Physical Education

For the young and the adolescent, the practical ones of the corporal culture of movement can consist in an interesting instrument of communication and construction of auto-image, but they also can, if certain cares will not be taken, to consist in a threatening and favorable context for this same auto-image. (SEF-PCN of Physical Education, 1998). The professor of Physical Education is responsible the direct one for the development of a lesson methodology that contemplates the objectives of the LDB and PCNs, had as reference for quality in the education, in the direction of to provide the insertion of the adolescent in the corporal culture as the dance hip hop where the movement creates conditions of apprehension of knowledge on the transformations. IMPORTANCE OF HIP HOP IN ADOLESCENCE As MARCONDES (1994) the adolescence is a phase of gradual transistion between infancy and the adult state that if characterizes for deep somatic, psychological and social transformations cultural artistic. The same author, ' ' It represents one of the phases most important of the vital cycle to the measure that complete the period of growth and development. Already KEYS (2004) say that, the pedagogical development of one practical that it aims at to approach these situations collating them with the characteristic alterations of the adolescence as well as the social representation of the body, searching to act in compliance with the objectives of this fits to the professor disciplines had as integrant part of the goals of the school citizen, to one better development of auto-they esteem consequently in the life of the adolescent and in its relationships sociais.' ' To little acceptance for the group it strengthens the low one auto-esteem, taking it the removal of the social activities including the values in it existente' ' (COATES, BENZOS & FRANOSO, 2003). According to BEDNAR, Wells and Peterson (1989) cited by Quilici (2004) auto-they esteem is defined ' ' as a process of subjective auto-approval (internal evaluation of the proper individual) and realista' '. .