He will be that its commissioners intend to reinstall the Inquisio Saint in the Recreativa! They are unaware of the comezinhos principles of the Right! Also she can, are bank clerks pensioners, dentists, etc In a possible interview that Mr. granted to me, I also intended to undo of time my image of ' ' reincidente' ' (used term for Mr. Zucolotto to characterize me). In it, my position of confrontamento with the old president tell-it-went, when I intended to head one below-signed against the installation of the firm that would explore the parking of the vehicles to the front of the club. The fraud was obvious that if it intended, has seen the fact of the club not to possess appropriate area for such. With certainty the gained income would be deviated and qui partilhada enters the mentors of the blow. With certainty it had more involved people in the trick! It is enough to investigate it discovers that you.

Innocently I commented with Mr. Frederico my intention, that took immediately it to the ears of the former-president. This, in turn, had for good to guarantee the execution of its plan moving away to me from the club with a forged suspension, for the period of one year, enough time for the assembly of the project. To mount the process against me, the former-president launched hand of prepared depositions adrede and placed in the mouths of chosen employees, since the abusive onslaught of the employee of the restaurant against my person, by itself, would not so endorse drawn out suspension! With this I was five years moved away from the club and practical of physical exercises, what it caused me the serious problems of health, profit also exaggerated of weight. I was Sir President, the first partner to distrust of the bad intentions of the old direction, that as much harmed the club, and as I am not coward, I bribed it alone and of front, even so the high cost.

Christian Evanglicas

The growth of the evanglicas churches does not modify the profile of the Brazilian families, for the contrary o, conserves it. Therefore, part of the mission of these communities not to revolutionize swims, but to conserve. The Christian churches, sociological speaking, are the guards of the tradition in a society; its work is essentially ideological in what it says respect to the conservation of one given mentality. For this, it does not promote changes, but yes, they are asujeitadas by them. Because, the mentality is even what dumb more slowly.

The evanglicos, exactly between less escolarizados, have minor number of children who its neighbors of others religies’ ‘. p.89 * ‘ ‘ To have less filhos’ ‘ it is an option determined for the conditions economic of the parents and for its religious creed, who you unite, it does not suggest the opposite: that it grows and if multiplies as guides the Bible. 5 – ‘ ‘ Three rooms of the married evanglicas women use contraceptivos’ ‘. p.89 *desde when the contraceptive use is a consequence of the religious option of a person? It would not be the case to think that is fruit of an improvement of the educational propagandas propagated by the television, radio or periodicals and of the increasing escolarizao on the part of the Brazilian population in these last times? The industrialized contraceptive use is something recent in our society and still it has many people who resist its use, exactly for religious reasons, believing the doctrine that says, that the sexual act must be practised, exclusively, for the procreation. In addition, history registers the natural contraceptive use for the women who did not want or they could not have children, before, during and after the advent of the contraceptive, independent pill of the religious filiation that it is.

Christopher Nolan Steel

He will wear an ajustadisimo a blue monkey darker which wore Reeve. The Superman of The Man of Steel leaves red only for boots and coat. In other leaked photos been Clark Kent without their glasses features. Blue and blue only. The new Superman’s costume will take the Smurfs to their dominant color and will say goodbye to the mythical red underpants of the superhero leaving red only for the coat and boots. A few new non-official images of the shooting of The Man of Steel in Illinois reveal in more detail will be like the dress that will look the protagonist, portrayed by Henry Cavill. An ajustadisimo monkey in a blue darker than that Christopher Reeve wore in the movies of the 1970s and 1980s and in which more purist fans of the superhero of DC cast less red underpants. The new Superman devised for The Man of Steel leaves red only for boots and the layer, not to mention the enormous S which is still looking at his muscled chest.

