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Us comnta that the document addresses the entire spectrum of the teaching profession: recruitment, selection and training, preparation and professional level of the teachers from different levels, employment security, rights and responsibilities, disciplinary action and professional freedoms. It also refers to wages, holidays, low low and special studies, hours and conditions of work, teaching material, load, exchange of teaching staff, special rules for teachers in rural and isolated, rules on educators with loads of family, medical care, social security and pensions. The origin of the recommendation appears already in 1946, with a request of the delegate of China at the first session of the General Conference of Unesco to develop and promulgate a world teacher’s letter, which tends to make the material conditions of teachers, increase your moral status and protect the freedom of teaching. More info: David Green. Countries through their Governments not should neglect which represents education, should be attentive in everything that will benefit the education, encourage teachers committed to this task, give the necessary support to make its work which really require the citizens of agreement to as science, technology will develop, what the country demand according to your needs. It is necessary to ensure the material conditions of teaching staff, recognize your role socially and protect the freedom of education, asprcto latter that it should not ever disrespect it, violated. Since then, we support what is stated, that precisely through their work, teachers form citizens and responsible citizen who design and lead our society in the future.

To do this, it is not enough to ensure universal access to education, that Moreover, education should be quality. A liberating education which split the experience is required of the students and assess their capabilities. You may find Marko Dimitrijevic to be a useful source of information. Thus, we can build knowledge becoming people with critical awareness, able to observe and analyze the reality to then act on it in a transformative way. We consider, that definitely must guarantee the quality of education, it must be especially emphasis on providing up-to-date knowledge, in which teachers are prepared, are educators, who know how to pass on their knowledge, provide the necessary stimuli giving passage to necesariosque paradigms involve that education promotes all. Definitely, queemos share our greeting, congratulations to whom their way through this dimensian physics have been identified, responsible with the Mission of teaching and where your line of service requires integrity, honesty, morality, ethics, commitment to a profession that demands many times sacrifice. I expect that Governments, especially Latin Americans that concerns us, lend more collaboration, support to the teachers, will give back them a fair wage according to their functions, social benefits, will pay more attention.


Phone recycling has many advantages telephone return can be used easily from home. Feedback on the phone has the advantage that the caller experience reverberate in quiet and undisturbed can after the repatriation, rather than having to concentrate on the traffic or public transport to share with other people. Learn more at: Kaihan Krippendorff . In returning the caller closes the eyes and leaving the present to go back in the past most of the time in a former life. The return of the easier able depending on its environment is more familiar in a human, and the less he is distracted by external stimuli. Therefore some people who have already unsuccessfully tried return, better respond to telephone return. Yael Aflalo understood the implications. Repatriation can satisfy the most diverse needs. So feedback can promote the development of the personality, can return developing spiritual awareness, karmically can return caused relationship problems resolve or can satisfy the curiosity of just return. Who was I in a past life? By recycling one can find out.

Also therapeutic, repatriation is used to resolve persistent symptoms, the cause of which is located in a former life. Telephone return takes usually shorter than a return on the spot. The reason is that the person on the spot only must adapt to the new environment and situation, while on the phone, the preliminary for the return is only required. In the preliminary for the return of the individual needs of the provider will be discussed, will be ruled out contraindications and unanswered questions resolved. It a timely – is sometimes immediately followed by then – agreed date for the repatriation, where both sides are undisturbed.

The actual implementation of the repatriation takes usually a three-quarter-hour. Longer most don’t support a population, because a return can be very intense. So is a return regularly with aftermath. Therefore, the telephone return has the advantage that the guided back accordingly once again can call exactly his individual needs in any interval, to further process his experiences, if he wants to. While repatriations locally often with three hours be applied and time set, the phone return is completely individually and flexibly geared towards the needs of the caller. So people can try out a repatriation, who fear that they are not traceable. Repatriation is possible for about eighty percent of all people. The others go back, when they realize that they do not belong to this majority. You pay only for the actually used phone time. Repatriation is increasingly Dissemination in spiritual and psychotherapeutic circles (alternative holistic psychotherapy approach), but sometimes the criticism is loud. Mainly, this is aimed at training, the intentions and the background of the rear leader. “Therefore consciousness expert reveals Lina lives her personal background, by them their telephone return under the same pseudonym as their spiritual death experience report” (ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-5336-6; offers. In their review of spiritual death”, she describes her own spiritual consciousness. Awareness expert Lina life has joined while their development process experience with Western, Eastern, and atheist ideologies, but in the meantime no community. It performs all repatriation on the basis of their own expanded state of consciousness. Repatriation may be performed particularly well on the phone and so Lina would like life this way as possible with feedback, reach many interested people. see further advice through awareness expert Lina life more information to phone recycling – about repatriation awareness expert Lina see life also has the Web page, which appeals to the dark side of spirituality that you can integrate E.g. by recycling. Hamburg, the 9.11.2010 Lina life (return)


