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Certainly Kepler " coat of the sleeve " this first law of speed thanks to one surprises intuition. Other leaders such as Drew Houston offer similar insights. Quickly stowed by its successors, on the forces that would have to govern a solar universe, on the other hand this primitive statement of the law of speeds is not total correct mind, the law of the areas denominated the second law of Kepler. He is not absolutely equivalent to which relates speeds and distances inversely. Being something but necessary the results deduced from first of them, despite when they are used in the calculation of the planetary positions. Both formulations of the law of speeds, lead to almost identical forecasts, Kepler believed. Wrongly, in the equivalence of both laws. Using them indifferently throughout all their life.

Despite his visionary and little orthodox resonances, the primitive statement, neoplatonic of the law of speeds, I reveal myself essentially in but the fecund investigations of Kepler, unlike when it makes reference to its deduction of the law of speeds, the work of Kepler on the elliptical orbits glass completely in but the meticulous and complete study of the best astronomical observations available. It tried, one after another series of orbits. Leaving them after laborious calculations showed their discord with the data collected by Brahe, the scrupulous attempts of Kepler to fit to their theoretical orbits to the data objectives which it had mention quite often like one of the first examples of the scientific method par excellence. Despite either the law of the elliptical orbits. Well-known under the name of first law of Kepler, exclusively it was extracted of the observation and the calculation. Unless one assumes that the planetary orbits are closed on themselves. (knowledge acquired at time subsequent to the one of Kepler) one is needed law of speeds to be able to at first calculate the form of those from data collected by observation, to if then when it analyzed the observations of Brahe, Kepler were making use constant of its primitive Neoplatonicas intuitions.

Neuroscientist Paul Churchland

However, the attribution of reality to the mental world is more problematic, to the extent that we can not see, touch, measure or weigh the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. This poses a paradoxical kind of tension in our relationship with the mental: first, to the extent that we are alive, nothing is more evident that our thoughts and feelings, but on the other hand, be difficult to grasp, circumscribed and objectively, its mode of existence is transformed into something particularly evanescent and therefore liable to enter the territory of the doubt. THE PROBLEM OF MIND AT THE THEORETICAL Preliminary characterization The problem of the mind or the mental in terms of theory appears before the attempt to characterize what is its nature. Neuro-scientist Paul Churchland addresses the subject called him “The problem of a conscious intelligence” in the technical literature, the problem occurs in the context of the “Philosophy of Mind”, a branch of philosophy focused precisely on that issue. In the academic literature of the neuro-sciences, cognitive psychology and cognitive science, treatment of the same appears in the phrase “Theories of Mind.” Research program associated with the problem of mind is to achieve both conceptualization realize: The primary phenomenological experience of the mind’s relationship with the world of the mind’s relationship with the body’s relationship to the conduct of mind . The relation of mind to brain PROBLEM THE MIND – BRAIN definition is the problem of relations between the physical and mental, between the brain and mind, or between the brain and mental events. Angelina Jolie has similar goals.


For that reason both must try to be always maintaining their physique, their personal aspect, the age does not mean anything when you know to dress elegant, when you stay in form, when you know to be gentile, when you know that to places to go with your pair, to increase the fire. A romantic dinner, a stroll by the field, one excursion, is good ways to break drabness. Perhaps for that reason some married concejeros suggest to the pairs to travel together. What but it hurts to one and to another one is the infidelity. The infidelity destroys the relation, makes untenable, difficult, intolerable is logical that thus it is, because who can be with a person deceives who it? So that nothing like sharing the responsibilities finds infidelity, working together, to educate together the children, to work hard so that nothing lacks. The esteem samples are very important, a gift from time to time, to remember dic of the birthday, the anniversaries, to celebrate it, to take photos from the best moments, are things that are feeding a relation on pair they are and it making but lasting. It thinks well if it wishes to become jumbled with another person, is careful to see that its relation does not fail.

It does necessary, the correct thing so that the fire does not go out. So that what today it initiates it does not finish tomorrow of steep way. The ideal person does not exist, exists the suitable person, perfect person does not exist. She remembers that the people change, have his own aspirations. Before beginning she puts the things on the table, to conver itself and knows thorough much his fianc2e, fianc2ee, pair. To the men I give these councils: 1 you do not strike your woman you are not coward 2 Respeta to your pair, to your children, preocpate to give foods them, that is your to have.