Gone was the fashion of the Superman therefore so super wearing his underpants above his pants. But the absence of the mythical red breeches won’t be the only change that the protagonist might suffer. In other photos hunted during the filming has been back to Cavill but this time playing Clark Kent. The novelty in this case is that the character was going without glasses features that serve as camouflage to the alter ego of Superman. Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) and produced by Christopher Nolan, The Man of Steel will also have the participation of Amy Adams, that will give life to Lois Lane; of Laurence Fishburne who return to Perry White, the despotic j Clark Kent; and Michael Shannon as the evil General Zod. The distribution of luxury complete Kevin Costner, who construed Jonathan Kent, Superman’s adoptive father; Diane Lane as the mother, Martha Kent; Russell Crowe, who is Jor – El, the biological father of the superhero; and Julia Ormond who return to Lara Lor-Van, the biological mother of the Kryptonian. His release is not scheduled until June of 2013 Source of the news: the new Superman won’t take their typical red underpants

Valle Trees

It has an initiated workmanship, as it was the wall to contain the caused estragos, to put, this paralyzed has months. Asked on the presence of the mayor or another local authority, it was repassed in them that the mayor already was in the place, went down of the car, looked at and only was even so. height=’ ‘ 320’ ‘ src=’ ‘ ‘ ‘ width=’ ‘ 274’ ‘ /> Unfinished workmanship decrees next it, about one 03 (three) meters of distance. Photo: Gerson of the Valle Canind, to the side of Juazeiro of the North, is the main polar region of the religious tourism in the state of the Cear. The devotion to the padroeiro saint of the city annually takes thousand of worshippers and tourist to the city, where the biggest franciscana pilgrimage of the world happens. In the headquarters of the city, it is the Basilica of San Francisco of the Chagas, constructed at the beginning of century 20; also very visited.

It decrees it of San Francisco, already it arrived to be white of quarrel, data to its size, to have idea, the image of the Christ Redentor in the city of Rio De Janeiro, has accurate the 30 meters of height, according to Riotur (Company of Tourism of the City of Rio De Janeiro), being this, one of the seven wonders of the world. Our intention as journalist and formador of opinion, is to awake the local authorities, so that the same one if certifys of the today there existing problem, the same time where we call the attention the secretariat health of the city, for the question of the combat the affection in our state, deflagrada campaign the national level in the last year and that much has worried to Cid governor Gomes and the authorities of health of our state, a time that: as we can evidence in I lease, the probability of the larva of the transmitting mosquito of the affection to be if developing in the accumulated water decrees at one’s feet it, is very great, however a professional of the area of the health will only be able to affirm with bigger precision if she exists or it presence of the larva of the mosquito in that water and still not to place a plate of warning to the romeiros so that they do not use the same one before exactly analyzes or after to be initiate an adequate treatment for the conservation of the same one. Other Photos: a general vision of Estatua for the lateral, very well next great erosion, the romeiros fears that the same one can to fall down.

Constitution Unexpected

MY HUMBLE RECOGNITION OF THE VALUE OF A BRAVE WOMAN, MOTHER AND WIDOW BY THE FORCE OF UNREASON, WEAPONS AND THE BARBARISM OF THE HISTORICAL REVOLUTION BASQUE IN UNIQUE ADDRESS: NO RESPONSE FROM FIGHT OR DIGNITY IN COMBAT. Once again I agree with human pain, before and after listening to an esposa-desposada and an outraged mother;because I only perceive injustice and suffering in the intricacies of some autonomies that are framed in the regions of my beloved Spain, and who fail three. The dialectical courage of a lady, in the worst moments of suffering and suffer the exterminating totalitarianism in the flesh of any human individual society, has been organised in the rest of humanity. So with his example he can fight in dignity and democracy eliminate the pitfalls of unreason and intolerant, and brute force before the helplessness of society who lives and works for the creation of life and peace. A beautiful speech, emotional and brave;that addition is born of a young woman and in mourning: by widow’s unexpected and desperate, although powerful in argument, and pain and sacrifice, to the cruelty of the ETA cowardice;with the misfortune of inner solitude that barbarism has left at his home. Unreason and the behavior in human subservience leaves in it, their children, and their parents, but in second also in the whole of society, a tear and a cry of anguish of basta! already: the dictator Franco, the repressor of the masses and bloodthirsty in ideal end he died and we got the Constitution, freedom and democracy once moreHowever, also reaches the fascism the family individually, to Spain in general, Spaniards and, aside from his seventeen autonomies, in pain and death, unjustified and futile. But above all, the pain and desolation has come to that wife brave, helpless and innocent; She and her children who lose the father and will now cost them catch and redirect the course of their own lives in unexpected orphan: explosive art of it unjustified, as barbaric, savagery and the bloodthirsty.

