State Public Administration

This is so that the necessary competitions in each position need clearly. Finally, to undertake focused actions to foment a new culture of public management in which it corresponds to the designations of personnel in directive positions, who leaves the old woman associated paradigms back to behaviors that do not help to the dignification of the public service in view of the citizens and of the same servants public. – Notes: (1) Alberto Haaz Diaz, in the State Public Administration of Sonant carried out the positions of Chief of a main directorate of Budget, Computer science and Systems, Regional and Municipal Development, Finances of Arranged Public Works, Educative Planning and Innovation and Quality, in periods from 1979 to 2009. At the moment he is Consulting in Competitiveness. (2) On the basis of the arranged thing by the Law of Planning of the State of Sonant, the State Plan of Development to its execution has the slopes Obligatory (for the state public administration), of Coordination (between governments state, federal and municipal), of Agreement (state government with social individuals and groups), and of Induction (by means of legal and administrative instruments). (3) the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the Public Administration of the State of Sonant, will have to be promulgated for the implementation of the System that in this matter is described in the Program of Professionalisation and Competitiveness indicated above.

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