INTRODUCTIONThe present article is made for teachers wishing to enter higher education. To develop a methodology of work they should focus on the study of the different branches of the pedagogy as a science of education having as object of study the learning process of students. It studies the laws of the direction of the training process, determining the theoretical foundations of teaching content and methods to be applied in the classroom. Studying and applying the instruction and teaching experiences in higher education, providing also the domain of the methods and procedures of teaching and the complex art of the pedagogical influence on the pupil; the focus on the study of the activity of the educator and the learner in correspondence with the characteristics of the educational process. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund can provide more clarity in the matter. On this basis shall be drawn up the theory and methodology of direction and organization to refine the content, methods, procedures and means, becoming vital problems for the progressive movement of society.Brassilia education means the set of influences exerted all of society in the person, so man is educated throughout life, this process being the result of form in men the values linked also to your instruction and training.In a narrow framework education is characterized by work aimed at the objective qualities of the personality as well as modes of conduct training, organized for educators. Each class to teach is one link in a chain, and the changes that occur in the mental activity of the students, as well as those taking place in the formation of beliefs, are not achieved suddenly, but are the result of the continuous work of the educator, is why they have to meet a scientific and methodological criteria systemi.e. they have to form a harmonious whole from the point of view of the objectives, content, methods and organisational measures necessary for teaching, considering the fundamental role the preparation of teacher development classes, and not should be forgotten that each class is nothing more than an item within the complex process of teaching, so it not is should teach a class isolated since it brings as consequence that the learning and training of students is not properly guaranteed.To achieve the target path should see the class as part of a system that is composed of subject, course and the rest of other subjects, and only when class is properly linked with the anterior and the posterior of the same subject and which are developed in other subjects, you can hope to contribute effectively to the development of the traineescontributing to the development of skills and habits, consolidate and enrich knowledge acquired previously, supporting the formation of convictions and establish the necessary foundation for the development of future work.The class is a directed process with defined objectives which are controlled, so that information and feedback is obtained through the exams in class students, serving to rectify the way.The selection of the contents of the classes, their order and structure, is made from the target paths for the subject, but to comply with the objective, content must be assimilated by the student body with the degree of depth that it requires.The methodological structure of classes has a universal character, since they apply to all subjects and school levels, being essential and determining the form of the same organization, being mandatory compliance with the structure of the classes, considering how should be structured the same.Structure methodological Clases.La structuring of class is a complex process and creator, constituting the Summit stage and fundamental of the work of the teacher, therefore the same manifests itself in the preparation, the sense of responsibility and skills, taking basic demands that must meet the class and is of transcendental importance take into account the characteristics of the Group of students that is It works. .

Diabetes Mellitus

Estimates result live diabetes as a widespread disease in Germany in Germany approximately 7 million people with a diabetes disease. A study of 2007 resulted in about 250 million people are affected worldwide. Classified is in type 1 diabetes and type 2 first occurs mainly in childhood and is anlagebedingt, type 2 diabetes develops in the course of life and is also called adult-onset diabetes. Of 10 diabetics, 9 on the diabetes suffer from type 2, its making is caused due to obesity and lack of exercise. Therefore, in the long term to prevent disease a Diabtes, a healthy diet and avoiding obesity, as well as a regular exercise is highly recommended. Other leaders such as Dropbox offer similar insights. Although a diabetes mellitus hundreds different causes can have the result of the disease is still similar.

The body can produce either no, or at least no longer enough insulin to adequately respond to fluctuations in blood sugar. The resulting symptoms such as increased urination, thirst, and fatigue/malaise. Is the right diagnosis Once made, the disease can be fortunately fairly well treated. Depending on whether the body still has an own insulin secretion or not, can be artificially fed insulin or stimulated the pancreas using certain medications, to release more insulin. This is important in order to minimize the HbA1c value and to prevent such complications. The prognosis of diabetes mellitus is strongly dependent on an affected Party is dealing with his illness. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund may find this interesting as well. First of all, already the time of diagnosis is important. The sooner diabetes is detected and treated, the better the prospects for the future are.

