Paulo Freire

It is have pride in that past, because it was built to the length of time that shows that each learner is different each other, but a climate of respect there is the identity of each learner. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out MSCO. In the second chapter to teach is not transferring knowledge defends the idea that teacher should not transfer their knowledge as an owner of absolute truths and inquestionaveis, but help that learners develop that his thinking; He immediately says that knowledge is unfinished, because educators are eternal apprentices and that subject that is always in search of new knowledge, why your knowledge is always unfinished; He says although the teacher should be aware that the human being is a being conditioned, powered to a history, a culture and at a time, therefore it can be said that thought, is being developed at the length of time, and have awareness that trainees are also lit to their realities, it is necessary that they reflect about their own existence; Paulo Freire says that the learner time, must be respected as each have your learning time, and each has its moment and correct time to route in life; the author says that the teacher must have a good senso develop its activity in room classroom according to the time of their students; It is important that all teachers have their class consciousness, and must always is sensitive demands of his teammates by better working conditions; It is important that the teacher is aware of reality that is working so that it can develop a good agreement activity on the premises where it is; all those who opt for the degree must be an optimistic spirit, knowing that through their work can help improve the world; It is the first to change his life, and learners seeing his example will have conscience and will change their way of thinking, and the author ends this chapter by saying that every educator should have an agucada curiosity, because only in this way it is going, you can see the turma overall profile is can make a proposal for each one of them.