Ticket Life

The ticket of the life the life passes quickly, the events goes marking each phase. But to the times we have the sensation of that the life will not pass, and when we give in them account already we lose the time that we had. To make projects and plans for our future is important, therefore in they give to the motivation and the confidence to them that we need to continue walked ours. But we cannot leave of living the gift, valuing the experiences brought for the errors and reached conquests, and is in the gift that we have the possibility of planting the seed for the future. Also it is important to search to live in the best possible way everything what we want, therefore the days go passing and derrepente appears a mysterious force that takes in them even so forever, leaving only the souvenirs that slowly and without if it perceives go if diluting in the speed of the time.

Egypt CNT

The CNT can occupy the seat of Libya in the Chamber of the multilateral body. There were 114 votes in favour, 17 against and 15 abstentions. The African Union and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas they voted against. Security Council approves a resolution on Libya and relaxes the embargo. The UN General Assembly recognized this Friday at the National Council of transition (CNT) Libyan as representative of Libya at the United Nations, allowing its members to occupy the seat of the North African country in the Chamber of the multilateral body. With 114 votes in favour, 17 against and 15 abstentions, the General Assembly endorsed the decision of the Credentials Committee adopted the TNC as represent of Libya, despite the fact that the African Union (AU), supported by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), had asked to postpone the decision, which was rejected. This week the Committee to submit diplomatic credentials already approved the recognition of the rebels, but ALBA countries showed their discontent and they asked to put to the vote the measure to ensure that the seat of Libya should not be occupied by a faction or an authority of illegitimate transition imposed by a foreign intervention. That vote was joined by a request from the AU so that the decision will be taken later in order to agree a common position on Monday, something that also the members of the ALBA, supported by what the Assembly also had to vote on such a measure, which was rejected by 107 countries and supported by 22; the rest were abstentions. With this rejection, was left free rein to the Assembly to recognise the CNT, whose representatives have so the door is open to participate on behalf of Libya, whose seat was still empty Friday, in the public debate of the sixty-sixth session of the multilateral agency in the next week. Countries against countries who voted against recognition of the CNT include Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa, as well as representatives of the countries of ALBA, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Self-determination must recognize the people themselves and not NATO. Revolutions may not be authentic if they are led by a group of Nations with hegemonic interests that violate even the Charter of the United Nations, said the Ambassador of Nicaragua to the United Nations, Maria Rubiales de Chamorro, in the plenary of the General Assembly, in explanation of vote. Other diplomatic representatives, as the Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Valero, who this week sent a letter to the President of the General Assembly on behalf of the ALBA to try and prevent that you recognition of the CNT were expressed in the same terms. Please recognise the CNT you spoke, among others, the representative of Egypt, Maged Abdelaziz, who said that the different interpretations about the military intervention in Libya to support the CNT should not go against the legitimacy of the Libyan people that continues to support the Council. Now is the moment of truth, in which the of the Libyan people, should be respected said the Egyptian diplomat, who thus endorsed the recognition granted by the Credentials Committee and encouraged other countries to do the same. Libyan rebels, who control almost all of Libya after winning almost all the land forces loyal to Gaddafi, have already achieved the recognition of much of the international community and this week was China who recognized them as new authorities in the North African country. New resolution on the other hand, the UN Security Council adopted a new resolution on Libya, which replaces the start of the conflict and establishing a political mission of the multinational body on the ground and adapts to the new situation previous measures such as the arms embargo and the blockade of goods. The Council unanimously adopted a text that details the immediate help from the UN to the Libyan authorities of transition with a view to the holding of elections and the drafting of a Constitution, and establishes the steps to unlock millions of dollars frozen from months ago. The UN mission will be the Libyan people give all possible assistance to organize elections, draft a Constitution and build a free and democratic State-friendly with human rights institutions, said after the vote the French Ambassador, Gerard Araud. Araud welcomed resolution to replace the economic means to Libyan authorities to act, as the progressive release of goods within a mechanism clear and ordained that it will allow the Libyan economy recovered to rebuild the country. Thus was established the United Nations support mission in Libya (UNSMIL) for an initial period of three months, with the mandate to, among other objectives, a political dialogue without exclusion, promoting national reconciliation and undertake the constitutional and electoral process according to the resolution. Source of the news: the General Assembly of the United Nations recognizes the rebels of the CNT as representatives of Libya