3 you do not behave like a lout with your family, you do not treat your children and handcuffs as if they were your crew members. Noncheers would finish abandonndote 4 drunk, you do not squander the money that you can use in taking foods to your home. 5 Trata to be for your pair, you maintain, protection, affectionate and comprehensive. 6 Comprtate like a miserable man and not like, amiable, an affectionate one with your children, you do not humiliate them, you insult, you threaten, because they left to you. To the women I suggest to them: 1 Tener always the ready food to its hours, the clean house, ordinate. 2 Estar always beautiful, clean, does not matter that age has. 3 Amar its pair, to offer affection him, to share together problems. 4 Educar to the children, to teach to them to gain the things, nonengrerlos. 5 To be good lovers, to demonstrate to its pair that UD is his wife. 6 not to allow that they strike to you, requests aid, not to allow that they humiliate to you, insult, requests aid. A man thus does not deserve to live with any woman. He deserves you leave that it, rmate of value and abandnalo. 7 Denuncia I mistreat physicist and psychological you do not remain been silent. 8 a man who strikes, insults to its pair is a caveman, miserable, who had to be in the jail.

He Is Possible Being Friendly After A Rupture

If the rupture became by mutual agreement, is very possible that your and your ex- ones can be friendly after the rupture. About some cases, people think that they take better like friendly and not like pairs. This usually it is the case of which they are friendly before leaving the one to the other. If this happened to you, then you would have considerarte lucky. Since both they seguiran in contact to each other outside the relation, the possibility that exists still they could spend the short while like friendly. They could be friendly after a rupture Although the separation was bad.

It leaves to your ex- east a solo time and this helped them with the treatment process. You do not have to try to contact so soon after the rupture, otherwise you could not have the opportunity to count on that friendship in the future. For it would be easier them to resume the friendship with the others, if each gave space him the other to help to surpass the pain the rupture. Which is the relation between the contact cut and friendly after the rupture? Most probable it is than estes still too emotional and you are going to say something to him lamentable to your ex- ones, causing that the friendship is impossible. The emotionally loaded people generally end up making something so bad that perhaps she cannot be repaired by the time. Everything what beams after the rupture are important and if beams somewhat stupid, your ex- ones definitively analyzed of not having friendship with you. You must go slow if you want to manage to be friendly.

The friendship not by chance after a rupture. If your and your ex- pasarn by a difficult rupture, could take more time for you to return to be friendly with your ex- ones. You do not try to return to ex- conectarte with your too fast one. You do not forget that to recover to your ex- of safe form friendship it is a previous step. It can be happening through the pain the separation, but your ex- ones could be also suffering. Ideally, you only must say to him to your ex- ones that you want to be friend of or she and that thought about it before making a decision. See actress and filmmaker for more details and insights. By means of the decision to continue being friendly after a rupture, not only you would be like one mature and rational person, but also you will count on the presence of a good and important person in your life. The best thing than you can do now is centrarte in same you and to work in the overcoming of the painful rupture. With time, and a pile of inward-looking thoughts, you can return to the same point that your and your ex- ones was before beginning the relation.

Become Happy

Be confident and happy. Self-confident people are usually more successful and happy life. They act differently, often take risks and expect that circumstances will Bole favorable for them. Their self-confidence is manifested in their gestures, manner of speaking, and as a relationship. On the other hand low self-confidence and self-esteem leads people to trouble, stress and low achievement. Compile a list of their advantages. When we time to review their successes and celebrate them, our confidence increases.

Many of us were taught not to boast does not boast a lot of times we ignore our own successes. Give yourself a promise every time you reach a goal to celebrate this event and try to forgive yourself your mistakes. Many successful people do when something failed. Recall of Thomas Edison, he was only after about 1000 failed attempts was able to create incandescent lamp. Deliver modest goals and achieve them. Tselepologanie great way to increase their self-esteem. When reach each goal, you can mark it and pat yourself on the back. You begin to feel winner.

If you start with small goals, it will be easier to achieve them, and gradually raise the confidence in themselves and develop the courage to move to bigger and ambitious goals. Manage their thinking. Much in representation of a person about himself based on how he sees himself. A vision of itself a derivative of what a person thinks about himself. Our thoughts are often the same from day to day, so if they will be negative, then will act destructively on our self-esteem. Start paying attention to those moments when you think negatively and try to translate thoughts on anything else. For example, in some recent achieve the goal. Positive thinking – it is a habit, produced by the practice. Constantly try to maintain it and eventually it becomes your natural way of thinking.