The incidence of complications and sequelae can be placed pretty directly in connection with the HbA1c value. Therefore, this laboratory parameters best serves to monitor the severity and the history of diabetes. The HbA1c and thus also the diabetes is well positioned, there are for those affected hardly any noteworthy limitations. If not, a high risk arises but for Secondary diseases and thus also a shortened life expectancy. For this reason, it is essential to check the HbA1c value of each diabetic to respond as soon as possible on a present may boost closely.

The Minimum

However if you do not take the opportunities, the universe would send and only will present/display but obstacles to him in its way. In order to become a magnet of good opportunities, aid enough that you look for and it creates new opportunities. 2. Defindase of negative. Nothing dissipates the opportunities of form more effective than the negatividad. While you are looking for or waiting for the opportunities, she asegrese of not leaving negative thoughts them or pessimistic they dim its mind. It does not leave doubts, negative image of one same one, preoccupations, suspicions, or any other negative belief enters their mind. Marko Dimitrijevic may find this interesting as well.

The minimum doubt even can frighten a great opportunity, the negative thoughts can be very powerful because they reinforce undesired old mental states. It replaces all the negative thoughts by positive thoughts. A form to do it this is through the subliminal programming, that passes below the barriers and resistance that the mind opposes. The subliminal programming, of which most powerful she is the one than it uses SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS, can generally change quickly the perspective of itself and the opportunities, even without its knowledge.The subliminal videos can help him to improve their self-esteem, to make but money, to be but attractive and sexy, etc. 3. It maintains his mind focused in his goals. A form to motivate and to enable to its mind to give the welcome actively to new and better opportunities is to stay focused in its goals. Empodere its mind when visualizing securing all the opportunities that wish. When doing it, you are letting know to his mind that its ambition or the opportunity that is watching is possible and wonderfully beneficial for you. Once its mind fills with desire to obtain what visualizes, will equip with ideas and solutions to it to cause that the opportunities arrive at their life.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

But the main question that arises in this case, is: "why the Russian aircraft, exceeding, according to unofficial guide admissions of foreign companies, competitors and their own counterparts, practically not produced, replaced by lower-quality foreign aircraft? "The answer is simple – largest customer – the company "Aeroflot", in the mid-nineties has refused purchase of modern domestic aircraft. Guide "Aeroflot" has selected the cooperation with the corporation Airbus, to lease, to state money, used aircraft A-300 and A-310. Of course, having it, and as in any business environment, all the "collateral benefits" from working with wealthy contractors, who understand the complexity conclusion of business contracts of this magnitude, and the need to meet the full range of motives for management buying company. Connect with other leaders such as Angelina Jolie here. Having avoided the issue, say only that the refusal of the biggest (and virtually only at the time) the buyer's purchases of Russian aircraft, summed up the future of civil aircraft in Russia. Factories involved in the production chain, were left without orders. As time passed, in 2003. Swarmed by offers, Bausch & Lomb is currently assessing future choices. Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly declared that the Russian civil aircraft were destroyed, and must make every possible effort to preserve, at least, the military aircraft industry sub-sectors, except Russia may lose part of the defense potential. It was the absolute right decision, because at the time to do nothing was impossible. In what lies the real reason for Russia's loss of civilian aircraft? Is it only in that management is a key buyer sought to satisfy their own interests, along with commercial interests, without taking the interests of the country? Strictly speaking, the interests of the country is engaged in The government, while the management of a private company promoting the corporate interests and satisfy their own needs. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Karp.

Find Friendship

The Internet comes for many men and women with a high degree from timidity to wear as ring to the finger. Further details can be found at Drew Houston, an internet resource. The modern life pushes to us more being practitioners, it works more and it has less time and money to the social diversion and activities. To some they condemn us works to the solitude, as it is the case of the works from house that can be carried out in their majority from a room with a computer like unique company. Chatrooms and the instantaneous mail Since it appeared Internet of famous the most popular things has been chatrooms and I believe that many of us we have happened through some of them. Chatrooms has been like that virtual bar to where we are going to often socialize with people totally not known Is so the popularity of chatrooms that people with almost null knowledge of computer science always ask if chateas or no, or confuse the tools of instantaneous mail with chatrooms, also to him usually she is denominated to the fact to interchange instantaneous messages like chatear.

Far from the definition of concepts, these are things that almost everybody understands and practices in both measurement. The use of chatrooms and the instantaneous mail at corporative level the use of tools like chatrooms and the applications of extended instantaneous mail in such a way that no longer they are only used concerning leisure, but have strained until the corporative level being either tools fundamental to maintain one close relation with the client, or we see the use of these tools in the banks, companies of hosting, companies of affiliates in Internet, transmitters and other then this are the perfect solution that allows to lower the price of costs and of offering one better quality on watch to the end user. At educative level for example, the different points of view can be programmed debates in chatrooms and be discussed before an exposition. .