Today April 15, when all chapacos and chapacas celebrate your day, we are pleased to have a new malapalabrera. It is an honor for LaMalaPalabra that a person as a journalist and Janeth Miranda decent writing and be part of this adventure. Thanks Janis! Soon we will be for the land of good food and drink and even better while enjoying the photos you send us Janeth and also a story about how urgent is pulled state money in Tarija. These photos belong to famous Comadre of Thursday, the biggest reunion of women on the planet. As in other towns in the region, the dominant crop is the vine. It is also the olive farm. In the summer harvest the melon and some vegetables such as pepper, tomato, cucumber and eggplant.

Automated Teller Machines

It is a cheaper and faster alternative to money transfer companies dearly. 5. Prepaid debit cards are a safer way for employees to get their salaries. Statistics show that in the United States more than 3 million payroll checks are stolen each year. However, with the use of direct deposit in combination with a payroll debit card, there is concern that ever happening. In addition, by using direct deposit and a payroll debit card, you will have immediate access to your salary, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – no matter what part of the world you're in.

You will also save time by having your paycheck deposited to your card payroll debit – no more standing in long lines for each pay period at the bank to cash your check. 6. A debit card is a convenient and affordable solution for the unbanked. More than 10 million households in the United States alone do not have bank accounts. In cases like these debit cards can serve as bank accounts. They can be used to access cash or make purchases at merchants such as petrol stations, supermarkets or convenience stores. In addition, debit cards can be as useful as a regular Visa or Mastercard because in many cases can be used to purchase goods and services not only in stores, but online and through mail order and to withdraw cash at home and outside Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

7. Prepaid debit cards are easier to apply for credit cards. Often, they require no bank account no employment verification no credit check or security deposit. If you have been rejected by traditional banks issued credit cards bad credit, bad credit or no credit at all, try to apply for a prepaid debit card. Some prepaid debit cards have been built based on credit reports that make it easier for people with bad credit to rebuild your credit report its monthly payments to major credit reporting agencies. For more information about prepaid debit cards, see the definitive guide to prepaid debit cards of all types, including: MasterCard prepaid cards, payroll debit cards, gift cards, debit cards, virtual credit cards, sea in USA and international debit cards, in: Permission to reprint with full attribution.

By That The Poor Will Make More Poor Rich And More Rich

Things that the poor and the rich do to maintain their status the problem of the classification of the classes social Las people who are considered poor classes, all the time live it proclaiming, with claims as I am poor, I have no money, the Government I have to give everything, the rich steal from the poor, social injustice, etc living with a self-awareness of that illusion that by law of attractionthey are decreeing and creating his own world. This becomes a constant cycle. We must give to the poor, education for the poor, this and that for the poor, the poor need you to help us see, if we classify people with those qualifiers, we are giving them this way, and worse still, if a person accepts this classification, it means that you agree with the idea, and by the power of acceptance it is attracting more and more of that quality to his own world. Another problem I’ve seen is the hatred between classes, for a long time, certain ideologies both economic and political, have planted this kind of hatred between classes, especially with the old speech the rich steal from the poor. To be rich, have to be dishonest and so see how that gap between these two States is being created.

In modern society, we see many cases where people of humble backgrounds, have managed to build great wealth. It is here when one wondered whether social inequality is the fault of the system or is individual responsibility. A person who accepts this condition is creating its own bars, trapping himself indefinitely. First step is changing the thinking as well, if a person lives by claiming and decreeing that it is poor, therefore cannot wait say something different. You cannot receive education, opportunities, but their State of consciousness always have it tied to that condition.