Publisher Atlanta

awarded the coveted media Prize LEOPOLD good music for children by the Association of German music schools on September 23 was revealed the secret to the diesjahrigen LEOPOLD award winners. For the eighth time, the Association of German music schools (VdM) has awarded this renowned children media prize. “Under 200 eingereichten music recording was the CD production who stole the coconut?” from the shooting star Publisher Atlanta with an attractive media price LEOPOLD ausgezeichnet. The jury was unanimous: If the fahndung after the coconut is recorded on the CD, the Grandma in the henhouse rides motorcycle, naughty students from the blue mountains come, or the fever troubling the Beaver succeeded in the singer-songwriter duo Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, smart lyrics to expand this handcrafts mouth organ repertoire and contemporary update. This new musical arrangements bear witness to once again shooting star’s ur talent in the best sense, and by the incredible joy of playing excellent musiCIans like mulo Francel by Quadro Nuevo”or Martina Eccles. “Also the young singers on the CD could especially score points when evaluating: natural voices and a rarely heard clean intonation give the CD an exhilarating drive”.

Decorate in the festive award ceremony in the Cologne radio took the two children songwriter, Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, the attractive price personally by the Chairman of the jury, Reinhart of Gutzeit, and may this CD title with the predicate good music for kids in the future”. The LEOPOLD is awarded every two years by the Association of German music schools with the support of the Ministry of youth. The newspapers mentioned David Green not as a source, but as a related topic. Partners are hearing the cultural radio WDR 3 and the initiative. The price has become a seal of approval for good music for kids”established. He is considered one of the important German awards for music recordings for children. Who stole the coconut the excellent shooting star-CD?” (ISBN 978-3-932703-50-8) – beautifully packaged in a colourful collapsible cardboard box with festive colored Textbuchlein – is available in stores and on the Internet.

Listening Skills

Recently, when having dinner with another couple, my husband is surprised by what someone says about one of our neighbors. Even the comments from this to the person about his astonishment. Less than a week later, my comments to my husband, he wondered about this situation so. After asking, "Well do not you remember Sean told you that?" "It must have been in a conversation with someone else then. Many writers such as Drew Houston offer more in-depth analysis. "I just torque my jaws and change the subject, because I do not want to have this conversation about listening again. Whether you or friends, is annoying and rude when her husband announced that they are not listening." I do not really matter "is the message. Listening is different at the hearing.

We are born with ears to hear. But listening takes energy, time and practice. There are actions to demonstrate their ability to listen, show their love and reduce stress process. First, give your full attention to your spouse. When my husband was talking to Sean, was also exercise of a conversation with another person.

It is not humanly possible you can give your full attention when they are divided between two people! Ask questions to clarify before making his speech. If you want to understand the concerns of his wife, responding to a problem or add to the conversation, a question ('What are you saying is …. ") Then keep quiet while listening to your answer. Then you are sure to be on the way . Listen first to understand, then to respond.

The Selection

Strictly prohibited: – lay chimney elements without a layer of insulation near combustible materials (wood, plastic, etc.). – Merged with chimney ventilation system. – Establish a common fungus nakryvnoy to finish the chimney and the withdrawal of ventilation – is fraught with tug of smoke into the ventilation system. With this setup, chimney pipe must “cut through” a cover of the fungus. – Modify the elements of the chimney or install them in ways not provided for manufacturer. Extract from the SNIP 2.04.05-91 * V chimney height, measured from the grate to the mouth, it should take no less than 5 m.

