Public Administration

To stop acting only like workers to the service of the Government to become workers to the service of the Society more, is deep the qualitative change of a reform of this type. This new conception of the public service, implies a revaluation of the bureaucracy to promote its dignification, putting special attention to those who toils in directive positions and of confidence. There there are many cases to that only by the change of governmental authorities, they are dismissed of its uses even though they are people with ample proven professional competitions; and instead of them, it is placed people who for being of free designation, not always they are most able for the required performance and this repels soon against the holders who decided their incorporations, plus the unfavorable impact in the society. Against this background the requirements fundamental are located to assure the exact implantation the professional service of race in the Public Administration of the State of Sonant. Immediately some of them are exposed: Garantizar the transparency and fairness in the processes of incorporation of personnel to directive positions and confidence, combined to the requirement of which the professional competitions for the good performance of the responsibilities are had necessary that correspond. Institucionalizar reliable organs and partial people in charge of the entrance contests, evaluation of the performance and qualification; task that he is not smaller in this dynamics, mainly if part of the little credibility which they enjoy the institutions not only to the eyes of the citizens but also of the own servants public. Of equal way, is the construction of the suitable normative instruments (catalogue of positions, public registry of servants public, manuals of operation policies), of their correct application as well as the permanent evaluation of the operation and the results of the system as a whole. Capacitar to those who will be in charge of the coordination of the system of the professional service of race, in the scope of the Secretariat of the General Contralora of the State and in the one of the other dependencies of the Executive authority of the State.