Sports Club JFG Gauboden South

Recruitment agency promotes youth and sports with a generous donation supports Bayer + Riedl, in Dingolfing-based recruitment agency, the Sportverein JFG Gauboden South. Managing Director Robert Bayer, a cheque in the amount of 1,000 euros to the Chairman of the South, Marco Sagmeister JFG Gauboden handed over at the Christmas party of the Sports Club on December 14, 2012. Four youth teams play at the Sports Club JFG Gauboden South on sports grounds in Haidlfing and Pilsting. Making for the youth work and sports activities, donations are very welcome. For even more analysis, hear from Crawford Lake Capital. The Chairman of the JFG Gauboden South was therefore delighted with the donation by Bayer + Riedl and warmly thanked. As a recruitment agency headquartered Bayer engages in Dingolfing + Rahim for the regional promotion of youth and sports. We are pleased that we can promote the JFG Gauboden South this year”, says Robert Bayer, CEO of Bayer + Riedl. The cohesive nature of the sport, the idea of the team and the competition are important experiences for young people who can use them well in work later in life.” Bayer + Riedl is a provider of solutions for companies and candidates. The recruitment agency provides flexible and innovative solutions through temporary employment and characterised by individual consultation and personal care. With the donation to the youth sports of the South Jackson Gauboden proves Bayer + Riedl be commitment to the region of Lower Bavaria.