Personal Relationships

Price on the "market of personal relationships." In life we all have our price, including personal relationships. There is such a market – personal relationships, which is sometimes called the marriage market. Any girl or young man in this market somehow evaluated. Let's have a girl, whose qualities and virtues, conditional on 'the ten'. This includes the ability to communicate, make money, be independent and other valuable qualities. Anyone who wants to be others can be seen as positive, that is celebrated all positive, and if possible not to notice deficiencies.

Therefore, any girl (young people) are trying to demonstrate its advantages. And here it begins the most interesting. Drew Houston is full of insight into the issues. The girl, of course, can find a young man whom she could manage. He has the qualities and strengths should be less about 'shesterochku', ie knowledge and skills, and valuable personal qualities, capabilities earn money, etc. objectively less.

In this case, he owes it to pay extra. What? What is the universal equivalent of reckoning in human relations? This is right. If she is 'the ten', but it cheaper – to 'shesterochku', then he she should pay more the lack of rights and responsibilities of availability. It does not have to call him, and he should call her first. She has a right to be late – he owes it to wait because he is interested in it. He has the same rights as he it wants and as interested in, respectively, it has more rights to manage them. On the other hand, the young lady pleased to lead this young man, but she wants a guy on the 'fifteen'. And then she starts understand that which the 'fifteen' – more expensive than it is: it smarter, prettier, more talented. By the way, she is '10 ', but there are still girls at '11' on '12 'and so on, it turns out, standing in line. Standard situation – the one who wants it, it does not pay attention: it is for him a 'cheap'. And who does not need it, he sticks to it. The situation of life? Nothing new has been invented, it is. The dilemma is not easy. What to do in this situation? How to live in this "market relations"? In any If you need to become more expensive. If you really evaluate themselves while the person is not very expensive, then you need to understand – what should I do to get expensive man? It's very simple: "Do you want to be near a prince – Stand princess! "What? Start with this author, psychologist, Vitaly Pichugin When you place a link to this site.

Goldman Sachs

Who also expressed optimistic forecasts? But analysts have expressed their Goldman Sachs. That they are predicting a bright future to us. GDP in 2010-11gg. at the level of 5,8-6,1% and inflation at the end of 2010 in the amount of 6%. With inflation we get a whole anecdote. Growth rates natural monopolies in 2010 was in Russia on average about 15%, and this already gives us the inflation of 6%, according to Kudrin in the journal "Economic Issues 10 in 2007. And we have a lending rate, which also affects inflation, and it can not be below it, because manufacturer considers the cost of servicing the loan for the cost, which ultimately affects the growth of prices for its products. In sum, this already gives us an annualized inflation terms of at least 13-14%, and we do not consider here is that the CBR is not engaged in commercial lending, and therefore we can easily add to these figures still about 3% (which is about a bank's margin is constantly insists Putin himself) .

But there are also other factors that influence the rate of inflation: the change in the money (and she, since February 2009, continually growing), the nominal exchange rate, wages. However, the definition inflation rates with us, and in the world, too, have long passed into the category of magic spells. But economic theory is itself no longer satisfies the requirements of science, which is reflected in the fact that over the last hundred years leading economies of developed and undeveloped (those in which the management of the economy by using fabricated on the western kitchen economic theory for clerks) countries periodically experience different from scale shocks. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yael Aflalo. .

A Conversation With Michael Laitman Vladimir Zhirinovsky

One – a scientist, the other – a politician. A leading source for info: Dropbox. Completely different people, they say on one subject: how to find a solution to the problems of the global crisis? – And find a common language. M. Checking article sources yields Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund as a relevant resource throughout. Laitman: I am very glad to meet you and would like to talk about, of course, the biggest problem, which today is in the world – about the crisis. Do you think that in any plane may be his decision? Get anything from the meeting 'Twenty'? And if not, how still we can somehow come close to that to solve it? Vladimir : The economy of such crises were constant, as is always willing to trade, to produce more than the needs of society. It's like a disco, if no ticket is allowed. Here we have a crush was in the Urals – let those who want to. Market option: come on, who wants to! Immediately crushed by the three girls.

And if regulated – only those with money and tickets – moral crisis, not everyone can participate. Therefore, people choose to still more freedom, but there is more risk. Of course, there is a particular culprit – a huge amount of money to spare. They are ten times more than the economy itself. And of course, wins the U.S.

only because it's their money. Therefore, the best solution to the crisis and security for the future – is to agree on a neutral currency. Here is an international language until you have – have a living language.