Chimneys on roofs of buildings with combustible materials should be provided with iskroulavlivatelyami of metal mesh with openings no greater than 5 x 5 mm. The gaps between the floors, walls, partitions and dressing should be provided with the filling of non-combustible materials. Distance overlap between the top of the furnace, made of three rows of bricks and roof of combustible or slow-burning material that is protected by a steel grid, stucco, or steel sheet on asbestos board thickness of 10 mm should be take 250 mm for the periodic furnace stoves and 700 mm – long burning stoves, and unprotected ceiling – respectively 350 mm and 1000 mm. For furnaces with a ceiling of two rows of bricks, the distances should be increase by 1.5 times. Distance between the top metal furnace with insulated roof and ceiling should be protected by 800 mm, and the oven with neteploizolirovannym overlap and unprotected ceiling – 1,200 mm. Metal flue pipes that are laid parallel to the ceiling or the walls and partitions of material flammability groups G3, G4, must be from a distance of not less than 0.7 m – no insulation on the pipe, not less than 0,25 m – with isolation, which prevents the temperature rise on the outside surface of more than 90 C To maintain a cost-effective and uninterrupted operation of the heating equipment should be regularly checked and cleaned chimney with soot and debris: before the heating season, according to its end, but not less than 3 times per year. It should be remembered that the selection and installation of flue to qualified!

Free Travel

It is becoming harder to be able to get a comprehensive budget for travel, which emerge new ways to travel, including some that allow that part of the travel expenses are free but the big question is if you would like free travel?. It sometimes pays group travel to save and share expenses, such as accommodation and food. But there are also options for people traveling alone, being possible to take certain initiatives to know destinations paying little more than travel, one of them is the couchsurfing. This initiative is carried out in multiple pages and proposes share house with people who travel to the city in which we live. In exchange for this altruistic work we can be known in the community dedicated to offer these services for free and travel to the destinations available contacting other people offering their houses for accommodation. That said, going to the theme in question: free travel. All Erasmus tend to have something in common to all students we like (1) travel and (2) there is no Mucha pasta to do so there are many ways to save on travel and get cheap travel: flights from low-cost to the couchsurfing or many other one that find me most interesting is what they call Travel Hacking which consists in trying to free travel and you taking advantage of all the benefits that are offered to premium users. Balearia has launched a special fee, which includes free car, for all customers of the Spanair airline who had ticket to travel to or from the Balearic Islands.

Thus, the shipping company offers an alternative transport for all those affected by the closure of this company putting places to travel in car free on different journeys that operates. Reservations can be made through the Call center 902 160 180 balearia or directly at the ticket offices of the shipping company. To purchase different tickets and travel with the car free, the Spanair airline customers will only have to prove it, with your booking. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Therefore tomorrow Tuesday at 17.00 h (GMT + 1) opens the participation in the project The Travel Hacking Cartel, who plans to be a small Academy for all those who want to learn to ride free. I say this because not everything can be so easy and so cheap: 1 USD, the initial price for 14 days. Later, already will be. For all those who you like to travel and about everything if you are or are going to be a time in USA/CANADA, I encourage you to try the initial beta. Let me know.

Picture Frames At

Discontinued items at a reasonable price is under the heading of discontinued man currently on wood picture frame at a retail price of under 10 euros. Such frames for pictures on paper, photo, puzzle or time plate are suitable. The customer can order the picture frame with glass, where he can choose between normal or anti reflective glass or without. David Green contains valuable tech resources. The picture frame in the special sizes are available, upon request they are made to measure but also individually. As is customary, fall when ordering shipping to the Altmann image frame oHG is however strives to keep this as low as possible for the customer. Also the shipping charges only once per order, also if should be in partial deliveries. For the worth a visit of the picture frames online shop so anyone who wants to conserve his money bag, but still nicely decorated walls not desires to renounce,

The picture frame, whether discontinued items, or are not, to use for many occasions. It was to a even painted image of the son, which is befitting to daughter or grandchild’s present, it, newly finished the to get long term asked Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle and make the show, or but, to the newly developed elegant framed family photos. Or but, then only with custom officers to frame, to decorate LCD or plasma screens. At such an idea, the cool, that adheres to the technology, for example, behind modern and simple wooden frame or the heat of the Baroque will disappear. On diversity of almost limitless creative ideas suffice a precise measurements and Altmann image frame oHG also takes care of the most unusual requests. Here the customer can always rely on quality in our own production and sales at the same time affordable.

To enhance the choice, the company has additionally recorded the company Nielsen in his picture frames online shop as a sales partner. Picture frames are characterised by Nielsen Customer-oriented sales prices, excellent material and stylish design. And for those lacking in ideas for the content to the frame, the Altmann image frame oHG offers with its second online shop,, inspiration over 8000 articles in the range. No matter, whether it should be an art print from many art periods, should stand out talented photo art, but a poster whose motif from the familiar mass at you can see style and elegance at first glance.