Table Football – More Than Just A Pub Sport!

The table footballers a pub sport in which you reasonably successfully cut off practice after a few beers, and without much and especially much can have fun fighting for recognition. This is the first thing that springs, when there is talk of table football or foosball. No one would use the term kickers”bring a high performance sport in connection. However, table football is just a sport waiting for recognition. Top players from around the world playing the prize money of several thousand euros on professional tournaments will meet almost monthly. With official rules, referees, special tournament tables the table football players point to their trained for years and perfected capabilities and techniques. These advanced tournament tables, equipped with hollow rods, tournament handles, perfectly tuned pitch figure ratio and specially designed balls, form the basis for precise and safe management of ball, a wide variety of firearms and defensive techniques make possible. Only unfortunately find much to rare visitors to these tournaments.

Just because you put kickers with pubs, rustic table football tables and happiness only in connection. Many people have the kickers compared with just these prejudices. All the more astonished then faces, if you will, what a trained players at a tournament table can do. It is not just luck if a goal is, but precise shots that even the smallest gaps can be accurately made. If a long table football player shows his skills at the table often exceeds the recording speed of the viewers, trained techniques are performed often at speeds, which could be captured only by high-speed cameras. If the small kicker ball with approx. 30 km/h and a loud bang at the door hits most viewers amazed not bad. But all of this is based on a long training and preparation, as well as effort and highest concentration during the execution, but that is unfortunately too often misunderstood.

With last number “Appearances on German television, E.g. for bets that?” and TV the audience could total maybe something from a pro sports table football are closer. Maybe more foosball can be recruited in future through more publicity as a professional sport, so that table football is finally recognized as official sport. Florian Eisentraut