Chair. They have wheels, low or medium adjustable backrest, height adjustable. They often have armrests. Address chairs: Executive calls, is also the most comfortable Office Chair. They have armrests, wide seat, high back and generous padding.

Guests chairs: placed on the opposite side of the table and are for visits. They generally do not have wheels, are not adjustable or have armrests. Chairs for meetings: used for occasional meetings. They tend to be stackable or folding to store them occupying minimal space after the meeting. Some models include an arm folding serving to take notes. Conference chairs: used in Conference rooms or tips, and are halfway between working chairs and chairs of address. Ergonomic chairs: all Office Chair enjoys an ergonomic design, but often they are called ergonomic to those non-conventional chairs that keep the spine and back in active position and rest part of the weight on the knees. Office chairs for domestic use: those who work at home tends to devote more hours to the day labor who performs its work in an Office, so used Office Chair must be carefully chosen and acquired specifically for that use, with criteria of comfort, health and ergonomics.