Ring Magic

That night I dreamed I was walking by a few green and extensive parks. Much heat is felt but it snowed, I looked at my hand and had a beautiful ring made of precious stones and living plants, I knew that it was a wedding ring because he wore on his finger void left hand, suddenly began to hear a few delicious whispers, I could not detect where they came from, I realized that what they heard were the thoughts of the ring me whispering in your earHe prophesied to me that my project would be fulfilled successfully and that in the immediate future great enigmatic events. Then I started a tele – transport me without rhyme and they are everywhere, as if out of a dream to another. Suddenly he dropped me a building and instead of bumping into the soil undertook the flight through the air, then appeared on a dance floor with Einstein or submerged under the ocean sitting on a whale, suddenly my dream faded to white. I woke up relaxed, as if he had been in a spa. I took a shower and two biscuits with butter.

Most took me in thinking about the Office where I work that in being there. It could be this possible?, I attended a couple of calls, I hung hurried to test my hypothesis. I thought in a very clear picture, La Blanquita, the farm of my father where I grew up in Los Altos de Jalisco and pum! I get seated in a utilisation on the terrace of the House against chivas and cows. I smiled even incredulous, then burst a few chuckles accompanied with a yiiiiiiiiija, I stretched the left hand in front of me, obviously didn’t have the ring on my ring finger, but a shadow litmus, the trace of your presence. I stretched my arms long and placed them behind my head to enjoy.